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any last words linkies before .56¢ LINK? Small cock linkes on suicide watch. After all linkies commit sudoku I will dab on their graves

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What reason would one have to give a shit about price action before staking is released?

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zoom out

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>giving a fuck about tech
Lol fucking retard you deserve to lose evrything

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Nice memes kid

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2k stacklet and (not) selling now or ever, but i wonder how many link i could acquire if it actually did drop to .56 cents

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>giving a fuck about tech recently made some anons incredibly rich beyond their dreams so therefore you shouldn't care about tech

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if link drops to 50 cents im picking up 200k

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But the tech's the reason why biz is so excited about it, it allows for enough passive income to support NEETdom at the very least.

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>I'm priced out!!! Sell your Links sirs please!!!

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The bottom is at $1.75, maybe even $1.80ish.
Please short the market at those levels.

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>priced out

How will linkies react when it dumps below 80 cents and suddenly everyone who wants to can buy a shit ton of link while they have to live with the fact they bagheld for 2 years and didnt sell at $4? This might be my favorite thing that will happen - "you had 2 years" will become a /biz/ meme to laugh at deluded bagholders

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You had two years

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You had two years

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You had 2 years to sell and be comfy waiting for this next major dump

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this is the real prophecy, as foretold by Reyansh

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Why do retard amerifats always use decimal before the number yet still call it cents, not dollars? Are you fucking retarded?

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stfu retard do you realize how fucking dumb your insignificant country is?? You follow USA we don’t follow you faggot

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This is the meme I’m trying to meme into the universe, linkies are the dumbest on the planet

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Still doesn't change the fact that you are uncultured swine consumerist slaves.

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Didn't it just 40x in a year, like what the fuck are you complaining about nigga? You had time to get rich now you'll have to wait for something else for biz to pump to high heavens. PEACE.

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indeed. and the next /biz/ pump is: LINK

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That’s the whole world bitch

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Imagine waiting for moonshots you make it. Fucking retards don’t realize I’m making so much per day I don’t need to be a faggot and wait you simply can’t trade the market as it stands

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t. never left the states

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