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One Way Ticket Edition ~ 05.08.20

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Cruising to $0.10 to $0.20 after the Tulip Trust is unlocked.

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who were the trustees again?
oh and it will unlock at 1.1 2020 or 31.12.2020, i always forget these things

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comfy bump

i will remember all of you real /biz/raelis who stuck through 2018-2019 when we make it this next cycle

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They are already moving the date kek

Me too anon , we are all gonna make it.

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my bags are packed and im ready

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halving shit won't happen until 2021. 2020 is gonna be a bad / crab year. buy ferrum and hold.

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Price doesn't rise until ~6 months after halving

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Just like the Asuka prediction was right about October!

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We're all gonna make it

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Shabat Shalom as you may have noticed the last week our beloved board became the target of the vile bsv shills.
For this reason i created this general to post facts against BSV and it's evil creators who go against the spirit of crypto and freedom , here are the facts:

1_BSV Hashrate is so low that a small mining pool can 51% attack it


2_ 96% BSV transactions come from a fucking weather app


3_If you don't believe the thing in point 2 all you need to do is look the average transaction size of every crypto.


even dogecoin moves more money

4_BSV mining is centralized massively and dominated by coinweek





Worse nodes are even more centralized

Only 468 nodes using the same client vs btc having more than 10k nodes using different clients.


5_BSV HAS 1GB size blocks if full , this mean 52tb per year blockchain growth and an ever decrease ammount of nodes hosting it for free(only pools need to be nodes and there are 8 pools on bsv so 8 nodes will receive monetary incentives to host it).
8 nodes hosting CP basically.

6_BSV allows people to upload shit like videos and illegal stuff like cp will be uploaded there 100% knowing it's open.

7_Combine point 4, 5 and 6 and eventually you will end with a centralized blockchain with a few nodes sharing child porn that will be taken down by governments.

8_The fact that SV shills constantly attack other cryptocurrencies and threaten their destruction and even support capital controls show they are not just attacking btc but want to destroy crypto and the recent shilling campaign shows they are paid to do this.
With love , Greg Maxwell.

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>Having to spend 10 times the energy for half the amount of Bitcoin is bullish

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Greg is just pissed Gavin was invited to the CIA and not him
Who shilled creg as satoj? Gavin
Who wanted a controversial big block fork? Gavin
Who glows in the dark? Gavin

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Holy fuck these retarded shills are relentless. How many times does creg have to get caught lying before one of you clowns finally has that "aha!" moment and realizes he's been playing you for fools? How many fucking times?

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