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10k link stackers thread. 1k babies and 50k+ larpers not welcome.

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what if i have 119 link?

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what if not larping and 250k+?

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just let this "10k is a big stack" shill campaign slide

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post wallet then

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Its honestly the comfiest fucking thing in the world to see
nice try but that wouldn't be good opsec

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Then there is no way we can believe this larp

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Larps not allowed, fren. Lying on the internet shouldn't give you such comfort

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I am the proud owner of 115 link

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My main wallet is in the top 150 that's all i will say

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Your larp needs to be more convincing than that

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>he thinks no one has a 50k and above stack
nulinker detected

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Some do but they are quite rare. Too many larpers here ever since link mooned to $4

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Been here since September 2017.
Invested 50k pre-Sibos and suffered for months when it went back down to .17
I assure you no larp, and also most of these link will be locked in staking for decades.

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We've already confirmed you are larping, fren. A non-larper wouldnt try to convince us so much

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Was my first big buy in too with a DCA around .40 so the drop to .17 was brutal. Probably DCA'd down closer to .30 since then.

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350k link here

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I remember buying on ED. Wish I had 50k liquid at the time. I remember swinging trading the dip from 17 cent to 14 cents lmao.
My biggest regret is not buying more.

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The year is 2000+17
Anon with (EXTRA) 50k dollarabis decide to invest in a random no name shitcoin just cuz he read there white paper.
Def not larp

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350 million link here

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I like your commitment to staking, anon. I am also in that boat. Never selling isn't a meme.

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Yep first ~7500 bought from ED. What a nerve wracking experience
Yea bro was a 30 year old boomer with a desire to retire.

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K bro I think it's time to leave. No larpers allowed

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Ok fine you got me.
No one has a stack that big irl.
t. 5k linklet

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You are just a faggot who missed out on the cheap link. I bought at .17 cents myself. I have 100k link. Chainlink was a sure thing already in 2017 and that whitepaper was the most bullish thing i've ever read. Pic related made me buy more after I already bought.

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Sounds about right

Show proof, anything at all, even a blockfolio with timestamps, or larp

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Even if he did, who cares? What will it change if you found out hes a 500k holder or then you feel shitty about yourself?

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Is it that hard to believe? 100k link cost 14,000 USD at one point (ICO price was even lower). Plenty of anons had 14k+ in crypto after BTC, ETH, and ANS (which you'll know as NEO). Look at Waroau archives. There is one anon that literally bought 400k+ in the ICO.

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Don't even bother with newfags cry 'LARP!'. They're the same kind of people who said we'd lose all our money when we bought under $0.20.

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It's gonna be so satisfying in a year when my 12k stack gets called a larp here.

>> No.16139422

I'm just calling out the obvious larps. The truth matters.

I'm sure some people bought a lot. Holding for 2 years is less likely. Statistically, 90%+ of big stacks sold well before the moon to $4

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The fact that this retarded board thinks that 50k+ is a larp just goes to show how much this bird has been degraded and degenerated by nufag soikuk plebbitors

You fucking dumbfuck plebbitors, we spent a full YEAR staring at sub 50 cent prices, it was shilled EVERY DAY and people did nothing but accumulate with very little swinging

There are anons with millions of link tokens here, browsing, and no they aren’t brainlet cucked nufag losers like you

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Holy fucking cope, you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about retard, this shit has been a cult since day one, the vast majority of /biz/ linkers are never selling, holy fuck I can’t even believe this is up for debate, this board has gone to complete and utter shit

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Not a single soul on biz has 1 million link. You look like a fool when you bring out such an absurd number, fren.

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Yes yes, everyone held 100k+ link for 2 years cuz memes. Not.

The sad truth is most people sold their big stacks because they needed the money during the 2018 bear market. I know many such cases.

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I have more than 10k but I still consider myself a linklet. if we get to 100$ I'll sell

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4.5k reporting in

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Holy fucking cope, get the fuck off this board plebbitshit

>> No.16139518

Even though I only have 2.8k I'm coming to the yacht party regardless and bringing lsd for everyone

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Having $27,000 in a speculative investment is not tiny. I'm sorry but I think you and many others are suffering from some kind of delusion.

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>he didnt sell at 4.5 only to rebuy now

>> No.16139539

>if i say plebbit a lot maybe i'll fit in

your stack is plenty, fren. Just hold

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Only 33k. Almost 700 days holding this frens

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33k is believable. You are welcome here, fren

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If you were around for early 2017 you would understand how people have 50k+ stacks. People were getting big stacks of crypto even before the run in late 2017 from low sat coins, ICOs, and random moonshots. I managed to turn 1 BTC into 2.5, back to 1, and back to 2.5 again before all inning LINK because of Assblaster.
t. 30k with zero trades since Jan 2018.

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Again, it's totally believable that people had lots of money and bought 50k+ link. What isn't being discussed is the reality that 2018 caused most people to sell huge portions of these stacks. That is the truth.

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>33k is believable
Are you the chainlink police?

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No it’s not retard, most people are never selling

>> No.16139657

That's the meme, but not the reality:/

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I have 55k but only because I have a host of mental issues and would have heroed seeing it go to 0. In 2018 I panic sold the bottom but bought back in lost aboht 1200 links. I could have bought in more but having 50k initially was enough. Been buying at lot at 1.6 because the fud was bullshit and knew that whales were accumulating

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The level of passive aggressive insecurity in your posts is just so fucking cringe, the projection of your loserhood onto others, the mental gymnastics to believe something as obviously erroneous as every 100k+ holder is larping...just fucking kill yourself reread, easier than dealing with this level of cognitive dissonance

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most OG linkers sold already, only a handful few still holding 100k+.

>> No.16139710

Nice cope retard, let me guess, you own 10k?

>> No.16139747

If I could get 30k as a sub par trader and hold despite having $30k student loan debt and no other assets than other people could have easily held >50k. There are simply too many connections for LINK to be fuddable. There are 800+ wallets with >50k and /biz/ was the only place where LINK was discussed and shilled heavily. It doesn't matter how much our fellow linkies have because whether it's 1k or 250k, we're all gonna make it.

>> No.16139767

Larp. Not likely that losers here have over 30k in a highly volatile asset

>> No.16139781

I can't argue with that, It's actually a lot more. The more I think about the nature of the next 10 year in investing though the more I believe data is the key. Data will be gold, if we control the data we have a great chance we're going to make it. I plan on running a node for passive income as well as having rental income. The thing is I could have had 30k + link if I had not bought a house. and would have more than doubled the deposit. Oh well I'm still happy I found crypto.

>> No.16139783

based af

>> No.16139808

>passive aggressive insecurity
That's a funny projection.

Some people could have held, but most did not. That is the reality. The reason 30k is believable is because it's an amount one might have after selling most of their 100k+ stack.

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I know this board better than my pockets and here is my take:
100k+: maybe 10 anons who can be counted as semi-frequent bizers
50k+: around 30
20k+: around 60
10k+: around 100 anons
5k+: 300
1k+: 700

To say that 10k+ isn’t a minority on this board, is just brainletto tier

>> No.16139851

dunning kreuger in effect

>> No.16139859

I have 146k but I mostly lurk or call people faggots

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I sold my 300k stack at $3.5 for the following portfolio, the rest in silver and gold

I will buy back in when silver pumps for a million+ stack

Have fun being my bitch copelet

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>> No.16139883

I see you every day, you posted ss from bf just the other day

>> No.16139929

>>16139485 this: >>16139466
the absolute state of this place & nufags, you have no idea, I've got well over 150k and still feel like it's not enough. I remember when thinking of buying link at 0.60c felt like a rip off

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I bought at 17 cents too but I only have 13k because I'm a third worlder

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Not a larp, I actually do own 36 million fantom, I’m the 8th largest wallet holder.

It’s about to have a face melting pump, and when it does I’ll buy a 5 million link stack and come here and post it so OP can finally end his miserable existence built on brainlet nufag cope and neck

>> No.16139975

chainlink for lgbt community, are you all are gays?

>> No.16139980

not only do I have it, but I was unemployed when I got it

>> No.16139987

What a gay thread
Theres hundreds of people with 50k+ stacks, many on /biz/

Saged kys insecure manlet and linklet

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Show me link sell orders and ftm buy orders in that folio so ill at least have respect for you as biggest madman i saw on biz 2019 or gtfo

>> No.16140021

Just clarifying this was the real larp, I have over 250k

>> No.16140023

And here we have a great LARPing example

This one too

>> No.16140044

Saying "i have (huge amount) and it's not enough" is classic FUD, just so the newbies are aware.

>> No.16140048

I am in a similar range.
Are you guys still accummulating or done?

>> No.16140058

i have 2 LINK. i had 400 bought for $1, sold at $4.20 after months of telling you guys that a coin with such vast supply will never be worth more than $5. i'll make more money from this than all of you.

>> No.16140091

500 stinkers here. Bought at .48 best decision i made in crypto thus far. Do i need more??

>> No.16140094

Nah, i dont make enough money to buy substantial stacks (the 2k i need to get to 35k is almost 6k...). I would rather buy something low cap or wait for link to go up a bit more and derisk a small percentage on some other shit.

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Honestly this thread has triggered a lot of people. You have to wonder why that is. And frankly I'm here to tell you the sad truth that most of /biz/ no longer has 50k+ link. Because they sold in 2018. And when someone tells others this simple fact, they get triggered. It's sad, frankly.

>> No.16140152

>tfw i have 40k
>tfw I sold 10k a little while ago to go into RSR
I don't know where I belong

>> No.16140155

keep pushing the 10k is a big stack narrative, you're making us all feel comfy desu

>> No.16140175

You should be comfy with 5k link, fren. You don't need to pretend you have 250k

>> No.16140194

You should feel bad because rsr is a scam

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Kek okay good luck with your accumulation goals

>> No.16140251

You really want to push this larp? Or do you concede defeat?

>> No.16140255

I had 32k, now only 10k. Bought all under 0,4$, sold 22k between 0,6 - 3,25$.

Last 10k is not for sale.

>> No.16140268

Stop pretending, its okay youre priced out, you were never meant to make it. Only us og's with 50k+ will really make it while you cucks sell pre 100 and pre 1000

>> No.16140276

Post an ethereum wallet and I’ll send you some fantom

>> No.16140306


>> No.16140314

that doesn't mean other people won't know it's not a scam.

>> No.16140318

More projection

Just sign your address with a message. Don't want your crappy ftm

>> No.16140325


Fantom has uses

>> No.16140334

>using a comma decimal with your USD values
there's a lowly circle in hell for scum like you

>> No.16140335

Soooo your just gunna hold untill it goes to zero? Whats your plan m8

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>Because they sold in 2018

LOL, you're actually one of the failed swinglinkers aren't you

>> No.16140378

>only coin actively working with banks and probably central banks

Top fucking kek, give me an hour and I’ll post the sig

>> No.16140387

I know many who sold. They weren't swinglinkers. They just needed the money to survive

>> No.16140395

>I'll do it in an hour
>is never seen again
I've watched this episode of LARP before

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Inspired by this thread I just went to Warosu to search for the same kind of discussions about ETH during 2016.

Unfortunately I did not find any clear indicators as to what was considered a "suicide" or "make it" stack back then, so if some OLDfag would want to shed light on this that would be appreciated.

What I DID find, however, was that most people actually had really modest stacks. Some anon who had bought ETH for 9k at around 7 dollars was called out as a larp and really few anons where boasting 1000+ ETH stacks. To clarify, at this time ETH was around 5 - 10 / ETH so it had pulled around a 20x return, so similar to LINK right now.

There had not been any alt bull run at this point of time and that might be the biggest contributor to anons being so cautious and modest with their stack goals.

If LINK really is to succeed and surges to prices over 100+ we can be really grateful for the big bois and pseudo-whale anons here who have made us doubt the fatness of our wallets. It's their mockery and ridicule that has made us accumulate beyond our means which may ultimately lead to our salvation.

>> No.16140423

>posts on biz
>doesn't know the greater fool theory
it doesn't sound like I'm the one going to hold until zero m9

>> No.16140451

so becuase I post here im suppose to know each and every "theory" used to scam people?

>> No.16140452

I have 1 Links will I make it guys?

>> No.16140478

you'll be better off in the long run than those who own 10,000.
but no.

>> No.16140479

Keep the thread going, I want to see you breakdown and cry

>> No.16140484

Good posts. I largely agree with your assessments. There are plenty of larpers around though, and I just want them to know someone here knows what they're doing.

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So, since you know many people that sold in 2018, then that means anyone that has more than your 10k stack are larpers?

Dude, I dont get what are you trying to achieve with this thread. Must be some sort of cope for not having a bigger stack

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>> No.16140515

alright, i'm going to tell biz this one more time then give up.

if you want to profit, sell your link and buy KMD. it has five times fewer coins and it like a quarter of the price. It also has jl777 as the main dev. it's a no-brainer. do with this info as you will.

t. on this since 2011, have owned like 200 different holdings in that time and have a diploma in cryptos.

as you were.

>> No.16140525

I'm simply stating the basics of economics. People sell over the course of 2 years. It's called redistribution. Look it up, link is no exception

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>> No.16140544

yes, actually.

>> No.16140553

You mean sell and buy fantom

>> No.16140566

> +50k holders must just be larpers
Fuck this makes my dick hard

>> No.16140569

cool ill start researching, see ya in 5 years. Hopefully ill get to the halfway point by then.

>> No.16140580

Why are you acting like every single person behaves in the same way?
Is it really that inconceivable that there are people on this board with over 10k

>> No.16140583

for real though I have 833

Do I have potential?

>> No.16140596

it's a small enough stash that i'd consider it to be a sensible hold, but it will never make you rich, absolutely not. you'd literally stand a better chance buying lottery tickets imo. buy KMD. or XSN, or XMR. or, don't!

>> No.16140611

If you truly understood the potential for Link and invested because of the fundamentals, then you would know that selling within the first two years would be as stupid as not buying.

True, there are a lot of idiots on this board, but the 2017 anons that found Link are not.

The first two years was the accumulation stage.

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Yeah nice one lol

>> No.16140644

I am aware of the memes. Sadly, they don't match up with reality

>> No.16140706


2 mil link tokens
375 bitcoins
0 eth
0 ltc

Still work 9 to 5

>> No.16140744

Again with the larps
Why even post this? What does this give you?
it just makes no sense to lie for NOTHING

>> No.16140757

You’re in every fantom thread, posting th same pic every time. Because you keep up this shitty low effort fud to try to accumulate more when there’s no more time left to accumulate


>> No.16140781

Your claiming you have a net worth of near 10 million dollars but go work everyday for a boss who probably treats you like shit and you deal with stupid coworkers who spout the same bullshit daily.

Is that right?

>> No.16140795

Come on we don't need to fall for this bait, people. Be smarter

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File: 41 KB, 667x487, 1560146030161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16140813

Cope more linklet faggot

>> No.16140820
File: 20 KB, 318x343, xmr2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

babbyposter, show wallet.

>> No.16140824

>imagine being this angry over someone calling out a few larps

>> No.16140889

Take your meds linklet

>> No.16140903

>take your meds
Very obvious projection

>> No.16140923

The only thing being prejected is your insecurity as a linklet, cope more

>> No.16141158

You seem to care an awful lot about someone calling out a few larps

>> No.16141606

I did no such thing, would never do that

>> No.16141624

Imagine having less than 50k LINK

>> No.16142054

Nope. Clock in, leave for the day get work done go home. Dont deal with people usually besides hi, howareya, ya its done, see ya. Cozy.

Id love too but im phoneposting and mods rangebanned this IP for image abuse. When i get home, sure why not.. no one believes me anyway

>2019...people forget that ether was .40c at one point and you got laughed at for owning any when it was worth digital crap

Its kinda funny the shit LINK gets... like.. i have a few wallets somewhere north of 200 diffrent failed cryptos that its not uncommon to have over 50mil tokens of- because well thats how it works... but the ONE token that did well (maybe BNB too) its insane to believe when someone says they arent a poorfag.

>but 90% of biz just loses money so i guess its not that farfetched

>> No.16142068

Also..you cant math.. its closer to 6.

>> No.16142089

But heres something i have seen over the last 2 years.. at one point i was 80% BTC and 20% LINK overallvalue... i have not made a trade and right now LINK had closed the gap where its 53.88% BTC and 44.96% LINK..

So LINK defenitly has been stealing some value from BTC over the last 2 years

>> No.16143124
File: 103 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191104-233814.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not have a good old blockfolio / Delta thread like we used to. Everyone larping about stacks with no screenshots

>> No.16144310

There's~68000 wallet's out there, these numbers look a bit low to me.

>> No.16144370

I got 20k.

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