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>applied to dozens of jobs and got nowhere
>changed my name from Mohammed to Mike and now I have 3 offers, and recruiters can’t stop spamming me everyday
White privileged is based

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I wanna believe this is bullshit but I've done it before.

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Done what? It works. Just have to choose a non-autistic white name

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Damn right it works. It’s like equipping overpowered levelled up gear in an RPG game

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Some people don't want to hire a suicide bomber. The sins of your culture fall onto your shoulder whether you like it or not. Deal with it and make your money or move on.

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You should go back home to your own people if you want acceptance

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Change your name to Danquarius to experience real god mode

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y'all bouta better goddamn post the colour of your hands with a timestamp before i believe this kinda bullshit

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You've never of this phenomenon? People are going to higher white sounding names because they're safer and easier to relate to. If you got a black sounding name of Tay'Shawn or a Mexican sounding name like Yolanda, you'll get skipped over.

And be honest with yourself, you got a billion and 2 resumes on your pile, do you seriously intend to give each resume equal screentime in vetting? You're gonna run out of interest in doing so after the first day.

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Oh fuck off
Just fucking fuck off with that shit
Genuinely, fuck off
Go apply to the BBC, you'll have no fucking problem

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Where? In my region of the U.S., you would only get a job if you changed your name to Mohommad from Mike

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Yeah, “Mike” sorry if civilized people don’t hire potential jihadists

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Stop using the name Mohammed then. No one likes hearing that shit name.

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it would've been easier if OP just posted a pic than have a 1 post by anon try and shill for him instead. Anyways, I have a pretty biblical and semi-common black person's name and I do just fine landing interviews from a resume alone.

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>born given name is 'Juan Rogelio'
>no one calls back after applying to many jobs
>legally change name to 'Ryan'
>get job offers given on the same day
Some people live life on ez mode

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It isn't about being white, it's about being from that country.

I'd rather interview a guy named Mike Nyguen because he's clearly some second generation immigrant who speaks english.

People with poor English skills are not very useful. This might actually be the most important differentiating factor between people who move boxes and people who sit in cubes. Just being a native speaker with the ability to be somewhat articulate.

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my name is William and iv'e gotten a interview to all 3 jobs i've ever applied for
seethe harder brownskins

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And how many hired you

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Oh yeah why wouldn't I want to hire someone named after a cult leader pedophile warlord?
You did the right thing by changing your name and society is rewarding you, take the hint!

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It's not white privilege, they just don't want to hire a guy who will try to blow up the place if someone even slightly offends his religion.

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i wouldn't employ a Mohamad either. Better get a rename Suicide Bomber.

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Go to a muzzie country and try the mike name, nobody will not hire you.

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Where and what the fuck are you applying on? Where I live there's so many companies doing business with arab countries that they need people who can speak those languages, so perhaps you're not searching properly.

Also, why the fuck shouldn't there be white privilege? We are outsiders in the west, it's up to us to adapt. I think whites have the right to be privileged in their country of origin. The opposite would be true if the roles where reversed.

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Underrated post btw

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Muslims file the most lawsuits at work places because any criticism of their shitty religion is seen as an assault by them. If they don't win the lawsuit then they Aloha Snackbar the place.

Stop worshiping a shit religion and change your name.

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this but unironically. the norm used to be adapt and integrate, people took names of their host country. a large part of the reason the world is getting shittier by the day is because entitled retards stick with the idiotic culture that made their origin countries shitholes, instead of trying to be a productive member of society
if we still lived in a sane society, people named mohammed wouldn't merely be passed over on resume (assuming the story is even true). they would be rejected at the border

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Nobody likes brown people, not even other brown people

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Yo fuck Tashawn n Yolanda I ain't never gonna forgot those fools for what they did.
If I catch talk lying on your resume ima fire your ass n deduct your pay for being dishonest.

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this 100x. I would never hire a mulsim due to the risk of them being a terrorist. It's just too risky with ISIS and stuff. If you are a mussie you need to change your name and hide your religion.

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I believe this. if you change your name to Jamal, you'll get even more offers than your white name though.

Tay'Shawn maybe, cause that's a dumb as fuck name and we have to assume it owner is also dumb as fuck. black people get priority in hiring right now though for a lot of companies. especially in tech. black and women candidates. middle easterners?....not so much.

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If you're not caucasian/jewish/asian/indian you unironically will never make it.

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