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I've always been a L1NK hater and I have never held it. I am a dApp developer who believes in smart contracts being the future, and I heavily invest in ETH.

That being said, I recently tried using Chainl1nk's SDK/dev tools and I was blown away. The documentation is thorough, and it's extremely easy to plug it into any smart contract. It ACTUALLY does improve smart contracts by giving you access to real world data, which in turn creates endless possibilities for new types of dApps. The devs have already created alot of the external data connectors you would want to use. The oracle problem has plagued smart contracts for forever, and I didn't think we would have such a clean solution this early on.

I feel dumb for doubting you guys, but to be fair, back when I was first looking at L1NK, they had zero working tech-- so it wasn't looking like a good investment. I don't regret my decision, even though that was back when it was like $0.21 USD.

Anyways, I just wanted to say: Wow I can't believe Chainl1nk is actually legit lol. I will still probably never buy in since everyone who holds it is annoying AF, 12 years old, autistic, shillwhores, and dumbasses. Not to mention the whole market is constantly being manipulated by you shillwhores, private pump groups, and institutional investors. So good luck!

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why are americans so plastic looking

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This. I'm a tcp ip developer at a fortune 50 big data company with 25 years experience in database infosec, I've looked into chainlink and all I can tell you if that the cryptographic measures implemented in regards to the decentralized security paradigm in the API and IoT structure of chainlink's github code is fundamentally flawed after the Pivotal tracker server crashed due to the core attacks on the network enabled by its corrupt data inputs and outputs, what this really means is that by attempting to solve the oracle sybil resistance issue it instead allows customers to bypass the encrypted hardware and even hack into the smart contract Intel SGX mainframe, unless they manage to increase the signatures and scalable nodes, which isn't likely considering the Google backend isn't compatible with the legacy JSON systems and Solidity language from the EVM in the Truffle stacks, that's why the ic3 and SWIFT engineering teams developed the ISO 20220 standards but it's centralized and susceptible to the 51% front running program so yeah basically Sergey didn't foresee that the enterprise customers and cloud blockchain dapps would never allow their protocols to rely on these permissioned host mechanisms thus rendering the LINK ERC 677 token obsolete and no serious developer would consider DLT technology in these conditions, sorry linkies I'm just telling it how it is.

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All women are whores

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It is what you call a "bimbo"

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she is hot af tho

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The picture is too small I can't jerk off.

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The username is in the filename:


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You are not worthy!

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Oh come on, I can make a better markov word salad generator.

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All women are whores

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White woman are generally ugly so they have to do plastic surgery to make themselves look passable.

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damn is that you nigga? not looking so hot yourself LOL

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