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MCD Nov.18th

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Shill me. NOW.

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Decentralized Collateral Debt Financing and a stablecoin.

3 use cases

1)I have 10 eth. I think eth will moon, I need cash, and I don't want to sell. I lock up my 10 eth and get 70% of my eth's value in DAI.

2)I have 10 eth and I want more eth. I lock up my 10 and receiver 70% in dai. I invest that Dai in more eth.

3)I'm in argentina and my currency is worth shit. I convert everything to dai, a usd pegged coin.

Oh yeah, nov 18th. is multi collateralized dai. That is, any tokenized asset can be used as collateral. Repeat the scenario I brought up with wrapped bitcoin, or any tokenized real world asset. Wrapped AAPL, Wrapped Tesla etc.

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how will cdps be different??? pls explain like im retarded

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If it's using any of Craig's patents it's fucked and will get stiffed.

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oooh a wrapped wau coin would be powerful for that since it outperforms all the other cryptos

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> stablecoin

And why should I invest again?

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What is the difference between this and RSR? Why is this better?

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This has the same framework as a pyramid scheme lmao
>put in something and you get 70% back to spend how you want!
>can you have the remaining 30% back?
>well as long as everyone doesn't take out their remaining 30% at once...

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Fuck this gay shit I'll just leverage my position up until I reach my Personal Risk Tolerance - it literally can't go tits up

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>well as long as everyone doesn't take out their remaining 30% at once
same scam they pull with fractional reserve banking

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you think that will happen with eth?

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Saw this shilled on youtube recently, picked up a few bags for 3 eth each. Am I gonna make it?

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i thought that was a scam wtf

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