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Does this mean I'm not ugly? And if so how do I profit from this?

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hold a conversation

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Lure her somewhere and sell her organs.

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girls like to take pity on ugly neets sometimes. it makes them feel good

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tell her about the LINK token

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I can't help but wonder if that was the kind of situation where a non-autistic person would've asked the girl on the date

But I don't want to be that autistic guy that thinks anytime a girl talks to him she must want to go on a date with him

It's over for me, I'll never escape this self-imposed mental trap

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>Does this mean I'm not ugly?
Post your pic and we'll give you a verdict

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good point

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Maybe ask her mother out

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kek only real answer

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women are cruel. what did you talk about anyway and for how long?

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I was delivering a pizza for DoorDash to a hotel. She was the girl at the front desk. She was just asking me about what I do for work and stuff related to that. It wasn't as dry as it sounds though, she was being funny.

idk, she was most likely just being nice, especially since she was a hotel clerk or whatever it's called. It was only like 3 or 4 minutes while we waited for the guy to come get his pizza.

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Pic related is me btw still unironically agonizing over this. I think it'd be better if girls just ignored me completely

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Next time you’re at the hotel and she’s there, ask her if she wants to go on a date with you. If she doesn’t say no, ask for her number and make an appointment to meet in the city and walk around, drink a coffee or eat something with her.
Don’t go to the movies, you want to talk to her.

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>sell her organs
>op leads her to a forest, cuts out his own kidney and tries to market it to her

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at best she can profit from you

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I was recently reminded that im ugly, sad times

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she just wanted to be nice, also grind some time before she had to go back to chad and please him

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Women generally ignore ugly men/are dismissive and curt with them in a conversation, if she was friendly it means she is a nicer person than most people; don't conflate that with sexual interest.

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it was a just a glitch in the system. dont worry, we'll patch it.

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