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You're missing all of these tasty gains anon. C'mon, we all know you're gay and hold LINK in hopes of sucking some strange dick and eat big macs

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It's going to pump extremely hard within the next few weeks my asshole is not ready

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just make sure you prep for the dump as well anons, don't want anyone getting burned when the brigades take their leave

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stop pumping your own thread you fuck

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why don't you show the YTD chart?

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Id rather buy link at $3
its at least 3 times more important than iexec

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reminder that this faggot posts this in every thread and claims that he sold link at $3.50 while failing to provide proof. he mosy likelu tried to swing it somewhere at $1.5 at got fucked in the ass. don't make the same mistake with rlc like this gayjeet did with link

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>its at least 3 times more important than iexec
It only does 1 thing that RLC also does and RLC does way more on top of that. Your shitcoin is only pumping from normie hype not actual use

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not my oc though, but it does check out

whatever fight you have going on with other curry cockroaches ain't my concern, champ

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fuck off sanjay

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i dunno man, it just seems like you're angry that people are wisening up to whatever calls you're following in your coordinated group brigade and you'll need to look elsewhere for suckers
nice touch with the whole indian projection thing though, chatterdeep

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lmao do you unironically have these kind of thoughts in your head? And you think they are worth sharing? sucks man I wish you the best in life but it's not going to be easy for you

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Kys ramjet

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yikes, we got a spicy naan here lads
try not to get too mad
you'll still make a profit off your laughably bad digital oil memes, just not as much as you thought i guess

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Yea probably a lot more in reality, Ramjet.

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still salty and seething
fuck i love the people who shill this shitcoin for me, as dumb as they are

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virga kurransi next roketto

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>still salty and seething
>Implying I will not be extremely rich by EOY
Try harder Ramjet, no one here is dumping for you

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no anon, the dump comes later after the next vX release as per usual
lets see how it goes with this volume of... oh lol - just over 1 million dollars
time to canvas reddit with this shit i guess

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It was a solid 3x. Dumped it for FRM.

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>LINK is 3 times more important than RLC
even if I grant this, there is more than 10 times more LINK in circulation compared to RLC..

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