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I am a financial analyst working in a financial institution in Singapore. The new memo they released today have indication of tge buying of up to ONE billion of btc and ltc (they called them the gold and silver of our age, routinary pp mumbo jumbo). They are going to do it in incremental step. Later this day or tomorrow I will post a photo of the memo. Stay tuned. Something is moving.

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I'm a Wendys chef making 40k/year. Raped your mom behind and Arbys in 1996, you can call me daddy OP

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Pls show them this picture, you will be rewarded

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ONE Billion BTC with a BTC Supply of 21 Million. Nice

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One billion worth of btc in usd. I guessed it was obvious.

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I don't need no reward. The memo content itself will reward every btc and ltc holder. As I said later I will post a photo since I have to go back to the meeting room with a plausible excuse. If the thread will not exist anymore, I will create a new one. Don't worry.

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this doesn't make sense
gold and silver still exist
just buy that

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heres the backstory if you are interested:
* china is desperately short dollars
* china wants people to accept RMB however no one trust it, therefore their forex reserves are the only way to impart trust to RMB
* china controls a large share of mining - giving free electricity to miners
* CCP has now put 2+2 together and realize they can generate btc, and use that as way to sell for dollars (or preferably not sell and just value in dollars as part of forex). however the main point is to add to their foreign reserves as a way to start to promote their nascent external rmb trading market.

tldr. china is trying to goose prices to prime the pump. the real goal is to establish rmb as international currency and they see btc as way to prop that up.
this is literally the smartest and truest thing you will read on /biz/ today.

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What a poorly thought out plan. Must mean it's true, because only the Chinese could consider it plausible.

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so now that's settled... when moon? when lambo?

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to be fair, its much smarter than their other recent strategy: crackdown on hong kong so they can raid their dollar reserves.

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Holy kek!

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Alright I'll bite. When are they planning to buy?

Also, are their memos always in broken engrish?

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Lurker here. I work with several Chinese investment banks on the backend and the language of this note fits exactly with specimens I've seen before. If it's fake, it was made by somebody who knows their shit. I'm inclined to think it's genuine.
The Chinks are gonna really pump our bags, aren't they?

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is a billion dollars of new money even enough to pump this stupid ass market

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>bank of China logo on blank page
>passable pasta on a different sheet of paper
Fake AND gay

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Extremely bullish if true. It looks like the trade war will be fought in the blockchain market and US will have to 1 up China and so on.

If that happens McAfee won't have to eat his dick, because we're going straight to $1,000,000 BTC, $50,000 ETH and $1000 LINK by the end of 2020

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>broken engrish
This is the way they usually write. It's like they are trying to translate word by word.

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That's too elaborate just to be a larp on the mongolian basket weaving forum.

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I folded it because of the names you dipshit. I am not going to doxx someone.

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Is there a time frame?

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btc and ltc = egold bullshit that china will lead the way on
eth = innovative platform that USA will champion

in conclusion im going to be rich as fuck

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>time frame
Yes and no. Memoranda and alike presentations are usually nonsense they use to justify what they are going to do.

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Yeah, I've read so many of these reports I've gotten pretty good at identifying banker Chinglish. There are a lot of giveaways if you know what to look for.

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That font is fucking laughable. Not professional looking. It reads retarded as well. No one in the broader financial markets is looking to take on more risk right now.

Fuck off.

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>professional looking
Truly what China is known for. It's a memorandum by the way. Do what you want.

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What about the fact no one is looking to take on more risk? You’re telling me a huge fund is going to be doing this? Kek. Get out of here.

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I suppose they are going to sell some elaborate shit to our costumers. Do you know how investment banking works? As long as they make money, and they don't hold the hot potato, they are fine.

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Where will they take the $1billion from?

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>No one in the broader financial markets is looking to take on more risk
>no one is looking to take on more risk
Yeah, I've just surveyed literally everybody and I can confirm that nobody is looking to take on more risk. They're all investing in 100% risk-free assets.

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Checked and kek'd

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>They're all investing in 100% risk-free assets.
Kek! This.
I really don't know. I am not a CxO. I am an analyst.

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Is it bullish then?

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Imagine don't riding the yellow wave.

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No, that's the least obvious thing you could post in this LARP forum. ANALretard

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Hey, it worked for the old farmer whose goose started laying golden eggs, right?

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Kek based and I'm gonna make it.

Might dump the rest of my net worth in crypto so I can become a true neet millionaire asap

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With Halloween just around the corner, the word "costumers" does stick out.

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I live in sg, who could this be? Temasek?

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What's the blurred folded part of the paper reads?

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>and Litecoin secondly
It's so stupid it sounds real

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>printed memos
>$1,000 millions
you're all retards and im glad you wont make it

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Doesn't someone recognise the symbols? The circle with the connected Squircle

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misspelling in the second sentence of second para.

third para- "up to $1,000 millions".

Bullshit anon.

BTC is fucked anyway.

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Its the Bank of China btw...

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Why the fuck litecoin? That thing is a piece a shit. If they're trying to do a gold/silver comparison silver as much as i don't like it, would have to be ethereum.

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It was obvious, anon is just retarded.

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So now we have to deal with chick shills on top of pajeets? JfC Asia needs to be nuked

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Maybe. It's .58% of bitcoins market cap.

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k goys the bank of china legit has a investment banking arm in Singapore.

This is what go me, the word >ephemeraliztion I had to look that up, its a Buckmaster Fuller term...Obscure. How many ppl even know who he is. Can't believe he is discussed in banking, I'll ask my bankin cronies next time I see them.

Ephemeralization, a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller, is the ability of technological advancement to do "more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing," that is, an accelerating increase in the efficiency of achieving the same or more output (products, services, information, ... circles

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this kek

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So, is it legit or not?

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Yeah, really got that vibe too.

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Are you sure they don't just mean the process of things becoming (more and more) ephemeral? Ephemeral as a word predates Buckminster Fuller. I think they're just talking about accelerated change (from gold to BTC, clothing to skins etc).

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I dunno, But desu as OP was saying the memo is sellin BTC/LTC to clients. like the bank cares, as long as it takes a commission. the little sales pitch @ the end of the first section, believable.

But come on ANYONE can print out the letter head.

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ephemeralisation has its roots in ephemeral, so etymologically they are connected

>> No.16066997

Sweet, I have NO clue. I know about buckmaster but never heard that term...all I was sayin, its what popped up on google. Thanks for the background!

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Rekt yerself

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Fake and gay. Try harder OP

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I don't think this is that kind of scam-tier, but surely I have some doubts. So far
has given the best insight.

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Also this >>16067088. I don't know if OP is messing with us, or Chinks are simply legit illiterate brainlets.

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I still have my doubts. Snowden posting asuka and the recent chink pump makes me think that the board is being flooded with chinks. Pajeets are easy to spot bc their writing style is a giveaway and they are repetitive like beggars. Chinks on the other hand are masters in the art of scamming. Shit's confusing but it's much better than 99% of the board right now being busy with LINK RLC and pajeets shitting the board.

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Are you the ones who moved 43k in btc from Bittrex.

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It is very smart, except you're so retarded you don't see where this goes in regards to U.S. policy. You think the U.S. is just gonna say darn it these chinks are good and move on? Expect a litany of new regulations as early as next week.

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Singapore branch of Bank of China is my guess

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It reads: reply to this memo or your mother dies in her sleep tonight

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(you) thirsry whore

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Bs, sauce

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Bank of China, the symbol is a Tang dynasty gold coin

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>>bank of China logo
>Its the Bank of China btw...

sounds about right considering the CCP is going /all in/ on blockchain.

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fk u fagot

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its game theory time friendo.
if the us cracks down, and china responds by offering no kyc on their exchanges (ie so us citizens can use)....what happens to all that crypto? you think the us wants to cede control of all crypto to china? the rest of the world would practically rejoice to be able to setup crypto shop in a protected environment where they don't have to suck jp morgan dick every 5 secs. if anything you will see the reverse. expect "suddenly" the sec to approve a few btc etf's and suddenly banking crypto in dollars to get easier. as much as each individual central bank hates crypto, they hate each other more. with crypto they tell themselves "we've got 10 years to worry about that, it'll be on someone elses watch...." with other cb's they think "can't let that happen on my watch"....

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Tell them to keep up the Kleros volume. Obvious asia insider info is obvious.

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I see

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so damn gay

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The funny thing is this is probably a real pajeet scammer and not a troll

>> No.16070649

When posts like these come out, you know you have to sell.

>> No.16070699

Singapore based non, meet you at BQ bar for lunch in 30?

>> No.16070778

There were more than a few people wondering if OP was actually this retarded with the quality of some threads appearing on here of late.

>> No.16070849

pathetic attempt
just take the loss already lmao

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how to buy BTC when bank doesnt support transactions involving crypto?!?!
im using blockchain dot com and bank of america says fuck you

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There is a great bitcoin maximalist group in sg, find it on meetup

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>the so called cryptocurrency bitcoin

>> No.16072103

yeah sure he’s a pajeet scammer doing the needful so biz pumps his bitcoin and litecoin bags

>> No.16072107

There are lots of Bitcoin meetups in Asia. And this since Bitcoin inception. You have no idea. Especially here in Japan.

>> No.16072196

What do they even do? Circlejerk about how early they bought in?

>> No.16072339

I don't know what they do today, but back in the days they were all about evangelisation. Someone even gave away part of their bitcoins to encourage its adoption.

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anon, if you make financial decisions based on this sort of shit, i wish you luck, but you need to understand that you deserve what will eventually happen to you.

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>tfw even the BSV scammers can put their finger on the glaring issue with BTC longterm economics

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my dad works for nintendo
don't go to mario tomorrow

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>Putting tx fees and block reward on the same visualization
Or uhh, you know, they make money by selling it for market price which approximates a price rising proportionally to the block halving...
Or something... I mean, it's not like tx fees scale with chain usage and go back down when the network isn't overloaded, or anything...

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broken english cause it is a fake doc created by a pajeet. Water marked paper is badly stitched to scan of fake doc.

>> No.16072957

And you just gave yourself away, LARPer.

>> No.16073125

Pajeets are too stupid to pull out something like this.
Maybe it's a LARP. Maybe all Chinks speak like that. Who knows.

>> No.16073203

They don't all translate 顾客 as costumers, trust me.

>> No.16073264

How do they translate it to? Client?

>> No.16073269

The fucking Ruble has better chance to become world currency than chinkyuan. Nobody trust thise insectiods

>> No.16073281

Customer, anon. Customer.
Customer, client, pick your synonym - Whatever their translation app or underpaid intern happens to come up with. But there is not a general trend of using "COstUmer"

>> No.16073290

I meant that they have dyslexia and so they cannot write properly. I don't know...

>> No.16073298

Yeah, but my point was to show that the OP of this thread == the author of that "memo" because they made an identical typographical mistake not common to chinks in general.

>> No.16073349

i wow this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>> No.16073594

Yes, as the ones that make costumes. It's going to be Halloween in few days. Aren't you going to LARP as Asuko?

>> No.16073628

I dont disagree...however this has little bearing on what ccp is trying to achieve by investing in btc.

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>> No.16073730


how about trx?

>> No.16073764

big yikes, just stick to btc next time for a more believable larp

>> No.16074119

Jesus I fucking hope so fella. I've been holding LTC since it's height in 2018 because I bought then and am a moron. It's been a steady decline ever since. I need good news!

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>> No.16074219

OP can you give me something to prove you work for the bank? I really want to believe this haha
Understand you don't want to dox yourself but like...a lanyard and blur your face? Anything!

>> No.16074822

So either youre a chink trying to demask OP or just an adhd driven holder full with teen angst.
An hero nevertheless, please.

>> No.16075119

>a lanyard and blur your face
It doesn't even make sense. If he's a fake, he can grab a lanyard and obfuscate it, or the infos on it, as well as his face, because muh doxxing.

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File: 9 KB, 224x224, 5B2C1B04-C0A6-491F-862D-C3E411EDF4DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a protected environment
>for US assets
Oh sweetie, did no one inform you of the full spectrum Cold War?

>> No.16075463

Well you know it'd have the bank logo on it and I bet the context would be hard to fake. If I google bank of Singapore lanyard I bet there aren't many results. I don't need to know who this guy is I just want to know whether or not he really has any affiliation with the bank.
And I'll anhero when this inevitably isn't true and I lose more money, don't worry

>> No.16075516

OP I'm an unimaginative retard. Just give something that proves your connection, the lanyard was just the first thing I thought of. Genuinely don't want you to dox yourself. Just want to believe.
First we sold you the opium. Now you sell me the hopium.

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How do we know you’re the OP faggot

>> No.16075887

Yeah, internal memos are always in perfect English.

>> No.16075920

Absolute madlad!

>> No.16075966

Mother of god

>> No.16075968

I don't know the financial industry, but where I work (engeneering company), two years ago, we received a poorly written memo because of the retardation of the president assistant. She got fired btw. She was too stupid.

>> No.16076033

Holy shit O_O

Where is it pumping to anons??

>> No.16076064


>> No.16076078

ethereum has utility which can fuck up valuation, litecoin is trash like silver (which is just for boomer retard rock collectors and cheap jewelry)

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of course the japanese talk about anime at a bitcoin meetup

>> No.16076155

Whats with the broken English and misspellings

>> No.16076169


Lots of activities anons. Gahagahahgah!!!

>> No.16076308

Ahahahahah. Ahahahahah. Ahahahahahahahhahhahahahhahahahha!

>> No.16076320

We are going to make it! Ahahahahahahahhahhahahahhahahahha!!!!!

>> No.16076442

China is not desperately in need of dollars, they hold over $3 trillion in foreign reserves and $1 trillion alone in USD paying treasury notes.

They probably trying to go for dollar independence if this is true, which it probably isn’t.

>> No.16076521

Assuming OP is a LARPer, could plebbit fall for this?

>> No.16076552



>> No.16076589

That’s just like their opinion man

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So looks like nothing happened and OP is a faggot as always right?

>> No.16076758

Appreciate it OP

>> No.16076857

He's known to designers. No idea why bankers would know of him though. But he is a very famous figure. He invented the geodesic dome.

>> No.16076872

If I'm not mistaken he had a thing for creating words. He was an inventor in all aspects.

>> No.16077184

Don't tell them faggot. Accumulate since you can.

>> No.16077237

gib sauce now aaaaaaaaaaaaa MUST COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

>> No.16077478

What else can you tell us OP? When will they buy?

>> No.16077993

Ok someone more cynical and less retarded than me tell me why this is all fake before I blow all my NuuuUuUuUUuuuts I'm COOOOooooOOoOoOOominggggggG Papiiiii

>> No.16078094

All legit anon!

>> No.16078110

>t. Brainlet

You’re very fucking wrong about that idiot, China is DESPERATELY in need of dollars, they have a huge dollar shortage rn

>> No.16078126

thats not OP you fucking morons

>> No.16078197

Would someone who isn't OP be arsed showing us they work for bank of China? I mean maybe...but seems more likely OP just changed tripcode because he's on mobile

>> No.16078205 [DELETED] 
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coincidence? >>16074644

>> No.16078209

My brain just absolutely refuses to accept it's real even with the evidence. I'd actually feel better with some FUD just to make it seem more...realistic

>> No.16078224
File: 37 KB, 728x360, Coincidence-facts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16078256


>> No.16078271

Stop it! Goddamit!
What if it's all real and we miss a huge opportunity just to laugh at Chink wagecucks?

>> No.16078293
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Good lord anon. The magic is off the charts.

>> No.16078308

I already own LTC so I win either way here. I just...it can't be. Good things don't happen. Not in clownverse.

>> No.16078327
File: 29 KB, 406x452, brainlet3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its some random fucking picture that isnt even OP's ID but you think its legit....fuck this place is full of drooling retards

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>>>16075777 #

>> No.16078374

pretty good psyop, it's dumping hard now kek

>> No.16078388
File: 228 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191029-194104__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bib stocks boom as drooling retard numbers see ATH in 2020

>> No.16078426
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It's pretty stabilised desu. Only upstairs from now.

>> No.16078479

the regular
>liquidate longs with high leverage and fill in cheaper
you must be new

>> No.16078490

May I ask you why you obfuscated the page? It's pretty obvious that google returned the wiki extract for BoC.

>> No.16078516

Not sure what the wiki extract thing means. I obfuscated the page because you could see my Google account etc. And I'm paranoid about 4chan (rightly so I think)

>> No.16078519

this sounds believeable if it wasn't for ltc, I refuse to believe that big dick finance boomers would fall for a shitcoin like that

>> No.16078535

Sorry I understand now. Yeah just laziness basically. Blurred everything rather than specifics because it's as easy

>> No.16078569

You are not paranoid. You simply know basic tech hygiene practices. As everybody should.

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>I refuse to believe that big dick finance boomers would fall for a shitcoin like that
You overestimate them

>> No.16078648

he never came back after this post >>16078479
less than 20 minutes to destroy someones wealth

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So we’ve concluded this is legit?

>> No.16079146

It's either that or literally everyone is trolling just you and I, anon. How deep does the paranoia run?

>> No.16079174

Given the seemingly endless years I’ve spent in incel neet isolation...it runs deeper than the ocean faggot

>> No.16079293

This shit is coming back to 6k, crab for 7 months and then moon.

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Fuck you too faggot, I fucking hate you bro. We're all going to make it you fucking paj..pa...puh...*sob*

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Living in a prayer lad

>> No.16079468


>> No.16079544

Do you know anything of HG Exchange anon?

t. Desperate ZIL bagholder.

>> No.16079572

LOL you’re fucked

>> No.16079643

Gold synthesis is a mere 15 years away.

>> No.16079708

What was that bitcoin dip? Did you see it?

>> No.16079709

Gold is an element you fucking retard

>> No.16079732

He's talking about gold synthesis. But good luck with that.

>> No.16079846

not very empathetic

>> No.16079865

Fuck, this thread is still going on? Nobody noticed that OP wrote & printed that memo himself to LARP on biz?
I thought you were all autistic enough to figure this shit out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.16079925

Says the one with the empty bags.

>> No.16079988

This thread will go on forever

>> No.16079991
File: 1.34 MB, 680x510, 1530843545742.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigger, I have BTC. But OP is obviously the author of the memo.

biz is plagued by a "general disagreement on what is factually correct = FUD against my-coin-of-the-day" mentality. Do not conflate pointing out a LARPer with FUDing the general concept of BTC.
Fuckin' mental knobs, become autistic enough to compartmentalize and abstract better oh and also have sex.

>> No.16080026

Why so salty? I was only bitching around with you. You should know it. You are on 4chan dude!

>> No.16080060

The number of replies reached at the archiviation time will be the k-price bitcoin will reach at the new ath. Also, double checked.

>> No.16080228

fuk u

>> No.16080251

It's possible he wrote the document as a larp. It's possible he wrote it for bank of china. It's possible his English is bad and he said costumers instead of consumers because he read that way and didn't know better.

>> No.16080316

Great plz use robinhood or ibkr

>> No.16080583

One of the few sensical post for this thread.

>> No.16080779

I think in Singapore the first language is English. I just remembered that. That doesn't bode well.
If he gave us this memo maybe he'll give us more?

>> No.16080902

De facto lingua franca. Used by government employees/officials and in the business environment.

>> No.16080934

>If he gave us this memo maybe he'll give us more?
I am OP (different id because of mobile phone wifi). Indeed I will give you more. On October 31st. If this thread will be active. Godspeed.

>> No.16081280
File: 125 KB, 1279x853, bank-of-china-hong-kong-pass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.16081356

Where did you get that?
FUCK. I was so fucking down for this to be real

>> No.16081460

Fuck this board.

>> No.16081482

Lmao how did you find this? Mirin

>> No.16081485

nice work pimp

>> No.16081515

You know this is what /biz/ is don’t act surprised

>> No.16081637

I lived in spore, their English is shitty. They all speak their own native languages outside of work.

>> No.16081651


>> No.16081716


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