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How much do thicc twitch thots make on average? Thinking of telling my gf to make herself useful

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bout three fiddy

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Holy fuck. I need to RAPE. fuck I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it. I need to clap some fucking cheeks.

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you will regret it once she starts making more than you and dumps your ass from all the male attention making her think hes 12/10

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> once she starts making more than you and dumps your ass
> from all the male attention
hoping the attention will cure her annoying insecurity

so anyone got some figures?

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Yea not that much only a few get lucky and make anything over 10-15k in a year the others just lie to justify the shame they have to face from their families.

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fuck thats very low if true

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You're making me want to do rapeplay with my gf rn but I'm on a business trip you bitch

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Very highly saturated market. Porn is free

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Source: your ass

The hot ones get flown to Dubai or China to get fucked for days and theyre not going that far for less than 15-20k per weekend, maybe even more

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