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How the fuck do you cure anxiety and depression? I'm not gonna make it bros

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I was prescribed zoloft last week and I couldn't bring myself to take it after getting it from the pharmacy. I wish I could try CBD but it's illegal in my country

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1) Have a purpose
2) Work out HARD
3) Vitamin D
4) Decent sleep
5) Microdose moda Mon to Fri

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You can't "cure" it. You just learn to cope with it. I cope with my anxiety by never leaving the house.

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Just be yourself bro

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1) Need to find it
2) Currently working on it
3) I'll start taking some
4) My sleep is good most nights
5) Don't have any moda but I have a ritalin prescription, but I stopped taking it, I might start taking it again though.

My cope is video games and 4chan but I feel too guilty about wasting time to unwind and escape from reality. Feels bad man

Good advice anon, I'll give it a go

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You force yourself into uncomfortable situations repeatedly until you learn not to give a fuck about "oh no someone is looking at me" you self absorbed faggot.

Anxiety disorders all stem from narcissism.

But anyway you probably won't listen and will continue to sit indoors playing video games all day and then wonder why you feel alien when you go outside. Do you think things just have no consequences?

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8 fold path bro.

I recommend Sadhguru on youtube for the needful.

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Appreciate the advice. I'm listening. Anxiety stemming from narcissism makes a lot of sense, I'm going to look more into that.

Looking at his channel right now, any particular videos I should see first?

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How come it hasn't worked for you?

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How come it hasn't worked for you faggots?

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I bought some K to microdose

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Stop taking ssris faggot, you are destroying your brain. Psychedelics are probably your best bet. Look into DMT, you can extract it in your kitchen.

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It's definitely worth looking into. It's not easy to take that advice anyway because naturally you're anxious you want to avoid any situation where you draw attention to yourself, etc, I know because I was there, but you have to force yourself. Kind of like NoFap except harder.
You're probably anxious because you fear being judged negatively in a social situation so to overcome that you force yourself into a situation where it is undeniable that you are being judged negatively just for a short period of time (by being an asshole on purpose in a public place for example) and then after this you realise it doesn't matter until it starts to wear off and then you do it again. Another thing you could try is hard exercise like boxing or sparring even if you don't like it or were never into it. You will feel no anxiety after a fight even if it's not a real one.

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>Recommending potentially life destroying drugs to someone who is anxious and depressed
Yeah, great idea. Psychedelics aren't harmless like you've been led to believe. They can easily push someone over the edge

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This. SSRIs are the ultimate jewpill.
Projecting nigger fuck off. D.A.R.E is propaganda.

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High CBD low THC weed helps me, also do medium LSD sessions once or twice a year.

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oh and more physical activity, running and shit

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Ketamine helped me

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Realise that being depressed doesnt mean you are sick. It is natural feeling which needs to be in you, to be contrast for happy moments. Dont take your life too seriously also, dont worry too much about opinions or expectations of other people, just live your life, invest in Quant to make it. Some psylocibe mushroom twice yearly can help a lot.

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ketamine changes your brain, connects lost neural connections etc and is effective against depression

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Whoever mentioned D.A.R.E? They really can fuck someone's life up and anyone experienced would say the same. Have you ever even taken DMT yourself? Psychedelics aren't the answer at all.

I wouldn't rec a depressed and anxious person to just start ingesting DMT because hey, who knows, maybe he'll have a change of heart?! Maybe he'll ruin his life?! Place your bets!
Stupid fucking retard.

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Why are you spamming your bullshit on here when it doesn't work?

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Worked for me, maybe it will work for someone else

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You actually have the best advice in this thread, but just look into psilocybin for depression. Virtually all clinical trials have been successful. DMT, LSD and other psychs are ehh.
Would explain but am tired.

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>worked for me
>on 4chan on a friday night in a depression thread
What did he mean by this?

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It's 10:30 am Saturday morning faggot

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You are a fucking faggot and part of the problem.

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If you say so. But whatever, eat all the drugs you want lol that will definitely solve all of your problems and it's soo coool, maaan

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Sun (at least 1 hour a day no sunscreen)
Vitamin D (if you can't get enough sun, supplement this. 10 000IU a day)
Physical activity (15minute walk will do a lot!)
Limit drugs (including caffein, fucks up sleep)
Sleep (wake up and go to bed same time every day)

This is unironically all you need. If you're still a fucked up pussy after 3 months of this you either kill yourself with suicide or you go to the doctor

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Get enlightened and realise reality is all an illusion.

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Eurovital Gaba helps me a lot, still autistic less anxious though.

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>implies every drug is the same
Psychedelics played a huge role in my development and they made me a better person.

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Look at the pyramid of basic needs or whatever its called. Main meeds are food, place to live etc. Then there's some caring stuff. Basically get your own living place, then find a gf, then make money(self actualisation or whatever the fuck the top of the pyramid was called). Since I can't get my own place without slaving, I'm stuck at waiting for LINK to get to $30 so I can /make it/.

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Never implied that really. I just don't think you should take psychedelics from a place of depression and anxiety. Psychedelics being "harmless" is a literal meme. There are tens of thousands of people that kill themselves as a direct result of taking them, they just don't overdose.
>Beware of unearned wisdom

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I know they arent harmless but youll learn more of a "bad trip" then of a good one most of the time. And please link me the statistics that show how many people killed themselves because of psychs.

I stand by my tip, if OP is seriously eyeing the idea of killing himself as many of our frens before him, he should get himself some DMT or shrooms to blast himself into outer space first, if he still wants to kill himself after he realises that everyhthing is only one big cosmic joke then so be it. Ssris will not help him, they will only destroy his brain so the situation gets bearable.

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It was proven that depression and anxiety is caused by bad/wrong gut bacteria. Try to take pre- and probiotics and cure your gut

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Source: I saw it while tripping

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> Anxiety disorders all stem from narcissism

No, some anxiety stems from child abuse and bad parents

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Lose weight and start lifting, eat a plant based diet (you'll need B12 and D supplements). Go to the doctor and get a blood test.

And this should be a last resort only: if nothing seems to work and you're already at a normal weight, look into steroids/TRT (if you don't mind the side effects such as infertility).

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>eat a plant based diet
>eat a carnivore diet
>scientists on either side
>personal testimony on either side
>government supports one diet
>but government is evil
>corporations support another diet
>but corporations are evil
wat do?

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Eat a Kosher diet

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Oh look, he was a jidf shill all along

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Literally this, with joos you win.

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I'm a Goy that eats a Kosher diet. Problem?

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why aer you posting 2d bitches across 8fold path info?

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Microdose Psylocibin .40 is the sweet spot for me...go 5 days on take 2 days off. Research Paul Stamets

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>he doesn't understand the concept of timezones
Keep coping with your self help bullshit.

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So when are you going to livestream your suicide? Since it hasn't worked for you.

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Why don’t trippers ever consider that the illusions they see take place inside their head and not inside another dimension?

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Try taking your meds senpai. Even if only for a few months

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>No, some anxiety stems from child abuse and bad parents
this. forget all the meme advice and find a good therapist.

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Redpill me on SSRIs

I've been on sertraline for more than a year now

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I stay busy and try not to think about it

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Diazepam 10mg

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Depressed and anxious bro here. For me it’s the porn. Been trying to quit for 7 years and still cant do 90 days. Every time I’m jerking to porn a lot, I’m in a zombie state of mine without much brain being used. Once I stop for a few weeks withdrawals start hitting and then I eventually relapse. When I’m not watching it for awhile, things always go legit. But for some reason still slip back. Shits ruthless bros.

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mindfulness practice.
rhodiola rosea.
literally all you need

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sit down with yourself and set your intentions for your life.
10 minutes of focused breathing or meditating/day
constantly put yourself in uncomfortable situations.
realize and acknowledge that those uncomfortable situations didn’t kill you and you had the strength within you to get through them.
lift heavy weights.
sunlight or vit d
motherfucking ZMA before bed
no booze
meats nuts and leafy greens in your diet.
do things for other people.

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Know Christ

>> No.16193860

Learn to live forever:

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but drinking is fun

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>do things for other people
>begome gadolic

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expand on that. is my biosalud every morning good enough?

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Because a lot of us encounter the same visuals and entities

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Yoga helps a lot.

>> No.16194481

Just work out and pay attention to your instincts.

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Just get a gf, that worked for me
>How do i into gf
Jus bee urself :)

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read Carl Jung

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I have pretty bad anxiety and what I think is depression. I don't want to go get an actual diagnosis because I don't want to know what's wrong with me honestly.

I haven't really found a "cure" but I find things I can change in my daily routine that give me more energy. Little by little each week I notice a change over time. Going outside and walking for a few minutes, getting an income, going back to school, forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do, cutting down on sugar and drinking more water, getting in good sleep habits. These won't "cure" anything you have but they will certainly improve your life even if it's by a small margin. The little things add up OP, and long term problems are always death by a thousand cuts. Just like you didn't wake up one day with depression you won't get rid of it faster than you got it probably.

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Lmao quant shill in the middle

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>That smooth transition to quant shilling

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Fuck if i know, been depressed af since i lost all my money in april on bitmex, fucking nigger arthur

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Mindfulness practice - use headspace 10 free days for free then do it on your own.

Eat healthy. Whatever you want, just be healthy. High protein and veggies.

Work out bro. Leg day, chest/tri, back/bi. Work up to almost every day of the week. Take 5g creatine daily to see results quicker/boost confidence faster.

Micro dose lsd or shrooms SUB-PERCEPTIBLY.

Bonus happiness hax: Hydrate af, journal daily, buy link

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Forgot- don’t drink fucking booze. Alcohol is the ENEMY. 2-3 drinks MAX in social situations.

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I'm really tired of hearing you pathetic frogfags whine.

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I took celexa for 6 years and it helped at first but not as much near the end. Is been a year since, thinking of trying zoloft instead this time. I took it before for a couple months and it was helping but then I went back to drugs instead

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Cook a meal for your family and friends

>> No.16194966

psychedelics if you're already suffering from bad anxiety can really fuck you up bad. like end up seeing things for years or acting violent. and avoid heavy amph abuse too

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>hates frogs
>spends time on /biz/
go back

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>1 fold path: milkies

>> No.16194986

ocd nutrition fags are worse than vegans

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I've been here longer than you, you worthless self-hating piece of shit.

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I tried rhodiola years ago and it didn't do shit.
Tried again recently and damn if it isn't working great. Then later I added Ashwaghanda and it is very effective too.

Also agree with the other anon about caffeine; I cut coffee out for a month and it made way more difference than I expected. Now I limit it to a couple times a week and only if I'm feeling good mentally.

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You are slowly lobotomizing yourself.

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kind of. if I told you enough times before you tripped you'd see a specific thing you'd probably think of it during the trip and see it. like mckennas dmt elves meme. or whatever jewy/sandnog memes. People raised in hindu or Buddhist cultures from birth don't seem to see the same entities a western christian does

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>healthy well adjusted normalfag hangs out on /biz/
go back

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increasing serotonin isn't lobotomizing though. And better than laying in bed too miserable to function

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Just become insane
It eats away at the depression and the anxiety just fuels further insanity
You won't even care that everything is on fire, most likely because you'll be setting fire to everything

>> No.16195092

Please go out, fren. Open up to someone close to you. Last but not least, workout. Run around your complex. You'll feel better.

Hope you are better, fren.

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You're a special kind of npc aren't you? You're confusing that with schizophrenia and psychosis

>> No.16195197

>redpill me on this
>no don't tell me the downsides of this

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Clean your room

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major depression is more than being sad because you can't get laid

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researching chainlink cured my depression, no joking. youre letting the next ETH ride right by you

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How much time out of the day do you spend staring at screens?

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You just have to make enough money that you can buy your own property and don't have to depend on anyone.

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Was on Effexor for like 3 years, xans, alcohol, just to sleep n go to work cause of anxiety and depression. Quit my job and all is gone for a while, now I have anxiety about the future and no job, no gf and 100 LINK. I don't think I'm gonna make it.

>> No.16196788


Do No-Fap, eat a clean diet without processed foods, exercise and max out your vitamin D3, B12 and B-Complex vitamins.

>> No.16197838

Here’s one that others haven’t mentioned yet. Try L-tyrosine 1 gram daily.
It’s an amino acid naturally occurring in the body so you’re not eating some Pharmajew drug.
It’s a pre-cursor to Serotonin.
I know they use it in the Military to stay alert during times of stress especially sleep deprivation.
All I can say is it works for me, went from Citalopram to this because I didn’t feel like it was working anymore or that I really needed it.

This and a good diet and exercise.
Think about animals existing as they are supposed to in nature, eating what they’re meant to eat..
They don’t come down with random ass self inflicted diseases, they don’t mope around depressed as fuck.

In my opinion diet is 90% of the problem with us, why we are all fucked up.

At least try paleo, I know it’s hard sometimes but if you commit to it and exercise, get outdoors etc I’d be surprised if you weren’t feeling a lot better within a few weeks/months.

Don’t use SSRI’s as a crutch, go all the way to the root of the problem and fix things there

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get a hobby or two, preferably a social one. I guarantee if most of you faggots joined a sports club you wouldn't be miserable all the time.

>> No.16197855


Depression is a permanent change in the state of the mind

Anxiety can be managed with drugs or apathy

>> No.16197880

Also take up a new hobby to shift your focus from your worry’s.
This might sound weird but consider taking up archery and bow hunting.
There’s a lot of technique and discipline involved, a perfect distraction and extremely satisfying.
You’ll open up ancient neural pathways you didn’t know existed, as a man it’s very much in our DNA to hunt and provide for our tribe.
These are some things I know helped me.

Good luck OP

>> No.16197889

Boxing classes - or any martial art where you spar frequently.
Go to the gym frequently enough to be too tired to be depressed. I go every day

>> No.16197955 [DELETED] 


>wahh what do I do I need advice

>*gets advice*

>noo not that advice wahh

fuck off

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I wake up more tired that I went to bed - exhausted every morning and it never gets better.

Tried changing diet, don't drink (alcohol or caffeine), exercise daily, Vit D. NOTHING helps. Any suggestions?

>> No.16197974

www dot nature dot com slash articles slash d42859 - 019 - 00021 - 3
Its a fucking nature review about gut flora. I am scientist btw.

What it tell is: your gut flora defines you mind state.What you eat defines you gut flora. So just eat fermented food and stop eating at mcdonalds and other places where they pour anti-bacterial substances at everything, you are killing you gut flora and fucking with your mind.
I been out of depression and anxiety by eating sauerkraut and drinking koombucha, hope this helps you. I already tried to kill myself by drinking large quantities of alcohol, I am ok now. Also try to condition you mind to have good thoughts and not to have bad thoughts, try to think positive always, if things fails be resilient, things go wrong more times then they go right. Don't take the easy way out, if you plan on doing that go on a killing-spree before, kill everyone you are sure is bad element to society.

>> No.16197994

It's gut bacteria for sure
Take probiotics

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Btw, when I take things like yakult my mind gets retarded, there are probiotics that are bad for me, but it really makes me happy when I drink koombucha(fermented tea) and eat sauerkraut. It is something really strange, I just start to naturally smile at everything.

>> No.16198011

There's no way of "curing" it. Depression simply means being awakened to the reality of life. You can cope by drinking or doing drugs but it's not gonna make the truth any more pleasant.

>> No.16198025

Venlafaxine helped me a ton. I was scared of retrying an SSRI/SNRI after being zombified by Zoloft years prior, but venlafaxine doesn't make me feel drugged. It curbed my panic disorder and turned the ANTs down a few notches.

>> No.16198056

ironic as the cope is what is causing it / keeping you stuck in it

>> No.16198063

>How the fuck do you cure anxiety and depression? I'm not gonna make it bros
you just keep trying to find a solution, and don't stop until you do

suicide is an inherent fear that kicks in when you consider that you have all these problems in your life, but you can't solve any of them
because you can't solve any of them, the problem gets overwhelming worse to the point where the only solution is to die (i.e. forget about the problems)

too bad this isn't the real world and generally those problems will just become someone else's problems (most of the time it's someone closely related to you)

the only way to beat life is find a way around your problem. can you jump over it? deal with it later? work harder to fix it?
figure it out bud, you're no different than us faggot

>> No.16198076

anyone some advice how to get rid of a soulless into the nothing stare and dead inside facial expression? i mean i do all kinds of shit to better myself but i cant change that by any force. people are freaking out by this - how the fuck do you fix this. concentrating to not do it makes it worse

>> No.16198117

go skydiving
go camping
go work at a customer service job (and try to excel at it)
try smiling in the mirror every morning and constantly doing it (don't fake smile, try to naturally get into smiling; slowly you'll have a big smile)

>> No.16198140

Just dont be sad

>> No.16198161

have sex. unironically ive found if i have a regular thing going with someone who isn't a brainlet or roastie it helps. also working out regularly helps.

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>> No.16198370

you can treat depression microedosing LSD, I was in a dark place before taking it.

Its like be born again even if its just a microdose

>> No.16198400

How the fuck do you get your hands on DMT? Dealers won't sell that shit, and the only other method I've heard of was ordering an extremely expensive bark

>> No.16198419

You torture a child till near death and cut out its pineal gland before it actually dies

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>> No.16198562

Where do I get it?

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File: 42 KB, 120x120, 0a173227-6bd4-4a97-a0bb-e3a5ab1912c3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no matter what motivation fags say, if you have true anxiety and clinical depression you may find moments of some comfort and okayness but it'll never fully leave. Only normie faggots say theirs has completely vanished. Healthy living and being social can help keep it at bay, drugs can help short term but is a never ending loop. Good luck bro

>> No.16198625

eventually your spirit becomes so broken you can't go any lower and you stop giving a fuck and it gets better.

>> No.16198643

>it gets better.
It didn't for you though.

>> No.16198892

How often are you looking at screens?

>> No.16199195

if youre a weak person youre going to be abused and victimized...always, thats how life works

if you are in abusive relationships with people and try to deny it you will suffer from depression and panic attacks and have to take cocktails of pills to cope. Im glad to see some people in this thread not going the pill route but its still just coping with abusive relationships and you will never experience true happiness in your life

>> No.16199208

Calm down Epstein

>> No.16199488

>€25 is expensive

>> No.16200277

Look up and Try Sun Gazing ... it works wonders and its free.

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>5) Microdose moda Mon to Fri
lmao get on my 200mg twice a day level faggit

>> No.16200497

nofap, exercise and for the love of god stop drinking

>> No.16200543

RAW unpasteurized milk. Also probiotics. It will take time to heal your gut health. Look up gut health anxiety connection

>> No.16200653

same problem buddy

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