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>he doesn't know the subconscious mind is a probability parser that surfs the multiverse
>he doesn't achieve gnosis to consult the tarot and execute sigils before trading
It's like you don't want to make money

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Love this pic haha

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>consult the aeons about btc price movements
>make just enough money I can live like a self sufficient neet but not enough to prosper, also not enough to be forced to get a real job
>even when I win, I lose

this is a dark path, anon. some real monkeys paw shit. careful what you wish for.

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tell us more about subconscious mind shit anon. I'd like to hear. Actually sounds interesting unlike most threads on biz

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Read liber null and general chaos magic theory

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Reality can be an expression of your own beliefs

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my probability parser fucking sucks

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Because you aren't using it

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teach me the simplest possible application and i'll post results

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Choose something very basic and possible you want to have happen that ordinarily wouldn't and write it down. (this is one I did recently; ended up seeing several bright pink train cars within 3 days) You want to start very small to build belief.

For instance: I WILL SEE A PINK CAR

Cross out every repeat letter. You'll be left with: I WL SE A PNK CR
Take those letters and make an abstract design out of them; could be anything but keep the form of the individual letters

Once you have the design masturbate to the sigil. Edge for like an hour. When you bust your load make sure you are looking at the sigil. This imprints it into your subconscious mind.

Then forget all about it/ don't dwell on it. Within a week usually it'll happen assuming you did everything right.

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oh you're just hacking expectancy bias
very interesting, and actually applicable.

i'm doing nofap rn but when i finish that i'll try this

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I thought it was just expectancy bias at first but you can build up to things that are significantly unlikely given enough practice

Your subconscious is a powerful tool

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Enjoy hell because your soul was not strong enough to resist the temptation of sacrificing its purity for material wealth stinkie

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>he thinks psychological ritual is somehow a non secular process

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>let me draw this sigil to manifest my will
>this would be more powerful if I meditated on it
>hmm maybe if I jerk off to it to concentrate my sexual energy it will be even better
>let me just look into magik rituals for more power
>it wasnt strong enough because Im weak, if I channel another entity it will be even better
>I received a sigil from an entity it just took time and my own energy in return no big deal
>the entity is working through me but Im still in control I am the master and receiving more power
>it needs a little more, maybe a bit of my blood to prove my commitment
>I'll just sacrifice a small animal in exchange I am just doing what is needed
>I need more my rituals are changing me but I am receiving gifts in return
>ritual sacrifices are now part of my life but I am getting laid and I have more money and I can harm those I dont like
>I dont recognize my ownself in the mirror anymore but thats because Im becoming powerful
>I am chaneling the entity with my own being sometimes I dont recognize myself or the things I do thats only because I am growing stronger
>Whats the big deal the weak should fear the strong this is my path I make my own destiny I am on my way to godhood
>I can only feel a semblance of joy by feeding off the pain and suffering of others
>If I ritually murder this newborn and offer it to the entities that control my soul I will have power in this realm
>my inner child is dead and I have used my free will to condemn myself in exchange for pleasures in this life

Stupid stinkie

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Nigga you just jumped off the deep end
It's nothing more than a way to communicate to the subconscious through gnosis
Sacrifice isn't gnosis
"Entities" are elements of the subconscious
There's no circumstance you'd ever do any of that outside of being schizo
Gnosis is pretty much a state of excitement or peace
Meditation or sexual arousal for instance
Anything more than that you aren't communicating with the subconscious you're just insane.

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>t. Babby stinkie

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Ok tard

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When the universe speaks to you you should listen silly stinkie. The law of unintended consequences is immutable. After all in the future you can never say "I didnt know". Good luck

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i smoke dmt and communicate with astral beings to learn the future movement of cryptocurrency
crypto has very strong energy, and the machine elves make good use of it

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>engages in numerological divination
>thinks he isn't also going to hell going by the same logic
Good thing it's not a real place kiddo
Take your meds

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>thinks hell is a place
>doesnt know it is a state of separation from your inner light and Divine purity

Pearls before swine. Silly stinkies are really hopeless...given the keys and wanting for knowledge. What will you do with the divine gift of free will? Good luck on your path

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You still engaged in divination mere minutes ago
By your own argument you are damned
Have fun

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Never beard about any of this stuff and like everything I like to hear all sides
Tell me more anon

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The problem with zealots like you is you can't separate secular magical theory (which for all intents and purposes is a psychological/quantum phenomenon) with horror movie pop culture ideas of """magic""" which is basically bogus witchcraft paranoia
You are a slave to popular perception
The opposite of a free thinker

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my tarot reading said july would be a fruitful time for my investments

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>pointing out the synchronizity of a message in its relevant medium is the same thing as wilfully engaging in magik rituals that slowly alter your psyche/corrupt your soul.

Your argument isnt as smart as you think it is stinkie. It takes your full free will to wilfully condemn yourself. God doesnt do that but quite the opposite. Twisting words and obfuscating meanings to "win" is not nice.
Im sorry your only frame of reference whether historical or practical to the subjects being discussed are horror movie pop culture ideas so you have to frame it that way. Sometimes its better to listen about things you have no actual knowledge of - you cant be a free thinker when you are shackled to your ignorance.

Ive said enough enjoy your thread about sigils and magik and all those gains coming your way stinkies. Everything has a price.

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Can’t be better than pshychelics right? but might give it a shot if I have the time
Where do I start, how much commitment n take does it take

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the Bible strictly forbids witchcraft

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Liber null or condensed chaos takes some commitment to get large results but not much at first

Divining meaning from digits is still divination, a magical practice

You claim to not be the ignorant one yet you think that chaos magick somehow includes animal sacrifice and demonic pacts like something out of d&d when these are elements of an entirely different and completely fictionalized practice (Hollywood/christian fictional witchcraft). Basically you very much are confusing Hollywood tropes with a practice you know nothing about, a practice that is literally direct control of the subconscious mind through mental control

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i jerk my dick to pic related

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look up randonauts, and fatum bot

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Genuinely neat dude I'll have to read this

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Legit though how exactly can this be used to make money? Like I get you can "hack" your subconscious into doing things but it's not like you can write "I WILL BE A MILLIONARE" (I WL BE A MONR) and suddenly start making money.

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Imagine for a second you are on a boat in a great river
It is winding and contains many twists and turns
The flow of this river is probability and it can lead you to many different outcomes
Behind you, on the boat is a rudder
At the moment this rudder is lazily unused and the flow of the river takes you wherever it feels like
The rudder is your subconscious ability to redirect your course in the many branches of the multiverse
The only hang up is that you need significant strength to move the rudder
If you were to jump in right now with such a large request as to become a millionaire, it would be like expecting to move your boat a mile off course first try
You would need to experience significant amounts of success and train gnosis every day for years to even come close to being able to accumulate enough power of belief to be able to do this
Most could never just because of how impossibly unlikely it is for you to just suddenly become a millionaire out of thin air
That's not to say it is impossible to become a millionaire through this practice however
Let's say normally when you invest you are making an educated bet hoping to predict how a stock or crypto will do
If you play your cards right you make some money off the trade
But if you were to incorporate educated betting as well as a well developed adept ability to imprint your conscious desires on your unconscious rudder through sigils/gnosis you stand to do much better than you would have otherwise as you have essentially used your subconscious to steer towards universal outcomes where a stocks value has increased greatly increasing your chances
Grind this and accumulate more and more ability and belief in the process and you could be well on the way to being a legit millionaire
Ultimately reality is not objective. It is an imposition of your built up beliefs of what reality is.

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that bot is cool lol

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