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broke my no nut november today and coomed twice

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And how does that make you feel? Relieved?

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felt good at first but now i'm depressed
i hate porn

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Same. I’ve tried to quit so many fucking times. Just have to keep trying bro.

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broke it 5min ago feel like shit

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I coomed on November 9th and sold my xvg bags on the 10th and now I looked at the price and it's up 40%

Don't lose your precious nut or you will make bad financial decisions.

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That sucks. I haven’t coomed to porn / masturbated at all this month. Sex cooming only for me.

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I have literally never cummed

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Dry fap with no porn ever at least 2-3 times a day. I could get hit by a car tommorow, I try to get as much cooming in as possible and am not going to let a bunch of sweaty jews worry about my dick.

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t. women

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coomed twice in the last 2 hours getting sucked off by my persian G cup fwb, she just went home and I'm still in post-nut bliss, ama

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why do you feel the need to lie to anonymous strangers on the internet?

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I nutted last week
and no I pee on myself to coom since ive coomed too much
[email protected]#@!

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not a word of a lie anon, as "proof" I'll tell you that when she first came over she showed me videos of Iran which apparently erupted into violent protest today, and I'm not sure if it's in the news but there were like 10 fatalities because a number of protesters were mowed down, I think in Tehran, the city she's from. the rest of her family is there too.

then she sucked me off on the couch, then we played VR for an hour, then she sucked me off again standing up before she left. it's just as crazy to me.

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What a filthy image

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