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And we fell all for it isn't it?
Assblaster was one of the 1'0000000000 other larpers of this website wasn't him?

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No it was all real stinkie link will go from $2 to $1000 in 1 month just visualize it and hodl like a proud LINKMARINE and make sure to go on twitter and post 2 year old /biz/ memes talking about MOONING in all caps and laughing at anyone who disagrees with you dont forget to say peepeepoopoo when asking for retweets and followers

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when moon?

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>making investment moves based on the ramblings of someone who uses the alias assblaster to larp in an anonymous cat semen milking board
not gonna make it

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It may have been just been memes bro’s. But I don’t lose. It’s time to stop waiting for Sergey and start building this shit ourselves.

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N I g g er it’s bullish times

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well where do you invest your money?
Curious now. Because retarded fudders gotta be droven out
>It’s time to stop waiting for Sergey and start building this shit ourselves

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it was a meme you lied from the beginning...y-you lied

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