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Bizzonachi disappeared after making this video. Perhaps, this was a goodbye, and he shared his own sorrow life experience in this animation.

On 22nd of Nov. 2019. One year after he dissappeared.

Will the great bull run start ? What will happen?

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>take financial advice from /biz/
>lose life savings
>post pink wojaks

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Should have bought LINK

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>Bizzonachi disappeared after making this video
>Video features Chainlink fence

Bullish as hell

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sergey is also in the wage cuckin it video
not to mention sergey is on the banner of his 2nd channel
also he made a shadowfork video when anyone barely knew about link. he's obviously all in on LINK waiting for singularity to come back.

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>chainlink fence

OOO wtf !!! i didn't even noticed until now. maybe steaking coming 22 november?

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>skycoin address in description
i know what happened...

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