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If you are holding Chainlink you will make it in 2 years time. Chainlink will lead the start of the bullrun in 2020. It will moon alongside BTC and ETH, but lead them significantly. Once BTC reaches a blowoff top sometime in mid 2021, alt season 2.0 will commence, where Chainlink will lead yet again.

Don't bother fudding this. I am only posting this for posterity. Literally not a single FUD post over the last 2 years has made me flinch. I haven't sold a single LINK since buying on ether delta. I've only bought more and more. You and I are going to be so fucking rich.

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Whats the price of link in 2 years?

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I love link but wish they wouldn't partner with shit companies like DAG. Now we look like scammers and for what? They have 4 employees and no intention of delivering a real world use product, just dumping on their community since their business failed.

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I read a post like this in 2017

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Exact price prediction is pointless. I'm not here to LARP or give false hope.

Expect low to mid three figures at the very least. Four figures if we get a repeat of 2017, or perhaps an even wilder version of 2017. It's so fucking simple. Nocoiners didn't listen in 2015, they're not listening now either.
This is all I have to say. I don't come here often. Godspeed.

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Thanks fren need the hopium I just bought a house but have 25k link as well. Don't let me wage my life away Sergey

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Based OP. Good to see this kind of post among the recent unironic FUD. Reminds me of reading through the 2015/2016 archives. The bullrun is impending and yet no one realizes except the few.

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And chainlink went 20x

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So basically the big boys announce they're balls deep in LINK and we pump both from the big boys and speculators and we all become rich?

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Most likely. Even crypto people hardly know about link, let alone actual normies.
Once both of them start fomoing in, we will see ethereum early 2017 style gains.

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cya at ICO price

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kek classic nocoiner cope.

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make it to poverty
congrats on this one guys

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Chainlink has a lot of potential you can't deny
look at the supply, next stop the sky
you'll cry when you see LINK going to the moon
you'll wish you bought it, but it wasn't too soon
You lose you lose faggot bitch with weak ass hands
You'll put your head in the sand, you're not a man
You could have made it, but instead you decided to lie
And miss out, on your future opportunity now die
cry cry, as the linkies cash out their supply
making waves with their yachts as time passes by
you grow older, but your dead already
and you're so poor, you eat mom's spaghetti

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I only have 1,000 anon

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How much have you accumulated anon?
>t. humble 6k stack

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Thanks man I needed this

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i know its a meme, but im literally never selling my chainlink until its completely and entirely adopted.

this goes for anything, but, I'd rather get absolutely J U S Td 10 times straight on any investment, then on my 11th try get retarded rich rather than never take a risk in my life and live as a retarded zombie wage slave and ironically, nearly the entirely population of the world is the latter.

I just see no point letting money accumulate in my bank and sit there doing nothing for me

anybody else like this?

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lmfao @ the delusion of these neets holding chainlink. I cant wait for u all to hang urselves once this shit gets below 1$ and u lose all its btc value. When btc moons to 100k ull regret not selling so fucking much. Biz will be better after ur gone.

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saying btc is going to 100k is even more retarded than saying link is going sub $1 unironically. if this is actually what you believe, its definitely not going to be linkies going to the rope

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Cope. You only post because you fear we're right

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LINK is already living rent free in your head

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>Source: my ass

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Not at all. Im sitting comfy with my short and I enjoy seeing how deluded all the hodlers are. The more deluded they are the more money I will make its that simple. Of course im also trying to help other anons see the light and sell before they lose all their profits and buy helium tanks.

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The levels of delusion has decreased since 2017 and 2018. You clearly don't know what you're shorting.

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You must be a nulinker. Ive been here since 2016 buddy.

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All the OG linkers including myself have already sold and we will be rebuying at 50 cents to dump on nulinkers once again. Faggot, you probably heard about chainlink on reddit.

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triple dubs checked

>living with my mom and dad
>so is my wife and my baby girl
>tried to leave after 1 year but couldnt afford it
>too much chainlink
>wife is begging me to buy her a car and move out
>convince her link is better
>asks me price of link 3 times a day
I need something soon or my whole charade is going to fall apart

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Lol getting people to hold your bags while it is literally dumping

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I'm with you buddy. Have you gone schizo yet? Happened to me about a week after I went all in on link. If the universe starts talking to you don't stress out, it's all ok.

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This is fud. Even $2000 is on the table.

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Look at that photograph, every time I look it makes me laugh.

The OG swingie, I wonder if that tripfag bought back in at 40+ cents they would probably be ok now. A small part of me thinks they evolved into uncle oldlarp.

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>Here since 2016
Fucking new fag go back to where you came from

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This is old news but from what I remember he did buy back in in 2018

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Yes. Link will only experience an eth like crash if it’s pump is the same as eth’s, more speculation than adoption.
>1. Link crashes to 0 before any moon mission, in which case the memes made it worth it.
>2. Link moons from speculation that outpaces adoption, so there is a 2018 style eth crash.
>3. Link moons from adoption, in which case there is no point about worrying about a crash.
My only problem is whether or not to put staking rewards back in or cash them out for more other projects. My solution, put most gains back in until speculation outpaces adoption. At that point I will cash out staking rewards and sell some of the reinvested stack. Hoard the cash, and buy back in when it bottoms $85 eth style, and use the cash for other investments and my own projects until it seems like a decent bottom is in.
1k link has been the dream, but I’ll definitely start freaking out if it goes beyond 5k, since there has to be a point where adoption plateaus and speculation kicks in. I’m obsessed with planning ahead.

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kek, what were the 2016 shitcoins and dominant memes? If you can’t even post one saved meme from then gtfo

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So nubiz has heard about ISDA and then a meetup the following day and no research is done?? Just fud fags because BTC died for the millionth time?

how the mighty has fallen, this board used to legit make people money. Glad I caught the last of it, comfy enjoying the salt...

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Dude if you guys don’t have a car buy something cheap and reliable for under 5k. 90’s camrys are great and reliable cars, look at consumer reports to see the reliability of the year you are looking at.

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>gone schizo
yes lol. Unironically hallucinating sometimes, not so much hearing voices or seeing things, but rather being teleported to alternate timelines. My family thinks I need help, and I do, but I’d rather spend the money on link

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>this board used to legit make people money
Kek you have to go back street shitter

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what fucking wallet should i use

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hold on don't brainlet me yet but could sergey be purposely postponing rollouts until the bullmarket so the eth style run with no substance wont happen?

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store it in the monero wallet, don’t use the zcash wallet, zcash is compromised. Most of my link is in monero addresses.

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Synchronicities like normies wouldn’t believe.

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hope he bought enough


Good luck timing all that, 10k+ can happen, don't bother planning on it as adoption is irrelevant when a massively scaled new market emerges from nothing

it's called disruption for a reason

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I didn't start collecting memes until early 2017 as I found biz in late 2016. I made a killing off bitbean though.

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salty faggot? guess what, I have more money than u

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>1+ year test net
>5 months main net
>nobody can name a single dapp with users using Chainlink oracles in production
>(with proof link to dapp.com/dappradar/etherscan)
>Linkers: this is bullish!
KEK retard

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hmmm actually possible. If you’re right, then rollouts will make the speculation be balanced out.
Other possibility given the icebox on the pivotal tracker is that staking (service agreements) still aren’t ready. In your scenario, sergey could just dump to suppress during a bullrun. As long as staking is out before the bullrun, if there is one, I don’t see link crashing eth style. There were good reasons to not hoard eth during the bullrun. Eth 2.0 was still far away, it’s value was pumped by gas transactions needed for shitcoin trading, and it had competition.
If staking is out, that’s check one and check two since it can actually be used meaningfully. Eth doesn’t get around a kingmaker scenario, whereas link does to a great extent since it’s blockchain agnostic. It’s only competition would be other middleware, and since all link is is a bunch of oracles it has strength in simplicity. What can any competitor do? Oracles + specialization or centralization? Specialization would make the competitor less capable of being useful for everyone, and centralization would only weaken the competitor.

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>partnered with DAG

Can't take Link seriously anymore. Might as well have partnered with Bitconnect

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it's a nice problem to have, and there's no reason to not have the best of both worlds. reinvest some and use the cash for other investments. like land.

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None of this shit matters. If you’re here and you aren’t BALLS deep in CHAINLINK you’re fucking R E T A R D E D.

That’s it, minimum 50% of your entire portfolio. True legends are near 100%. I honesty pity the soul of some of you who knew and squandered so many fucking chances.

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imagine that is actually what happens though. If adoption and bullmarket coincided 1000 really would be FUD no kidding. you're right we do have the advantage of link being the only option for oracles, there is no other answer for this niche

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land is right. It’s all about land, makes you money in good times and the ability to sustain a personal army in bad times. Once I’m sufficiently well protected asset wise and security wise I intend to give a signal to other linkies. We have to build a stronghold, a small country or multiple outposts across the continents. We found link so we will find other opportunities; I am confident many linkies will become future billionaires not just because of link but because of their own merits.
We are greedy, but not all greed is evil, only the greed that drives men to the innocent for personal gain. I have screenshots of threads like this to signal to the others that I was here. Delusional, absolutely, up until two years ago I thought I was going to die prematurely, now, without any amped up medical help I am doing the best I have ever been, my body is literally healing itself with hopium. I still have hallucinations, organ problems, and other problems but after I found link doctor’s literally started saying they had no idea why I wasn’t dying faster kek

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>inb4 you sound gay and schizo.

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That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence

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>Hasn't sold a single LINK
>Could have x8 his LINK stack with just 5 trades that even brainlets could have detected.
the state of this board...

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if you're so smart why didn't you buy link at 20 cents, nigger
>in before you own 50k+ link
yeah ok

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>near 100%
Almost all of /biz/ is both young enough and poor enough to go all in and not ruin their lives. So long as they don’t risk their lives by becoming homeless (risk of death, permanent ostracism), or making their wife leave them and take the kids, for a few more thousand link, going all in is fine, anything less is R E T A R D E D

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trips of truth bro

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>just swing trade link.
>just 8x your stack
>each time risking a google cloud BLOGPOST level pump that reqs your stack.
swinglinkers who thought the google pump was rough have seen nothing yet. Id you swung before the blogpost pump and got back in quickly you probably lost half your stack, maybe slightly more due to retarded emotional trades afterwards to chase the original number. Now imagine when link goes 8x in less than an hour instead of 1.5x, and you lose 3/4 of your stack, if not more.
>still working on the swift smart oracle
>amazon engineer casually mention amazon is going to use link at some poinf
>intel, ibm, docusign, microsoft, toyota, tesla, probably bmw, isda
All the stress involved in swinging link will not be worth it when your gains and initial are cu.cked to pieces by institutions.

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Even if link is adopted the crypto bubble it will cause will make it and every other top crypto inflate into a bubble and there will still be at least a 50-60% crash.

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>[flavor of the month here] is the new BitCoin!
>Buy now don't miss out!
>You don't want to get left behind do you bros!
>Excuse me while I fire up my lambo and drive to my yacht
Meanwhile in reality

Don't be fooled kids. Only you can prevent getting swindled by pump and dumpers. Pro-tip: if anything is a goose that lays the golden eggs you won't hear people telling you about it.

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Great example I remember when 3 of those 5 mentioned coins were being shilled hard here too after the early investors had already gotten in on the ground floor and needed more stooges to bump it for them. I know you might be a bit fanny flustered that someone is willing to pull back the curtain on your little scheme but someone needs to check you faggots collective egos.

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You’re absolutely right, it depends on how much one values their moment to moment net worth vs their time. If you’re only shot is going to be link, then protect the value of your stack my all means and prepare for a dump
>take staking rewards and form multiple companies that can sell link in the event of an eth style crash without inflicting capital gains taxes on your personal stack and other incorporated stacks
If you believe you can create multiple businesses that 5-8x your initial then it might be better to put most of your staking returns into these projects. I’ll probably establish multiple companies to hold my link that pushes me out of the personal income bracket that is more expensive tax wise than the corporate rate. Then start using returns for other projects, and accumulating assets within each of these companies as the bubble nears. Remember bubbles can be predicted when they start, just look for speculation (women, youtubers, news about buying link) outpacing the money actually flowing through link.
If you’re smart you’re already spreading to your stack across many addresses so as to not draw attention to yourself by residing in the top 1k on etherscan. Do the same with your rewards but incorporate them, that way for any of your companies that take losses by buying at 3.2k and selling at 1.8k you can offset acquisitions in those companies with the losses.

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This hit a little close to home.

>> No.16337924

>3 out of 5
>saying coins that were at bext 20-100x, had plenty of room for competition, and were most likely p&ds are anything like a middleware that skirts the kingmaker scenario through simplicity.
Cute, so cute. It’s easy to see a p&d, just apply first principles. Now apply them to link, and add in skepticism enhanced by autism and nihilism. I’m in plenty of fine businesses I think will do well in the future, and none of them overcome my skepticism like link does, and link is still largely considered to be a part of the crypto asset space. I tortured myself debating whether or not to go almost all in link since the ico was cheap as hell, and now I no longer invest in anything other than link. I’m not rich by any means, and my dad refuses to touch link even though he’s averaged positively on my calls in non-crypto businesses. He’s boomer to the max, but if 1k link happens I’ll be at around half his net worth with a fraction of the time and initials he risked over all his life. He’s already starting to question his stance on link after the news of this year, but he’s verg emotional so he started feeling competitive when I showed him Gonser’s role earlier this year. Retard only bought a make it stack, shits going to get oedipal in my senpai.

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Is he in a piss tub, because he cant afford to shower with clean fresh water?

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> Bait the post
It's clearly the refraction of his skin color in the water pajeet yours doesn't change because shit is shit

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it wont go that low, thats wishfull thinking, if bitcoin goes back to 4k whcich is a very small possibility it will be in December and then and only then will chainlink drop to 1.50 so there.

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Kek this post actually made me think. I'm a "lightskinned" indian and in some lightings I look like a shitskin. You're right. Shit is shit.

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What if I buy at $1.17 EOW next week instead? Will I still make it, or do I have to buy the top to be part of the unfuddables?

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didn't finish greentext because i am lazy
i worked my ass off to buy her a car, and soon wewill move out and I never had to touch my link.
Holding link nudged me to start acting like a man.

>> No.16338371

Props for working to make your senpai’s life better.
Never touch that link, as you said, link helped you act as a man. Some of the best actors (not all) are method actors, and to method act as a linkie is to be all in, either to saturn or to zero.

>> No.16338398

I admire the unwavering conviction. I would join you but I need the money now so I got out last month. You're probably correct though. Link is worth holding if you can and don't need the money immediately.

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Do you really think it'll go as low as 50c (before the biggest green dildo we'll ever see starts popping)

I wish it would, but I think its wishful thinking.

t. bought about 5k stinkies averaging around 40 cents, never sold any and never will until 100+x

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Based, you are gonna make it.
After the dumps link took in 2018, including it barely moving in the giant alt run, I feel almost nothing when my blockfolio hits 6 figures. All of us who held through that time seem to be dissaciated with price action, we know what is coming long term (3-5 years).

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It will probably go lower than 50 cents. Its btc value is going to get obliterated and the fiat value of it will depend on btc.

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