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Has anyone ever considered how much money there is to be made with buying online and returning to a store with a higher price? I routinely see deals online where due to coupon codes or temp sales there are items being sold for a third of what they go for in a brick and mortar store. Granted most of these stores will only give you store credit if you return without a receipt and they limit you to three returns in a three month period. However if I were to switch between kohls, walmart, and target I could easily do three returns per month at one store and rotate per month. Assuming the item costs 100 online and 300 in store that's 900 in store credit a month. You normally lose about 10 percent when selling gift cards online so let's call it 800. After the original cost of the three items that brings me to 500 a month. That's an extra 500 just to order shit online and drive to the store to return it. Shit even if I didn't want to go to the store I could easily offer a friend 100 dollars to do the returns for me.
Someone please tell me where the downside is here?
>you won't find deals like that every day... I do find deals like that every day, but I only need three a month.
>what are you going to say when they ask you why you're returning the item... it was a gift and already have one

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You really going to put in all that effort just for some chump change?

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Finding the item and buying it online is 5 minutes
Driving to the store and back and returning it is 20 minutes
Selling the gift card online is 5 minutes
That's 30 minutes, three times a month is 90 minutes
All that effort for 500 dollars... for 1.5 hours work which comes out to around 333 dollars an hour. That's an extra 6000 a year for 18 hours of work.
If you have a way to put in less effort to earn more money please let me know.

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buy options, sell 2 hours later for 5k profit

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give an example of an item that offered you that much return

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Since we are talking about hypothetical things here... Take your savings and put it on red. It will land on red because this is a hypothetical situation. Repeat this situation until you own the casino.

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dont all store require receipts for returns?

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Blenders, power tools, vacuums. Two days ago Hoover had a sale where I was able to buy a brand new 179 dollar vacuum for 30 with free shipping. If you're interested there are tons of websites that keep track of deals like that. I normally use dealnews and woot

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Most stores will limit the amount of returns without a receipt in a given time period. And they only offer store credit, but that can easily be sold online

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> And they only offer store credit, but that can easily be sold online

This seems to be the big issue here. Where can you reliably and easily sell these? Seems like the chances of being ripped off is high.

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