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more like acoomulate

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>pump my bags, pleeeeease

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Nah I'm buying RLC instead

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This but Unironically. This coin has costed me a few hundred with how much it dropped. Down 40% for me. Fuck this Jew scam.

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lmao, i've made enough money in crypto, i don't need you to pump anything.

if you're smart money, you'd be balls deep in ENG right now. alt season is closer than you think, i've got my bags ready and ENG is going to melt faces. buy or stay poor

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>lmao, i've made enough money in crypto, i don't need you to pump anything.
So, why are you trying to desperatedly shill this shit?
Fuck off, Rakesh, nobody will buy your bags.
Also, related pic for you.

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Just found a better version.

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you posted this retardation in the last ENG thread. this project triggers you, understood... but you need to up your fud game because frankly it is weak as fuck.

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LMAO, I just feel sorry for you bagholders desperatedly trying to shill a dead scam coin.
But go on, brainlet, just keep buying it. Just keep buying...

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