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Now the mooning can begin

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This project has turned into a complete JOKE

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M'lady doth protest too much.

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>This project has turned into a complete JOKE

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Jesus this is even worse than MOAB coin

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Instead of Microsoft, Docusign, SWIFT, Salesforce and the like we get
>Age of Empires type of bullshit game

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Very awesome

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But we also get Microsoft, DocuSign, Swift, Salesforce, Intel, Google, Amazon etc.

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who is going to beta test the network for the big guys?

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Chainlink is a scam duh. This scam link is getting worse by the day

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Are you seriously implying these companies want these scams to test for them ?

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he is implying that first tryouts will obviously be crypto related startups
do you think a big company just jumps head first into something new without knowing it works?
of course nobody directly say well first let blocklords try it out

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This is just another one of those shitty browser based games they advertise on tv. they get old boomers to sign up to play them in hopes they can sell them in game upgrades or make ad revenue off the traffic. it's truly pathetic.

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mfw chainlink is just middleware for triple F mobile games

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They should at least refrain from tweeting about it because this shit is obviously a cringey, childish scam.

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Fantastic news. If our stinkies can handle off chain data and smart contacts for this game the can do it for other stuff.

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Enough snowflakes make an avalanche - sergey nazarov, 2017

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Becoming the Oracle standard used in games could become something huge. Its a market that has 100s of millions of addicted users who stare at their screens all day interacting with the game environment, why wouldnt we want to provide Oracle data for all of those interactions?

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I'm getting ethercraft.io flashbacks

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Pretty cool

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shitty ass phone games is a better use case than 99.99% of crypto

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Im getting scam vibes

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Venezuelas new economy

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You, along with the rest of the retards around here have no idea what the word scam means

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>it’s truly pathetic
>blockchain based browser game is so cringe
>y no SWIFT?
You definitely hold BSV, don’t bother denying it

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It's so cute watching fudtards try to spin an "and and" into an "either or".

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Give me one reason we need games on blockchains

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idk why bsv/xrp holders and stinkies are at odds with each other, you're more or less the same tier of shitcoin. it's like the "ethereum killers" trashtalking each other. trying to tear down another scam isn't exactly helping your image, by doing so you implicitely give them the same legitimacy you have (none)

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>why decentralize anything? Just put it all on centralized clouds/servers bro

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>I’m actually a member of the gaming community myself

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wait a minute i thought link was supposed to be used for oracles or something

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in the twitter comments

l m a o

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I don’t know, I happen to think connecting smart contracts with real world data is a clear value add, whereas ‘CREG IS SO TOTALY SATOJ’ doesn’t really seem like it’s doing anything useful. That’s just me. Buy BSV sir

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So this...this is the power of decentralized oracles? This is what will make link go to $1000 by Decemeber 31 2019? Oh no...no no no

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It always starts with gaming.

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im getting flashbacks to DGB minecraft server

help me im shaking

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oracle of seasons 2

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remember verge pornhub partnership?

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Wtf so link is partnered with gaylord now?

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is that good or baaad?

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fuck this is so boring

4chan collectible game, they promised a roguelike mmo thing, (that was in early 2018) and delivered nothing so far. (Pocketed lots of ETH though! lots of anons made a lot of eth too though)

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Says who? After 2+ years NONE of those are confirmed. A Google blog article is the only thing Link has achieved in years. Where's Microsoft partnership after trufflecon, Docusign partnership after the Fireside chat, SWIFT integration at Sibos, Link mention in libra white paper? 2 years of breadcrumb hunting and NONE of it turned out to be worth jack shit. Amounted to NOTHING

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Better de-risk then

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It’s funny but true
Sergey said he was introduced to bitcoin mining through pc gaming

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yfw chainlink brings back early 2018 scam economics and biz makes out like bandits yet again

not happening but I can dream...

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this is unironically true

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this is so fucking lame

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cope harder dumbfaggot where did they tweet about those companies? OH WAIT THEY NEVER HAVE

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gamerz rise up

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that's not a gamer's game though

now pic related
that's a gamer's game

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Just add a few streets your character can shit on and you'll have a blast.

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this is a joke right? did someone PS this?

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Pure, unadulterated Nolinker seethe

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Cope. It's true. See my previous post, you spud

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It's funny, this is what I imagine >>16450771 looks and sounds like when I insult his crypto darling

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There is nothing. I am still hoping for the small chance I’m wrong though. Anyway my ROI has been unreal so I’m not really complaining

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Did anyone else see that blocklords is launching as a facebook game in march... all ingame global microtransactions verfied and conversion ratio to your shitfiat supported by links infrastructure.

Thats adoption, granted slow... it always starts with gaming

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Did you notice Bartosz Wojciechowsk (Private Client Advisor at JPMorgan Chase & Co.) on ChainLink pivotal tracker?

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>a medieval grand strategy game build on the blockchain

I thought LINK was going back to $1 but at this point probably even $0.5 or lower.

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If you don't understand the applications of blockchain/smart contracts in gaming then you are genuinely retarded and have zero understanding of the space.

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>Bartosz Wojciechowsk (Private Client Advisor at JPMorgan Chase & Co.)
Stop making shit up you fag

>> No.16451092

so where are they?

its so fucking funny pointing this out to the twitter shitheads that spam link on twitter lmao. The become completely silent

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>incels live in a delusion where all women are worthless past 30
>real men have bubble butt mommies well into their 40's and 50's

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but wait i thought it was supposed to be for insurance and derivatives. Not shitcoin derivatives

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And how do you know it’s him and not some random slavshit with a retarded name?

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>Gemerates resources
LINK $0.15 eoy

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but wait, you're a retard

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It's probably this guy


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>buy order set for 2.03
>go to bed
>wake up to small pump
>see this peice of shit game is the reason
Do you guys think the team has more "announcements" up their sleeves to drop at strategic times to reduce price drop?

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Holy shit the amount of nulinkers cope in this thread is DELICIOUS. You had three fucking years TOP KEK

>> No.16451237

idk people are getting really worn out. It might go down but everyone's getting their news from sergey so when ever they want to pump it slightly they just tweet. Pretty smart actually.
What im trying to say is idk how much longer these shitty tweets are going to work. So yeah my personal opinion it will go down

>> No.16451250

>leveraging chainlink

>> No.16451256

>people are getting really worn out
Speak for yourself dipshit

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let me guess you just browse /biz/ huh? so sad

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>let me guess you just browse /biz/ huh? so sad

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After Musk puts his brain chip in your flea ridden head you'll be programmed to use the toilet. Finally, in the age of AI the streets of Mumbai will be shit free.

>> No.16451335

yes the classic image reaction response . Never change /biz/

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there it is,keep them coming. Ive done my job anyway

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Maybe, but he's right. Sergey lied to us and has been misleading everyone about link for years. Where are the banks that were supposed to be announced years ago

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Never forget your place, peasant.

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can explain why i'm a retard? when sergey said derivatives will come eoy of we all thought it was going to be big banks. synthetix is just shitcoin derivatives. This is not adoption, this is bait and switch type shit

>> No.16451695

but hold on bro i caught a picture of a frog somewhere that some neck beard made.

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What a fucking joke

>> No.16451760

>grand strategy on the blockchain
unironically mad i didn't think of this, the demographic overlap makes this an easy win
if the game is any good at all or has any kind of marketing budget this could legitimately help the coin

>> No.16451812

And don't forget he said 2 years ago that the banks that would be using chainlink would be announced soon....

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>Blockchain startup SmartContract is officially unveiling a new a proof-of-concept (PoC) built with assistance from five major financial institutions today at Swift’s Sibos conference
>Designed to show how smart contracts could simplify the buying, selling and payment of dividends from bonds, the project makes notable use of interest rate data from Barclays, BNP Paribas, Fidelity, Societe Generale and Santander. The news is also a notable step forward for the smart contract concept
>Oct 16, 2017 at 12:30 UTC

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gpi is not chainlink

>> No.16451901

Anon, do you not know who SmartContract is?

>> No.16451916

can you explain to me how chainlink and gpi is the same thing

>> No.16451924

>Blockchain startup SmartContract is officially unveiling a new a proof-of-concept (PoC) built with assistance from five major financial institutions today at Swift’s Sibos conference
>Designed to show how smart contracts could simplify the buying, selling and payment of dividends from bonds, the project makes notable use of interest rate data from Barclays, BNP Paribas, Fidelity, Societe Generale and Santander. The news is also a notable step forward for the smart contract concept

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/swift-startup-winner-demos-smart-contract-trade-5-financial-firms

Not sure what's so difficult about this.
Are you having a stroke or something?

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I'm so happy to see FUD return to LINK, can't wait for Sergey to drop the big news once they finally sell.

>> No.16451935

You realize that as soon as a cryptocurrency gets a use case, it's doomed? Crypto is 100% about speculation and vaporware. Real use cases literally only tank prices.

see: BAT

>> No.16451936

Bro this is a contest and that was two years ago. Nothing has come from it.

>> No.16451939

Except they do have all those plus oracle and google. Seethe harder cuck faggot

>> No.16451943

>Bro this is a contest and that was two years ago.
"Two years ago" is what we're talking about; see >>16451812

>Nothing has come from it.
"EEA members Microsoft, Intel, ConsenSys, iExec, and Kaleido worked together on the application and will demonstrate it tomorrow at the Devcon 5 conference in Osaka. Banco Santander and Chainlink will provide case studies of the token system."

Also, Chainlink is still in its infancy. You're complaining about being "too early".

>> No.16451951


Only thing that has happend is shitcoins using other shitcoins. Nothing has happend with swift

>> No.16451956

Look at what EEA did for Eth.

This discussion is exactly about "two years".
See >>16451812

This is the second time I have to tell you this. You really are having a stroke, aren't you?

>> No.16451965

BAT was never gonna live up to the hype. It was competing with patreon/crowdsourcing from day one.

>> No.16451967

Do you honestly expect multi billion dollar enterprises to write a blog post or a tweet about some blockchain middleware project they are working with? Spotted the neet basement dweller. That’s not how the real world works kid. I’m in enterprise sales and 90% of our clients are under NDA and even the ones who aren’t generally don’t go around telling everyone about how they are working with us.

>> No.16451970

Also, this: "EEA members Microsoft, Intel, ConsenSys, iExec, and Kaleido worked together on the application and will demonstrate it tomorrow at the Devcon 5 conference in Osaka. Banco Santander and Chainlink will provide case studies of the token system."

is from two months ago.

>> No.16451979

two years since that poc and nothing has happend. Saying "yeah but its still early" means nothing when everyother shitcoin on the planet is joing the network.

but they are not using it. Again its shitcoins using other shitcoins. They can talk all they want but there is no action. Only action is from other shicoins

>> No.16451980


That's all fine but that means corporate interest is all speculative and we can only guess whether they are looking into Link .

>> No.16451990

>two years since that poc
This discussion is exactly about "two years".
See >>16451812

This is the third time I have to tell you this.
Based strokeposter.

>and nothing has happend
See https://www.ledgerinsights.com/ethereum-launches-workforce-reward-token/

>> No.16451998

>Today, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) revealed its token-based reward system for incentivizing teamwork.

first sentence. Another shitcoin

>> No.16452053

Are you getting more desperate, or just more boneheaded?

>> No.16452080

>token-based reward system

>> No.16452090

"EEA members Microsoft, Intel, ConsenSys, iExec, and Kaleido worked together on the application and will demonstrate it tomorrow at the Devcon 5 conference in Osaka."
"Banco Santander and Chainlink will provide case studies of the token system."

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>> No.16452099

The fuck outta here

>> No.16452102

>token system
where is the real world connection here?

>> No.16452119


>where is the real world connection here?
"EEA members Microsoft, Intel, ConsenSys, iExec, and Kaleido worked together on the application"

>> No.16452140

It's the guy from linkpool

>> No.16452153

Youve got to be fucking kidding me i have 100k invested in this shit and they come up with a fucking game nobody knows about???? After years of waiting???Sellllling fuck sergey

>> No.16452187

Yeah, and have you heard about Coca Cola?
Apparently they're letting that asshole Fred from the corner shop on Ward Street sell their product.
Selling all my Coca Cola stock asap.

>> No.16452203

Goddamn you're legitimately retarded

>> No.16452216

How so?
I proved to you that Sergey did indeed do tangible work with a bunch of banks.
Contrary to what you implied.

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File: 257 KB, 871x504, 1574203131597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Fuck off cocksucker

>> No.16452264

no you didnt you posted a bunch of articles trying to prove a point thats wrong. The only thing came true so far was google it was a tweet. Not once did any of those company say anything about chainlink. Before you start going on about some shithead rohdes interacting with the link community how can he not. You fucking morons keep making connections and tweeting at him about every little fucking thing and making more connections with his very limited responses

>> No.16452278

This is it boys, the breadcrumbs all came true.

>> No.16452294

>Where are the banks Sergey was supposed to announce two years ago?

>it was announced on Oct. 16, 2017: https://www.coindesk.com/swift-startup-winner-demos-smart-contract-trade-5-financial-firms


>> No.16452316

we are playing the article game again huh?

>Oct 16, 2017
> (PoC)

two years and still nothing has happend

>> No.16452336

>You can change banks whole interoperability in less than two years
You are a retard. Sell and stop shitting up my board

>> No.16452351

show me an article where it say directly any of the companies are using link. Can you do that after two years?

>> No.16452354

That has nothing to do with the fact that I directly BTFO him.

Also, tons happened since then; half the crypto world turned to Chainlink, Chainlink gained the best ROI out of all of crypto, Google Cloud, another collab with Santander, etc.

>> No.16452378

>half the crypto world turned to Chainlink,
shit coins turned to chainlink. You people really are deluded

>> No.16452386

>They care about us
They don't have to say shit. Everything regarding Link has come the less expected moment and you should know it already but you are tranny

>> No.16452401

>shit coins turned to chainlink
Including the EEA? Accord? Even Binance? etc?

>> No.16452402

You will kill yourself when link moons, tranny faggot.

>> No.16452425

Hentai posting KIKE pedophile poster absolutely seething ahhaahhaahhahaha

>> No.16452431

so im supposed to let you implying things are happeing when they clearly aren't. Ok you sound more like a tranny then i do.

binance is a shitcoin peddler so thats a given. I addressed EEA already and accord is trying to shill there services

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File: 104 KB, 1122x1008, 1574986990514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


nothing like a good bit of FUD. back in my day, it was about 2 man teams and caribbean islands. you kids have really gotten creative with this new FUD.

>> No.16452439

>I addressed EEA already
So ETH is a shitcoin?

>accord is trying to shill there services
... and Chainlink's.

>> No.16452461

Gonna make it

>> No.16452465

>so im supposed to let you implying things are happeing
Exactly. This shit takes time. Slow and steady win the race

>> No.16452655


>> No.16452775


>> No.16452776

They are not finished building Chainlink yet (staking), therefore adoption should not be expected (yet). This is such an elementary fact, not difficult to understand.
If staking gets delivered and it works as intended, Chainlink will be adopted. If not, it won't be.

>> No.16452961


>> No.16452991

Underrated post.

>> No.16453013

Lmao what’s next crypto kitties? Is LINK an overpriced tron token now?

>> No.16453044

LINK arcade cabinet you can play Angered Birds on with your tokens

>> No.16453046
File: 63 KB, 640x853, 6A003E36-F467-4D36-B3CC-4AF60571215A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those digis

>> No.16453066


>> No.16453733

It’s STEAKING you absolute brainlet.

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File: 288 KB, 796x422, 715CD4F0-2EC9-4C07-9BA3-B487242CAB24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16454076

Now a good time to buy I missed in 2018 and kinda beginning of 2019. I feel oracles are necessary and makes sense for them to be decentralized. And I don’t feel like I’m buying the top. I think I talked myself into it to bad I can only buy 2k link

>> No.16454114

How does anyone know if it’s going to work?

>> No.16454121

Is there a way to know whether staking works because that’s exactly what I need to figure out I’m just so dumb idk where to start.

>> No.16454489

You buffoon. What don't you get about Chainlink being the INTERNET OF BLOCKCHAINS. Repeat after me, THE INTERNET OF BLOCKCHAINS.

>> No.16454753

Why the fuck would they tweet anything you retard?

>> No.16454840


Yes he was playing video games and smoking weed when he discovered bitcoin. Is this the person you all are trusting to lead you to the 4th industrial revolution

>> No.16455055

surely it's common knowledge on /biz/ that sergey and co must gaslight the broader community in order to establish a robust oracle network that THEN can be used by SWIFT and friends to bring in the one world government, SURELY anons are fully aware of this by now?

>> No.16455535
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Wow, just sold my entire stack

>> No.16456161
File: 4 KB, 225x225, 6A635A07-AB3C-44F8-AF08-9B49E333772C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We’re literally not seething though, we’re having a god tier time laughing at you morons

>> No.16456177
File: 405 KB, 1209x681, Charlie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

omni directional coherent field array.

>> No.16456273

JESUS this is bearish. Market selling is tempting

>> No.16456336

Thank god I sold all at $3

Dont touch this PnD again

>> No.16456375

Chainlink is getting hard to defend

>> No.16456523

If you can't read code, please sell all your LINK now and buy something more in your lane, like trx

>> No.16456548

Bleeding and bleeding and bleeding and bleeding and bleeding and bleeding and bleeeeeedddinnngggg

>> No.16456588

fuck Im glad Im shorting link right now. This post makes me all the more comfy

>> No.16456821


>> No.16456830

fuck this is genius, I was really confused at first but it dawned on me this is it.

>> No.16457105


Its the same guy that works for LINKPOOL

"Bartosz Wojciechowski
Senior Software Engineer
Bartosz is an experienced Development Manager, Front End developer and UI enthusiast. With over 10+ years of experience in various industries from automative to cyber security. Passionate about distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts integration and new business models."

Just go to the LINKPOOL website and look at teams. This guy designed the LINKPOOL DEX and MARKETPLACE:

I'm telling you this is big.

>> No.16457110
File: 66 KB, 654x715, 306f1f7d42332cf18304005bc394bc4ca9621365v2_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

watch your mouth stinkie

>> No.16457114

No it's the other character with the same name only this goy works at JPL.

>> No.16457183


>> No.16457267

what does it feel like? i only have 3

>> No.16457285


Bitch ass nigga

>> No.16457289

This is you with this shit sinking back under the dollar kek
Imagine not selling when even the fat fuck in charge does

>> No.16457300

That's RLC not your stinkers

>> No.16457304


Shut up bitch nigga

>> No.16457316

buy moar fren. The thrill of knowing in 1 year I will lord over all my friends who are smarter than me (which is all of them) in monetary value brings my great joy.

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>> No.16457375

look at all this conversation about one "measly" alt coin. every day. this thing really is going to be big someday

>> No.16457911

Sergei sold his way to the top. No working product

>> No.16458327


Bitch ass nigga

>> No.16458981

>incels are delusional
>real men do X
>here's one of the 0.0001% of girls who still look good past 25, therefore old wamen have value

stupid fucking roastie

>> No.16459116
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>> No.16459326

Forgot Gravel coin

>> No.16459327


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