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Would it be a good idea raise my credit score by taking out a loan and paying it back on time?
I have a 750 credit score, and pay my car, rent, and credit balances on time. I am going to get lasik surgery in the next six months which will cost around 5000 dollars. My insurance will cover 2500 and I can easily pay for the other 2500. I was thinking about taking out a 3000 loan from my bank for the sole purpose of establishing more credit history. I know I will take an initial hit to my score because of the loan, but will the additional good history raise my score enough to justify the 200 in interest I would pay?

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Banker here, do a line of credit and only use a little bit and pay it off, it will be new credit product, and pay for the lasic in cash. No reason to toss away money when you can build credit and pay for it outright.

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Take out a loan and buy $land

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>Would it be a good idea
no. a GREAT idea.

credit bureau don't just look at numbers. They care about heart. And I can tell already you've got a lot of it, op. Yeah go ahead and do your loan pay it off then check your rating. We've got a little surprise for you, friend

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