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Could it be anons?

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Sold 100K

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>The Cup with Handle is a bullish continuation pattern

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Not could. It is

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Don't tell them, at this point if you're not already all in you deserve to be priced out

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>6th Dec
>6th Day of the month number twelve
>6 & 12
>6 * 6 * 6 = 216 that is a reversed 612

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ETH is upgrading soon too no? would seem related

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>yuropoor date scheme

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based schizo poster

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new ath eoy?

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im just gona continue to hold anyhow. after all i only have like $40 in this shit

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Oh god, first hopium in weeks. Thank you anon, for I was getting weak.

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>he doesn’t know.

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you gotta start somewhere. You better be in for the long haul though lol. Probably should find a way of buying more though

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Jesus, I'm satan now?

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If you can’t beat em, join em

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probably won't buy more. i have a comfy little stack in case it moons. but digital monopoly money is just for fucking around for me, not a realistic investment.

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Is 5546 enough?

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>20 link
>comfy little stack


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smart people sold at $4, dumb people are drawing lines and making desperate threads like this

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you absolute idiot

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>Current year
>Imagine still searching for """""patterns""""" in random shit

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just sold 1k (half my stack), the sacrifice has been made. it can go up now.

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How does $5,546,000 sound?

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Wow you're literally retarded if this is true. Thanks for helping me make money faggot.

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Denial at its best.

LINK is going back below $1 and there's nothing you can do about it,

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These trips mean you should sell all earthly possessions and buy link. If you don't you will kill yourself in a few years.

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good luck anon, hope you make it.

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cup and handle is not really a reliable pattern
especially since it didn't even form the handle yet
could be - could not be

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>LINK is going back below $1 and there's nothing you can do about it,

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Cup and handle is such bullshit, what is ut even based on? It's just some tards seeing patterns, guess what, we all do.

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>there's nothing you can do about it
Oh yes there is, I'll buy more

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Tone Vayes swears by it I think

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Too good to be true

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(in Jurassic Park guy voice) Welcome to the world of Cryptos.

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Crazier things have happened in crypto

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>Tone Vays
Literally always wrong

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could this be it...

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I believe in Nazarov.

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Don’t get your hopes up fags. Link has had more volume in usd pairs than BTC and that chart looks abysmal.

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Cup and handle on a weekly?!!
Nah I don’t think so

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Not gonna make it

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This is unironically the type of bagholder that posts all the fud

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He knows about the 612

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God im excited for you queers

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>Looking at only one indicator
>Everything is tanking

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No, the market will cuck. If there is one thing i've learned in all these years of crypto it's that cucks will always cuck. LINK is going to sub $1

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how does $554,6 sound?

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lmao you had 2 years to buy sub $1, not happening.

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Whenever linkies think they’re just going to wake a millionaire they should refer to pic related

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How does $55.46 sound?

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How does $14,974.2 sound?

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>I thought I'd gone to the limits. I hadn't.
>Sergey gave me an experience beyond limits... pain and pleasure, indivisible.

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no, here is your TA zoomer
get sipped on kid

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after next btc crash might as well go all in :)

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Hahahahahah yeah right you’re out of your fucking mind link isn’t going anywhere near $100 I’m selling WAYYYY before that and if you are smart you’ll do the same

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By the way this post doesn’t even make sense to me. Who looks at the weekly

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>and to think I hesitated

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>doesn't know when i bought

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>to put it simply it's something I want to do with mirrors and lasers
>pic related

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>Human acquiescence is as easily obtained by terror... as by temptation

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how does $3434.02^22444444323245 sound?

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how does *brap* sound?

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how does peepeepoopoo sound?

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