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What are you reading tonight biz?

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Is it any good?

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Take a picture of the inside

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this, i would like to see some ramblings

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Guarantee you can tell he's not Satoshi just by his faggy pompous writing tone

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this thread is for retards

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>I designed Bitcoin

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I'm not cool with trafficking, but people should have access to guns and drugs if they want.

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Not so simple

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What's unjust about owning and using weapons and drugs?

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Everything by NNT is top notch

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Cringe. Go back to Twitter Kevin Pham.

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Socrates literally BTFOs that retard in the last sentence though

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It is the nature by which those things are acquired anonymously, outside the context of law and order, that can cause light vs darkness to amplify. It is human nature.

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Someone post a link to the PDF please.

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this. Satoshi didn't want attention he wanted the project itself to be the main character

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someone put it on bsv chain

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Guns and drugs are forced into markets like this because of unjust laws. There are plenty of nonviolent people who would like to arm themselves or get high and never harm anyone. If these things weren't banned they wouldn't help fuel these these dangerous markets that traffic people.

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Buy it

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Socrates assumes all men are just in his concluding statement. Maybe someday all men will be just, but more people must awaken first. That is why law and order is important and the anarcho utopian cypherpunk dream is impossible to actually implement and maintain safely.

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>blaming btc as if hard cash hasn’t been used for the last 150+ years for anything and everything illegal and nefarious

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Exactly. Support Satoshi. He has worked harder and invested more than you can ever imagine.

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That is the entire point. Banking and btc are both in need of replacement. You need to understand Bitcoin (BSV) more before posting egocentric green text.

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It's like he doesn't know the jig is up and is in full despair lmao

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but there are a lot of people who do harm someone else because of or with these things, that's why the laws come up in the first place. not saying I agree with it all but I understand it, having been around a lot of criminal types in my past

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that's not Satoshi. If he stopped being an identity thief liar and appealed to people on his own merits I think he'd be received a lot better.

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waddayaknow it reads as the ramblings of a madman.

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Bitcoin is

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He doesn't write at all like Satoshi. All this ego fagging "I I I me me me" that wasn't satoshi.

When he attempted to prove his identity he reused an old signature from a bitcoin transaction performed in 2009 by Satoshi, never mind the rest of his stupid tricks like backdating a pgp key in a forged email. It's not even a good scam, it's ridiculous.

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Satoshi wasn't an egotistical drunkard no matter how much creg wants him to be

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Lies, lies and lies. Don’t believe this drunk faggot.
He blabla’s all day and as the bible already stated: Where there are many lies, there are many lies.
He’s a total woman and is not that “serious with the truth” (meaning he makes completely fabricated shit up and sells it very well as truth to his gullible followers). Zero Percent chance any of his shit is legit. Also his marks are C and D grade, dont forget that. He has multiple degrees and he passed them all with shitty marks.

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He says A truly just man. Not that all men are just. Get JUSTed, and research the term PRINCIPLES, bootlicker

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>craig wright takes down largest pedo ring in existence
>Bitcoin creator national hero

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does he tell you about him FLEEING australia while the polis raided his hideout ?

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1 trillion copies sold

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This guy is an enemy of bitcoin and crypto, this is pure lies

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Hilarious pack of lies, more please.

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It's not hilarious it's repulsive like the thing about human trafficking no such thing happened on the silkroad even the murder contracts bullshit and the founder is in prison for mostly fake crap.

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diary of a drug fiend

so far it's fucking great and I'm interested to see how it develops

full of philosophical tidbits

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>creg lies

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>no blockchain will ever be crime friendly
What are privacy features.

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to stiff someone means to (de)fraud them, you stupid cunt. How appropriate, it's now his catchphrase
indeed. you couldn't get any more retarded in a retard contest

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Holy shit, did he receive a certificate on "how to become a Jew" too? I wonder how many lies are yet to come out of his filthy mouth. Roubini-tier.

This guys glow in the dark.

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Holy shit, this guy glows in the dark. I wonder how many lies are yet to come out of his filthy mouth. Roubini-tier.

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In an interview with Craig „faketoshi“ Wright, he now said, that satoshi plagiarized his own ideas from some of his whitepapers.

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creg'll be denouncing Satoshi soon as 'forging fraud scumbag plagiarist' or soem shit
Man is mentally unstable

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Even worse than Roubini , this son of a bitch is forking btc to allow shit like uploading stuff , so eventually that crap will be filled with illegal stuff and cp justifying action against blockchains.

Motherfucker glows and it's obvious that bsv is not just a scam but an attack on cryptocurrencies.

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he also used the words money and back...

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silk road was not even a thing when satoshi left bitcoin development

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Wow, maybe he is Satoshi...

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Craig is fucking delusional. I wish we could ban all craigposting this fucking faggot doesn't even know what XMR is

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get on my level plebs

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if he is then satoshi is a scamming retard who does emotional appeals instead if arguments or proof like a stunted manchild

but he is not of course

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Just like he says here >>16157350
You're desperate to discredit Craig and you don't want him to be Satoshi.

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Just stop pleaaaaaseeeee

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Actually fuck you. I'm satoshi and anything you say to discredit me is wrong and you are a liar

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its not about want he either is or is not. and he severely fucked himself with his fake signing sessions and previous signature reuses. he is the only person on earth who demonstrated inability to sign as satoshi right and proper.

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>a wild satoshi appears
as we can't prove you're not, nice to meet you Mr Nakamoto. You'll like it here, theres a few of you already

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of course you are.. now you know the rules sign or gtfo!

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>desperate to discredit Craig
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA RETARD, he's the one to discredit himself all the time

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poo poo pee pee

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SIGNED t. satoshi. There u go hope you like it

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wtf are you smoking brimstone?

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Am I doin it rite?

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I wish my stimulation-addled brain still had the necessary attention span to read books

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not really

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satoshi would know how to sign tho also understand the importance of peer review.

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he is so bad at writing it's almost sad

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>even atlas will shrug

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>One of the things I’ve been working on that I’m going to be releasing later this year first to people like law enforcement and then others will be how to kill Zcash, how to kill monero, etc. If you have a privacy coin I will show you that it is basically it as private as running through time square with your pants around your ankles.
- Satoshi Nakamoto, aka Craig Wright

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Based and redpilled

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>If I say he's a bad writer then he is not satosi

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sir pls

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he actually did work for glowies, at the least as a contractor. I didn't consider this sabotaging crypto angle, it is strange he's making it easier to do all these shitty things he mentions. I'm pretty certain he's just a washed up alcoholic who wants that kind of attention and conspiracy theory floating around him though

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not satoshi, satoj at best

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>everything on chain
>anything illigal happening on it means that person can be stomped on
wot are you gonna do about it u little bitch?

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Me nothing but once there are petabyte size of crap there governments will seize the nodes.

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HAHAHAHA, IDIOT. Anonymizing your coins is easy unless it's millions of $. But the illegal crap on chain is PERMANENT.

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you don't understand it at all
good luck changing your ip in real life

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they dont get it, theres no point. let them despair with their pink wojaks when BSV cripples them

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That's not the point idiot , the problem is that the people that will be held accountable are not the ones uploading it but the ones hosting it aka the nodes.

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oh really
so zuckerburg gets arrested when someone uploads rape videos and shit to their servers or is broadcast on their platform?
or do the police go for the people who uploaded it and did the naughty things in the videos?

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Yes facebook and youtube almost got fucked due to the christchurch crap.

Also facebook and youtube can delete it and claim it was uploaded by users.
A blockchain is an inmutable ledger once it's there you can't delete it so the nodes can be held accountable for what they are sharing.

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Yes, THEY MUST REMOVE IT. LMAO you're so fucking stupid. There is no problem getting clean bsv coins. Anyone can fuck you up.

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you need a platform to view the content and obviously the access can be controlled and monitored through the nodes

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Based, thanks for sharing. This thread sure got all the blockstream kikes and discord trannies riled up. When he's talking about criminals it's almost like he is talking about them.... I wonder why they don't like him :)

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