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I'm not. I bought 1 million a couple of months ago and I'm down 46%. Did you faggots scam me?

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They literally lied about investors

You're fucked anon

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>I'm down 46%
Is that even possible? even if you bought the absolute top and we were at the absolute bottom, you would probably be no more than 5-10% down.

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Thats just sad, anon

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if they did indeed lie, then they doubled down on their lie the day before yesterday.
Here he stated that Peter, Fenubushi and all the other partners they have listed - have all bought into the project early on.

It seems insane to be confronted with a lie and then instantly double down on it.. it is more likely that it is actual true, that all their investors actually bought their tokens.

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Or maybe they just have no other choice left but to keep lying

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Notice how all the constant, heavy shilling has died down around here? You have desperate bag holders and some Discord/Gram organized shilling time to time but the shit is dead.

Even the pump and dump groups like Satsgang that shill here constantly couldn't get it to pump.

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I bought a week ago and already lost 70%. How do they get away with it?

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This is demonstrably false retard fud. If you seriously believe this you are a retard.

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Smat money is are cumulating. Be greedful when others are feary.

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Nobody wants your heavy ass bags of literal digital shit, Kabir.

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Stay poor and don't be coming in here fudding when you get priced the fuck out.

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I was here when we shilled ETH... Scam Coin
I was here when we shilled LINK... Scam Coin
Now we shilling RSV.... Scam Coin

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You’re going to be waiting along time for me to be priced out because all your trash bags do is dump. By some miracle, I won’t be priced out at $0.006 (you won’t even get that high). Don’t worry about me, Gurpreet, just focus on getting your rupees back.

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If you bought two weeks ago you would be up....

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You couldn’t pay me to hold this shitcoin for 10 seconds, Manju. Enjoy your shill thread.

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t. Madhavaditya

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I am

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I buy $60 of this a month, hope to reach my 1mil goal in 6 months (currently 770k), then will move on to VET. ‘‘Tis a cheap coin and I don’t really care if it flops

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By this coin I actually mean RSR not RSV

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all the niggers here fudding their own investment are mentally retarded. that is all

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Sadly yes

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Now that is smart money. Just need to DCA down is all

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Why buy this 100 billion supply bullshit when Ferrum staking is going live within a week and is a $1M cap defi mooner? Pass.

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Shill your shitcoin elsewhere

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Implying anyone not a scamming Pajeet or a room temperature IQ retard would invest in this doo-doo

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shut the fuck up you dumb fucking faggot holy shit you niggers are annoying. no one is falling for your fud, just go jerk off to anime porn

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fuck you satsgang shill nobody’s falling for this erc20 garbage

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you're a fucking idiot

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