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I try to be short as possible

>Ari Juels wrote Tetraktys novel back in 2009
>The plot is described as: "International Monetary Fund is startled by an oracular voice from his computer charging him with crimes against divine numerology and God but together"
>The book mentions number 216 multiple times (6x6x6)
>Mastermind behind Town Crier and the term "Oracles"
>Number 216 associated in the Bible for The Holy of Holies (Oracle) https://www.biblewheel.com/GR/GR_216.php
>It is described as "The Number 216 is the cube of 6 - the Number God used in the foundation of the Creation Holograph. It is the value of the Davir (Holie of Holies, called the Oracle in the verse above) which God designed as a physical cube of 20 x 20 x 20
>Chainlink is the physical (or virtual) cube
>Chainlink is the Abomination of Desolation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abomination_of_desolation
>Matthew 24:15-16 (So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.
>Chainlink acquires Town Crier (see pic related)
>Saturn, Set Satan, 666
>Every character in Hebrew is also a number
>Chainlink, adding the numbers in Hebrew is numbered 616 (Qoph, Yod, Shin, Vav, Resh) קישור

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>616 is the oldest number of the Beast found in manuscripts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/616_(number)#The_Number_of_the_Beast
>The verse number of Revelation in which the Number of the Beast appears is numbered 13:18 — a most improbable coincidence in all chapters of Bible.
>616 and 666, when counted up, yield the chapter and verse of the central text of this prophecy. 6+1+6=13 (the chapter number) and, 6+6+6=18 (the verse number). This is an astonishing coincidence. It was not intentional on the part of the author probably who numbered the verses.
>At the original time of writing (96 AD), no chapters or verses were numbered. But in all modern versions of the bible, there are both the number 616 and 666 hidden in the verse number and chapter number. (6+1+6 = 13th chapter, 6+6+6 = 18th verse.)
>Chainlink ICO happened 3 days before this event: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revelation_12_sign_prophecy
>The leader of Chainlink is called Nazarov = Nazarene = Jesus of Nazareth. Letter Tau (gematria value 400) is attributed to Cross on which Christ was crucified in Hebrew in multiple hermetic and qabalistic texts (look it up yourself)
>Ari Juels username on reddit is Juels 216 www.reddit.com/user/arij216
>216 (Number of Oracle in Hebrew) added to the number of Saturn, Tav (Cross) 400 yield up the number 616 (216+400)
>Ari Juels 216 (Oracle) + Sergey Nazarov 400 (The Cross and Savior) = 616 = Number of Chainlink in Hebrew
>Earliest known picture of Sergey feature the number 216

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tl;dr Sergey and Juels are Spooks likely working for the CIA.

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you write like a faggot, sound like a faggot and clearly are a faggot

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Yeah. So? Shut up about it already.

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Not the CIA though.
They're Pythagorean cultists

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>holy of holies was a cube
>Therefore Chainlink is abomination
That doesn't make sense.
>Holy of holies was a cube
>Therefore Chainlink is the god protocol
Makes more sense.

The Saturn/timecube imagery Is goncerning. But I think Saturn is more like info and a tool on what the basis of this reality is. Whether good or bad depnends on the user

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Does such a thing even exist..

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It is the CIA, the CIA is also behind Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft and many others.
SWIFT for example is cooperating with the NSA and partnered with Booz Allen Hamilton which is a Technology consulting company working close with the NSA/CIA.
These Spooks are all Jewish and their Leadership is from royal jewish blood.

Sergey himself is very likely also a Spook.

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go do something productive schizo faggot

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Will the Chinese use this technology? Is the whole trade war thing a flook and the CIA owns the world?

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Yes, they will. Sergey is already making in-roads into the country. If he has developers using the tech, then we’re in. Our bags are gonna fucking rocket upwards. Surprised the Asians haven’t pumped our bags further already.

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These crafty Jews have infiltrated every government, every intelligence agency and every industry from the very beginning.

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Read tetraktys.
I guess they were a big thing, but they got squashed. But they may exist secretly.

If anybody is reaaallly interested in tetraktys spoilers you can shoot me an email
[email protected]

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>Centralized data gathering
>Centralized data gathering
>Centralized data gathering

It's not the CIA though. It's aiming to take apart that whole centralized infrastructure that lets things like the CIA have power.

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What does this mean as a LINK holder? Is LINK the only way to be free in the future? I mean even now people are slaves to the system, not sure how much more they can do it.

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>It's not the CIA though.
Call them however you want, thing is its all run by the same sneaky glownigger Jews.
>It's aiming to take apart that whole centralized infrastructure
you are so naive its cute.
I already showed you their involvement all around it and now you are trying to say
>"the Jews are financing this thing that takes away their power".
where is the Logic here?

>What does this mean as a LINK holder?
It means you already made it. you got in on the groundfloor of the next big thing created by (((them))).
>not sure how much more they can do it.
a system that can sanction individuals worldwide across all borders and systems in real time.
>Is LINK the only way to be free in the future?
It is part of the infrastructure that will enslave us even more. but as long as you hold Link you wont be at the complete bottom of the pyramid, so thats something.

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>from the very begining
These carvings of the 'Annunaki handbag' found on ancient carvings all over the globe, strongly resemble the lock on the Chainlink cube logo. From these bags they dispensed divine knowledge from above upon humanity.

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Do these videos give any insight to what's going on? >>16354213

Also studying gematria.


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back in the day these glownigger kikes were called "Phoenician merchants" which is just another word for Jews.
they sure love their Numbers, symbols and gematria codes. usually they use them to inform other fellow spooks that "we are here" or "we did this" sometimes it happens to taunt the goyim.

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Also what are your thoughts on BTC? Will it be $1 mil one day or will it disappear? Also an NSA tool or was it Just Satoshi anonymous.

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>It is the CIA, the CIA is also behind Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft and many others.
I wouldnt be that drastic. In my opinion Its rather just the fact that government agencies have always a lot of people on the forefront researching and scanning technological advancements in all kinds of directions and niches on the daily. Then the monitor everything on the sidelines and gauge if there is the possibility that this is going to be adopted on scale. My guess is that gov officials then knock on the door somewhere in the innovation phase and demand backdoors, critical information etc for lifetime. Basically silent infiltration. (you should assume that this happened with blockstream already, bitcoin due to its open source and technological untypical decentralized fashion wasnt able to be harness till this day if you ask me) The companies ceos have loose morals and agree. Its not the case that literally every single jew on planet earth is in charge of something big. Their upbringing just teaches them to be perfect in something, anything on that matter. their mesh of interconnectness then allows to leverage fellow jews they know, if needed. Literal decades will be spent without remorse because they hope for good riddance when King David appears on earth. a lot of them then were on the forefront of academical computer science, mastering it like no other 50 people on planet earth. majorly climbed their latter in this mesh

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Gavin Andresen @13second mark, talks about how the CIA's venture capital firm In-Q-Tel was interested in Bitcoin and had it on their radar.


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yes they were interested, but were not able to harness it with like they did with everything before they did before because of its decentralized open source fashion. now there is blockstream, the centralized entity, the wild horse was tamed and can be lead in the direction the horseman wants it to

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If BTC is fucked, so are its forks. Money will become some kind of decentralized stablecoin with Chainlink.

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BTC has been a glownigger op from the beginning and it has many layers, like an onion, its good for many things for (((them))) and as we now see we start to understand why.
>Will it be $1 mil one day or will it disappear?
for now they are interested in growing the Technology so its unlikely it will just disappear.
can it reach 1 million? depends what their overall gameplan is.
>In-Q-Tel was interested in Bitcoin
which means they are balls deep in it.
>so are its forks
all this fork trash with its fake actors is just distraction for the public.

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Link is simply a blockchain startup that enables external data to enter the blockchain...I don't see how all this conspiracy ties into this.

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schizos... they need to take their meds

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When do you see all of this stuff really taking shape when we see people starting to get enslaved by the system etc. Will China be the firs place we'll see it? Is LINK the only hold worthy in this space?

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>simply a blockchain startup
that somehow gets the attention of (((them))) from the beginning and which is without a doubt the backbone of the new smart contract economy and the most crucial thing to make it happen.

just a coincidence that all these CIA glowniggers are supporting it goyim. oy vey!

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Nice digits.

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1:11 Make a wish.

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lol nice

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Its all part of the 2030 Agenda so it will happen in the next 10 years.
>Is LINK the only hold worthy in this space?
If there is you need to look out for Glownigger involvement.
LINK is probably the best bet right now.

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I'm with it, but I just don't think decentralization helps the Jew. They derive all their power from centralization and middlemanning. Those are things that defi, and chainlink, and Lao will 86.

Maybe some subset of Jew got worried about the threat of shoah from Ashkenazi activity and decided to shut it down.

I'm not sure, but my intuition says this is not that.
Enigma is in to pizza and moloch, but all we see from the link team is allusion to sacred numerology.

For bonus points, Dan previously worked for a place called dark to light that worked to support victims rescued from sex trafficking, in direct defiance of Jew activity

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Digits say give me the pills

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The original Phoenicians were descendants of the dispersed Canaanites the Israelites that were 'supposed' to have wiped out when they took the land of Canaan; there was allot of interaction between them afterwards which grew. The consequence was the Jews were slowly subverted and infiltrated by them eventually becoming the 'Synagogue of Satan' they are today.

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yeah you could be right, but do you understand the implication of being able to literally bringing all kinds of data in the world of any sorts on tamperproof ledgers? the majority of amounts of data that currently is transacted on the internet is willingly typed/provided by the user, how long is this the case? its not possible to fanthom the potential impact this could have. society is build op on old fashioned designs for the analog world that are inefficient but worked good enough. alone the fact that the concepts trust and value, building blocks of society, could soon be managed insanely efficient by, for the typical person not tangible smart contracts, and not some clerk in some local gov office. this ties in with AI and the singularity that will happen this century

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>but I just don't think decentralization helps the Jew
but it does because they control everything around that decentralization, they control the markets, they control the start ups, they decide what works and what doesnt.
That they run this doesnt mean it has no upsides or that it is a complete scam, gotta clarify that.

>Maybe some subset of Jew got worried
there is theories about it that there is indeed infighting between these blood lines but for the goyim it doesnt matter too much who of them wins.
>but all we see from the link team is allusion to sacred numerology.
why you think that is? I'd say to signal their fellow glownigs whats the real deal.
>Dan previously worked for a place called dark to light that worked to support victims rescued from sex trafficking, in direct defiance of Jew activity
how do you know they actually supported any victims? how do you know this isnt a totally fabricated life story to hide a spook?
just look at sergeys linkedin and ask yourself how a "Teaching Fellow" ends up managing billions of dollars all of a sudden.

sounds like disinfo, everyone trying to take away the blame from Jews cant be trusted and shouldnt be trusted.
>oy vey they dindu nuthin! it was some other brand of goyim who did this to the poor chosen people!

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> It could be shown that even if the Protocols were a forgery perpetrated by provocateurs, nonetheless they reflect ideas very congenial to the Law and spirit of Israel. Second, it is true that many Jews have been and still are among the promoters of modern disorder in its more radical cultural expressions, whether political or social. This, however, should not prevent a deeper analysis, capable of exposing forces that may have employed modern Judaism merely as an instrument. After all, despite the fact that many Jews are among the apostles of the main ideologies regarded by the Protocols as instruments of global subversion (i.e., liberalism, socialism, scientism, and rationalism), it is also evident that these ideas would have never arisen and triumphed without historical antecedents, such as the Reformation, Humanism, the naturalism and individualism of the Renaissance, and the philosophy of Descartes. Such phenomena cannot be attributed to Judaism, but rather point to a wider web of influences.
>According to the Protocols, the leaders of the global plot are Jews who planned and undertook the destruction of the traditional and Christian European civilization in order to achieve the universal rule of Israel, or God's "chosen people." This is obviously an exaggeration. At this point we may even wonder whether a fanatical anti-Semitism, which always sees the Jew as a deus ex machina, is not unwittingly playing into the hands of the enemy. One of the means employed by the occult forces to protect themselves consists of directing their opponents' attention toward those who are only partially responsible for certain upheavals, thus concealing the rest of the story, namely a wider sequence of causes.

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Protocols is a perfect blueprint for world domination.

If you cannot see past it's childish allusion to some sort of 70 jewish elders that decide the fate of mankind then it is not a book for you, like Evola correctly observes.

That being said, everything laid down in Protocols has happened/is happening.

Evola's mentor, René Guénon once said: "Truly an occult society would never leave behind written traces of it's existence or written protocols." and Guénon is right too. Occult means secret, it is something passed down, mostly by oral/meetings, not something they would even write down to plain sight for goyim or anyone else.

Protocols itself was most probably, though, a leak by someone who Knew some shit.

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Based and GrahamHancockpilled

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>Laughing out Loud!

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>Nigga, is you taking notes on a jewish fucking conspiracy?! The fuck is you thinking, man?

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Is Sergey, Ari or a combination of the team really Satoshi as hinted by some anons?

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Stopped reading right there.

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Of course not goy. Aren't you feeling tired? *yawn*

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>Aren't you feeling tired?
I'm so tired

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this kind of reverse science bullshit that laser-focuses expectancy bias causes mental collapse in otherwise perfectly healthy if slightly anxious individuals when pursued long enough

please fucking stop if you have any morals whatsoever

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>Is Sergey, Ari or a combination of the team really Satoshi as hinted by some anons?
you tell me

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I was just gonna go "great, a schizo thread" but you said it much better than I could.

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>causes mental collapse in otherwise perfectly healthy if slightly anxious individuals when pursued long enough

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>I was just gonna go "great, a schizo thread"

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youre too hung up on the jews, which really arent even jewish but Khazar. its more than just one group.

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t. Ismael Moshe Rosengoldbergmanstein

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i am reminded of the blind men and the elephant with you

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>oy vey gevalt! Jews dindu nuthin!

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It’s me!

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Probably Nick Szabo and Ari, maybe others
Bet Sergey is somewhat in on it though

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Sergey Ivanchgelo (Come-From-Beyond) and Sergey Nazarov were both part of the cypherpunks. Their ages match, they both speak Russian, so they found the perfect partner to get Bitcoin up and running.

Sergey Nazarov wrote Bitcoin v0.1. He's probably the person who's behind the 'satoshi' account on Bitcointalk. And also the one who's talking in the mailing list: https://satoshi.nakamotoinstitute.org/. His coding skills and language use are a 100% match. Further proofs such as the domain name smartcontract.com can be found on the internet.

Sergey Ivancheglo is probably also part of satoshi, he's at least one of the first to get his hands on Bitcoin (proven from the vanity address https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/1CFBdvaiZgZPTZERqnezAtDQJuGHKoHSzg, a manually generated Bitcoin address), even before Hal Finney. Records show that he was already busy with distributed systems in 2002.

When asking about it, Ivancheglo several times admitted that Nazarov is, or is part of satoshi (for example https://twitter.com/c___f___b/status/1011676626684465152?lang=en).

They both continued their journey and did some work together for Nxt. IOTA's Qubic is inspired by Chainlink and vice versa.

TLDR: Sergey Nazarov was part of satoshi. Sergey Ivancheglo was part of satoshi, or at least heavily involved in start-up phase of Bitcoin.


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How to find Sergey name on the btc mailing list?

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You can't lose with Jesus can you?

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no jewish blood is ‘royal’.

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For the jew*

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best chainlink video

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Many of these powerful Jews are related by blood to other ancient very powerful kike families some of which were even Kings at some point, they are the ruling class for some time now.
So in that way they are indeed royal.

of course the CIA is the Jew, same as the NSA or any other US Government organization.

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>Evola's mentor
what are you talking about anon?

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