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There won't be a crash, but if it did humanity would essentially have to start over on a global scale; everything would come to a halt - money markets would dry up causing zero liquidity in a matter of weeks. The world economic climate would completely freeze before being able to crash to zero. Time is running out, I won't argue against that. People argue dark vs light, deepstate vs anti-deepstate, but realistically neither of those sides could afford to let the market crash. It's all about which country can get their AI online first to manage/back everything. China dropped the ball on that with BTC and BCH - they tried but the chinks are too stupid and lack creativity. Russia is a 3rd world country and isn't even a contender even though Putin as cubically stated multiple times that whichever country successfully launched the AI will rule the world. Trump is doing that right now and will succeed. BSV is the only solution, and even Trump's foreign opponents know that. Which ever country can freely manage BitCoin will rule the world. If you really believe that BitCoin was all about decentralization, you feel for the meme that is applied to the stupid people. The block cap will be lifted in 2020 and DeOS quantum/AI global operating system will be running in 2020 with the help of the NSA. If a country wants to avoid collapse, they will have to move their shit to BSV. It's a zero sum game, no matter how much people will deny it. You need to use your brain and realize the true reality: if we were not capable of traveling back to the past to the change the future - humanity would already be extinct. Think about that. You're welcome

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nah uh

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