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Tell me more about this off-chain solution for private and scalable computation through a collaboration with Intel on the Trusted Computation Framework.

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>Give me a rundown on what this means because I'm too lazy/stupid to take the time to think for myself.

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I basically know what it means but isn't Enigma also doing the same thing? They also have collaboration with Intel.

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> Collaborative work with Intel
> Sorry we can't use your logo on the website Sergey you have to pay for the premium collaboration

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Onchain: How to include all relevant data (for whatever application) on a blockchain. All the data can be found on blockchain.

Offchain: How to securely do some computing/processing away from a blockchain, but then return some 'summary' data to a blockchain. Example for Chainlink would be: Order for a request for mexican gondola price, data provider confirming order receipt, and finally receipt for delivery of data would be on the blockchain. Actually going out and getting mexican gondola price would be offchain.

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Enigma already bent the knee

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