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Congrats wagies, just one more day of slaving for Mr shekelstein and your two days of freedom are here.
Say something nice about wagies in this thread

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I’ll start, I love the way your tax dollars pay for my neet bucks wagie <3

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wagie here. wanna know what sex feels like? AMA

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I’ve had sex with 7 different girls, it’s overrated wagie.

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It's so cool that wagies man the register at the fast food spots I frequent

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I knew one wagie who would steal cases of beer from the grocery store he worked out and brought them to my house parties. That was always pretty based.

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stop living in your own delusion and try doing something meaningful in your worthless garbage life you miserable subhuman.

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Post body

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>he thinking doing something meaningful is bootlicking and sucking on mr shekelsteins dick for money
Fucking wagies lmao

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>I’ve had sex with 7 different girls
sure you have, billy. stay NEET

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>he thinks neets are all virgins

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the wagie cope gets me every fucking time

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>he thinks neets are all virgins
i unironically do

just say this sentence out loud: "hey babe, wanna come back to my mom's house?"

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>NEET = virgin
Thats right wagie keep up the hard work. Then stacy will finally be yours.
Mush wagie mush

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Fill it out, wagie. And don't you leave a cent off.

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stacy only go for status ie a job. A neet will never experience this, all you get is blacked.com

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i never had to because she said
>come to my place

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Social contact is good

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>"hey babe, wanna fuck in my moms basement"

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sorry sweetie
faps all day
and COOMS on sheetie
tries to make the wagies rage
wishes that he had some wage
sorry sweetie
NEET is hungry but can't eatie
momma couldnt find your snack
wagie bought whole tendie rack
sorry sweetie
basement dwellers can't competie
wagie grab brapper and tit
NEET forever celibate

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Lmao. The ultimate cope. If you cant get stacy with looks alone then nothing will.
>muh status

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Yikes. Neets are basically modern day diplomats. As such, we know the game. Instead of that it's more like.
>hey meet me at my house and we'll go out and grab a bottle of liquor and some food and bring it back

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Wagies are ok, wagies are ok, aren't you ok wagies?

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