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Where do you buy your BSV? What is the cheapest options, with low fees? Preferably £ Thanks

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I heard okex is the best to buy BSV.

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Bitfinex or kucoin or coinex

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Kucoin doesnt have FIAT Options?

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No idea. Bought all I need a year ago

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Your options are shit if you're in the US.

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i am going to buy from coingeek and avoid the snakes and ladder from exchanges
can buy with debit/credit etc and send straight to a wallet

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Bitfinex. Get in, get out.

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Im in the UK. Need £

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bitstocks maybe

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bittrex loser

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that snake is cute

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No one here is buy Shit Bitcoin.

Be a chad and buy LINK. Fuck you pajeet for shilling this

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Link is ded. It's over

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you can try https://bitbay.net

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what are there fees? do u use them?

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Never used them, and don't know about the fees. Just know they operate in the UK and are legit

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hmm. interesting

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This one is gold

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You could fiat ramp on Kraken or Bitstamp, then buy BSV on Poloniex.

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Stink fags BTFO

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Buy shitcoin or tether in UK, send it to Bitfinex, buy bsv.

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Already told you this. Buy BTC with Bittylicious then bittrex/hitbtc/whichever exchange trades BSV. The other option is buybsv.com
>muh fees
Enjoy missing out and staying poor

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This is a serious problem with SV though.

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