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Continued from

Fire away

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Tell them her name

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Are you Indian or French?

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No idea

From the only country that matters

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>OP is Canadian
Abort and report

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Any decentralized voting method is automatically at risk of being sybil’d.

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what will be the marketcap of crypto at the top of the next bull run? when will that be?

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Say it

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Leafs dont matter

And has no intrinsic trust for situations where proportional network value is less than contract value

Market cycles in successful emerging markets become longer and less violent as they mature
Best guess flat to bull from here with a peak somewhere around 5tn in 2021 to 2023
Remember also that as markets mature assets in those emerging markets stop acting as a class and start approximating marginal value
The stupid doesn't last forever


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why is rlc pumping so fucking gigahard recently on 0 news and link literally cant go above 2.75?

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How big will the ISDA tech forum actually be?

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and what will % will chainlink have of this total marketcap?

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How big is the meetup at Google hq Brussels in December?

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Why won't ISDA or Swift say anything meaty?

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Just say it anon

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Why are we a 2.7 stable coin now?

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RLC price 70c
Link ATH 4.5
Link price 2.7

Fuck off and die

I would predict not big because the time to inform the users of smart contracts is just beginning
People don't know what they are much less how they capture value

depends on if reserve/central banks start using an asset like BTC or XLM to transfer value
If they do one digit percentage wise
If they dont maybe two

Two of the leading cloud infrastructure providers in oracle and google are actively spending time and resources to promote the use of the chainlink network
There wont be a big announcement or anything, but remember how stupid most of the world is
It takes literally dozens of events/announcements etc. for even the average high nw investor to see new value
It takes hundreds for the 100iq masses

If you were isda or swift, would you be incentivized today to say anything meaty? When would you be?

Your mother is a whore

You have the patience of an ant

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Is Swift actually using link?

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thoughts on homosexuality?

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How will chainlink affect sports bookies

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Hit or miss anon! And you miss with that nasty comment! just...say my name

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Yes, but link isn't everything swift is using like some say
Swift is building a complete solution for their highest value clients that involves a full sc stack, rapid immutable value transfer and custom user facing solutions for essentially all high value use cases
link is involved in 2 out of 3

Complex. From a moral perspective, it appears that gay people and especially gay men are a combination of a genetic susceptibility as seen in the fMRI studies showing differences in various brain structures and a possible inciting event such as homosexual child molestation, which would explain that data. If you took a person born susceptible that had a horrible crime committed against them, you can't hate them for becoming gay.

That said, gay people are effectively societal parasites and their net contribution as a group is negative from nearly every perspective. They are also proportionally more criminally active and more likely to abuse children.

There is no intrinsic virtue or vice in personal desires, only the response to them. To that point a gay person who contributes to society and does not harm others should be treated in the same way as a nice, functional morbidly obese person or as person with the intrinsic desire to kill but who does not.

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Were you the same anon that posted that one of the startups from the Oracle 50 was going to be huge? So far, they are all nothingburgers...hell some of the startups look like scams.

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...nico doing that vid in panties would be hot

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wen steaking? Got postponed on the pivotal, 23rd Jan 2020.

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when do you think the team is gonna start dumping the rest of the tokens? or will they do a burn?

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Link being involved in even 2 of the 3, results in a a marketcap valuation running into the hundreds of billions right

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Thanks for your time fren.

When will we be seeing high value contracts using chainlink? 2020?

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Tell them how in the sweet hell a two man team with nothing more than a Jason parser is supposed to be worth billions of dollars, tell them how sergey has a degree is philosophy, also tell them how smartcontract was founded the day after bitcoin white paper was created and how sergey has the same initials as nakamoto

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>Yes, but link isn't everything swift is using like some say
We appreciate the help...but is this all your opinion or do you have actual insider information? From your responses it seems like you are very well vetted in this space.

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wen steak

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explain threshold signatures and mixicles to a brainlet

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1/10 startups succeed, ofc there are going to be shitty projects in there
Also there will be stuff like crowdz...

Re: staking. Think for a second
The people who need staking are those without real world reputation that need collateralization to provide data to contracts
The core supporters of cl are entities with very high real world trust
Everyone here thinks staking will make cl moon immediately. That's stupid. The day staking goes live less than 1/1000 link will be staked because it doesn't need to. Only once the correct equilibrium between past performance and collateralization is achieved will that drive price. Fortunately there are a ton of other positive price drivers that will happen before then

Also know this: staking opens established players to competition. staking is a gift to every incel neet who thinks they can take on the big boys. The big boys are the big boys for a fucking reason. Don't be stupid

They will be distributed to funding agencies or tied to them via smart contracts once the whole network is live and functioning. By that i mean every input you see on the slides is live and being bought and same for every output.

They will probably sell a larger USD value over 2020 but a smaller number of link for funding the team. If each is making 300k that's a bargain with what they're doing and how they're working.

Yes. And the one they're not involved with is the lowest value use case. I can transfer 100mm via eth or xlm or whatever fast right now. What corda has done isn't special. What link has is.

You'll start hearing about them in 2020
They are working on centralized systems now

I've never been a fudfag and never will. You people would do the world a favor with a mass suicide

Im nobody

See above

Threshhold sigs are ways of combining actions and saving gas, mixicles are ways that high value institutions can reasonably well...

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...shield their smart contract logic from low effort prying eyes while still tapping the immense trust well of public blockchains without needing involved nodes to be able to use TEEs like sgx

You don't really need to know the details of these, just know that these having been developed means that high value use cases are driving development, not "we made some shit and hope you like it"

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Is 5.5k enough to make it or should I try and grind for 10k?

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Why wont you say it. Tell them. Tell the nulinkers about me. Dont you want to help them?

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What's your realistic eoy for Link?

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Price prediction. Need hopium. Help.

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100k is enough to make it, 10k is a suicide stack.

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Will coinbase or binance eventually run staking nodes to compete with Linkpool? Seems as though it would be foolish for Coinbase not to offer this at some point.

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How much of CL's success is driven by a successful Eth 2.0? It seems like the timeline for an Eth that can handle a high transaction throughput is very uncertain (to the point its not even clear its possible) and runs well into 2021.

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price prediction short/med/long term?

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If link succeeds either amount will get you there at a different time point
I would personally answer that as a proportion of my liquid net worth
if your 5.5k is >10% your liquid nw then work on your life and norman shit
if not, what are you waiting for

You're determined I'll give you that

90% CI 1.5 to 55
if nothing important from now till dec 31, mid 1's
if same pace of news as at current, maybe 5 bucks
if something truly legit, two digits
Take all those numbers and multiply by 2 if the collective faggotry that is biz decides to stop the public reddit/twitter etc fud


I've said this maybe a million times, but I'll say it again
If you're here for hopium you're hoping to escape your current life with money
Money doesn't do that
It makes your life more like your life

If you're world class person and you get rich, you'll love life
If you're a regular person, you'll be posting threads about how you're still sad after making it
If you're trash you'll fucking die

I'm not kidding

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>Of its greater 10% of my net worth
Yeah hehe totally not

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Depends on your timeframe

If there is market demand and no market supply yes, but i think the dev community that already knows about cl will be more than happy to provide this for a reasonable haircut

If you look at the eth dev delays and what chainlink has but out it appears they're just engineering around eth
as permissioned chains outperform things like eth and have enough decentralization to provide use appropriate trust it wouldn't surprise me if eth existed only to transfer and mint tokens long term, which is a fine and important use case


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Ironically all rich people have times like this
If you bought cl at 30c you probably do have >25% of your nw in cl, which is fine and means you're climbing the ladder

just don't be the guy who takes all his liquid cash and puts it into a sure thing

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>The big boys are the big boys for a fucking reason. Don't be stupid
I don't quite follow, you don't think staking will return a good ROI? What if someone stakes through a custodian like linkpool or coinbase custody? Do you think staking linkies will eventually be worth it even for nobodies like me?

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Any advice for young linklets?
19 1.3k

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What i mean is that there will be at least one anon that learns how to spin up a node, runs some shit on his laptop or aws and pays for a non-binding api service, trying to compete with nasdaq or bnc etc.

Then when there's a 30m downtime at 4am because the reseller who sold the feed had to reboot their shit, that anon is slashed and butthurt

crypto was the little guy vs the world

link is legacy leaders taking the reigns, act accordingly

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DCA from 40c to all time high and still accumulating. I’m putting 30% of what I earn into it. Even if I find a dollar. I’ll put it into my scheduling and use it to but link. Obviously I can’t buy at 30c but you get the idea. Also side note how will link perform in a recession? I’ve been trying to get a thread going about that but no one seems to take it seriously.

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if you're 19 and have 3k in high risk investments you're beating 99% of the world
keep on and don't become a piece of shit

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true early stage shit is resistant to all but the biggest macro trends
if we go back to the stone age, link is worthless
if the snp500 drops 50% link will be fine as long as it still works

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im off for the night
good evening gents

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EOY 2018 - $1.50 (0.5-8)
EOY 2019 - $3.50 (1-45)
EOY 2020 - $15 (5-700)
EOY 2024 - $1500 (75-45k)

was this you?

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>1.5 to 55
really going out on a limb there bucko

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>stop the public reddit/twitter etc fud

you really think there is that much spite for /biz/ that people wont touch this coin?

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Why? Why couldn't you say my name? I just wanted to help them

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How much to make it?

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>Fortunately there are a ton of other positive price drivers that will happen before then
such as?

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nico fuds hard so we can have cheaper prices
idk that's my only guess

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Drop some link red pills that you haven’t dropped in previous threads

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Sirgay is more of a Wendys guy than a McDonalds regular.

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Link $500 when?

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