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What will it do?

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Shock the world.

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Unironically this. When Craig "restores" his coins by a hardfork, it will shock the whole world.

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I'm already shocked by how so many was fooled into thinking Core Coin is Bitcoin just because of a 3 letter ticker symbol. It is almost unbelievable and certainly shocking

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>implying miners profit from this

lmao at your life

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Can it clean my toilet?
But how?

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Mr. Craig has big gay penis sirs, do the needful and buy now for 1000 rupee EOY sirs

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Miners will continue their operations as usual. It will be a single hardfork coinciding with a major upgrade, so every node will have to upgrade. Satoshi's coins will be "returned" to Craig & co via a UTXO manipulation. He's been talking about it lately.

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>Can it clean my toilet?
If you can pay someone in BSV to do it, yes.

You think major miners and pools don't audit code, don't you?

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Who has the bigger cock?
>Craig Wright, Adam Back or Nick Szabo?
Tone Vays is so in love with CSW

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They will have to accept the code if it's part of a major upgrade. That's why the Genesis Upgrade is the most probable turning point for a final exit scam.

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>They will have to accept the code
Or switch their miners to something else or fork off or w/e. There isn't a single incentive for them to stay. This scheme is literally baked in, it's what makes Bitcoin what it is ffs.

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There are no abstract, arbitrary miners. Almost the entirety of the BSV hash power is controlled just by two pools, which, in turn, are controlled by one man.

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>ViaBTC, poolin, etc are all owned by creg

Try harder greg.

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There is no incentive for Calvin Ayre (the benefactor behind Craig Wright, nChain and BSV) to support a mere fork. There is no incentive to support the whole Satoshi scam which is getting pretty expensive with all the lawsuits. The main reason behind the Satoshi scam is to justify the upcoming UTXO manipulation ("Satoshi is getting his coins back"). Shit's gonna be epic and there are breadcrumbs all over the place.

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>Satoshi scam
Still stuck on the Craig is not Satoshi narrative? It is time to take a look at the facts instead of blindly follow your emotions and crypto inluencers.
Craig IS Satoshi and you better find a way to deal with it

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bsv will shock bagholders once he will seize satoshi coin with an hard fork violating the protocol and the consensus, and market selling them for the perfect exit scam of the century
you don't believe me?

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prove that in court, you lying sack of weasels. Go on. Prove it there because, you can't prove it anywhere else. Because hes a lying fat fraudulent cunt. I hope this dick does try to reclaim those coins, because that will prove the end of this fucking scam, the final coffin nail

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the worst thing is that retards will claim that he got satoshi coins, while in reality is the scam of the century made with a shitty closed source hard fork
craig is literally planting backdoors as we speak

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>literally already proven to not understand the mining process and btfo
>continues anyway

Based retard

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The facts are, he's putting a lot of effort into his fabricated evidence and plagiarized papers, and it costs Calvin a lot. There is an ulterior motivation. The most legitimate explanation is that they've been secretly preparing a UTXO manipulation which must roughly coincide with the expiration of the Tulip trust scam. Craig obviously expected a much better outcome in court, he expected to be officially declared Satoshi: this would make it trivial to declare the ownership of Satoshi's coins ("Unfortunately for them, keys are not law. Private keys make access to funds difficult. They don’t prove ownership of property rights, which never was the intention of Bitcoin").

Do you know Shadders, the lead programmer? He perfectly knows that Craig is a scammer. It was funny when he mentioned how they studied the early bitcoin code, because Craig could never help him and explain it.

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>lying sack of weasels
>lying fat fraudulent cunt
>this dick
>fucking scam
>final coffin nail

You seem to carry a lot of anger and bottled up hatred. Do you often hear by people close to you that you appear tense?

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So much cope.

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now, now - answer the question.
what court would ever believe this lying sack of shit is Satoshi ? what court has EVER believed this lying fraudulent cunt over ANYTHING ? And do you know why ? Its not because the Judges are all pedos, or AntiQ, or whatever fucking horseshit bullshit excuses you wish to espouse for this loser piece of trash's inability to win a single point, never mind case. NO, its because Judges know a lying piece of shit when they see one. Because, they get to see lying pieces of shit like him, every fucking day. Only, they aren't usually as blatant as this cunt. None of which makes him a winner. JUST a bigger loser. Hes a fat fraud, you're a shill faggot, get over it already

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>losing a case in which you have to split your stoj coins with someone else makes you not vishnu

Absolute state

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hi greg, be more obvious faggot

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>lying sack
>lying fraudulent cunt
>horseshit bullshit
>loser piece of trash
>lying piece of shit
>lying pieces of shit
>this cunt
>fat fraud
Haha, you gave me a good laugh. You should find a way to deal with the fact that Craig is Satoshi before your head explodes. Craig is awesome, you are mentally ill

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if anyone steals Satoshi's coins through a hardfork i'm dumping my stack turning 720 and walking away

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same 600 bsv never coming back.

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>this thread

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What is up with anons holding retarded numbers of BSV?! What else has everyone got?

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in how fast it implodes.

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about 500

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I'm shocked

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he is not greg i am

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Greg maxwell's mental illness on full display.

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They'll profit more from this that they will from going toe to toe with the state.

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this is not really an issue miners don't have to play along calvin alone has 3 times the sv network has in control. or close to.

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this is not really an issue miners don't have to play along calvin alone has 3 times the sv network hash in control. or close to.

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If creg steals satoshis coin there will be yet another fork, BSV and BCV. (Bitcoin Cregs Vision)
At least now BSV has the benefit of being the closest to the original, it doesn't really need satoshi.

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more like "bitcoin calvins vintage"

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Haha CSW dont need money. He only want to destroy Binance, BTC, BCH and all shitcoins.

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