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This just canNOT be a coincidence anymore , it happens way too often and every single time including now. It sure looks like they are doing a rotation indeed slowly but surely.

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We have known this for a year

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No you didn't. BTC dumping became very apparent this year, beginning from eo 2018.

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The tweet he posted is a year old, cope

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What's happening is LINK's price suppression, no one is moving shit from btc to link, if they were don't you think we'd see bigger pumps? No one is doing shit but suppressing the price.

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explain why BTC would dump when LINK is pumping.

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I literally just did... PRICE SUPPRESSION.

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If you havent figured it out yet, try to think about why coinbase didnt add a BTC/LINK pair.

Youre welcome.

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How the fuck? Explain.

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See >>15825717

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why would a btc dump keep chainlink from pumping?

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Btc is daddy. Accept it

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So boomers can buy link straight with (((USD))).
How has the economy not collapsed yet?

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The last chainlink run proved you wrong

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This theory is literally the best FUD trannies have come up with. The idea that im holding a token that has such bare faced stupid fellow holders who believe people are crashing btc to suppress link.

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Do you mean the pump to 4$. Btc crashed heavily after that

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so link is the perfect short signal
at least this p&d shitcoin is good for something

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Whales voluntarily submitting to Sergay 700k and 65% dominance.
Makes sense.

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LINK is already recovering, BTC dump incoming.

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Looks more like BTC is Link's weirdo stalker

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> "I want to move this tennis ball."
> "let me just find an elephant to scare and bump into it"

Is this genuinely clever tranny fud??? Im actually scared that link holders are this fucking stupid.

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Are you retarded?

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We heard you the first time, stop crying out for attention.

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Back with this thread after you got embarrassed last time?

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Looks like Link is repeating 2018 pattern

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Literally at no point did i message you. Thirsty?

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Why is this a question? It's money from other alts, not BTC, that's going into LINK.

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Link bots react when Bitcoin shits the bed, how new are you?

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anyone want to bet the next btc dump? I say within another hr or so, link is going to get dumped again

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BTC is on a downtrend with increasing volume. It dumping is just likely, nothing to do with link.

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Nice reading comprehension

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>what is cause and effect

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>still not getting it

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I mean last week when it pumped when everything else was red

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BTC crashed right when Link reached 2 USD during that run as well, so it actually proves OP right.

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Just a coincidence

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woah man, like all of life, what if it's just a coincidence!!! wOaHHhH

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Good goyim

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It's the cold hard truth, cope.

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Almost like BTC has been crashing for weeks. Almost like it crashes several times when link isn't pumping or doesn't when link is pumping. Almost like the basic concept of manipulating BTC in order to indirectly affect link is literal retardation.

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>he doesn't know
Sorry fren Crypto is a highly manipulated market.

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Let's break this down for you. BTC has a marketcap magnitudes higher than link. It is economically unfeasible to manipulate it at the best of times but even if you could it makes zero sense to do so in order to affect link which has a tiny MC.

Even ignoring that, to show people were manipulating btc to affect suppress link you would need to show:

1. Every time or most of the time link pumps btc dumps
2. This does not occur during a bear trend in btc
3. This does not occur during a pattern breakout
4. The btc move is at abnormal volume
5. These moves do not happen when link is dipping or consolidating

You literally have none of these points hit and you would need them all you absolute paki idiot.

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This. You newfags need to learn about basic market math before you come in here.
1 USD = 1 USDT
1000 LINK = ~0.25 BTC

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>Literally at no point did i message you
You need to go back

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Im not even disputing that BTC crashing affects link, it affects the whole market as money leaves crypto. However to assert that BTC is being used to affect link is total retardation not supported in theory or even in observation.

I legitimately think this is a tranny FUD op to make us think LINK holders are third world retards.

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but the observation is there, we have been watching the charts and most of the time it crashes coincide with the link pumping. 1st on the 24/9, 3/10 and today. Im sure there are more earlier one.

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Peak has already been over for chainlink, that's why I sold it and moved over to UOS.
This is THE next big thing, involving gaming which is a billion dollar industry

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Then show a chart that shows the points listed. Not once has any anon done that lmao.

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Every Og Linkmarine knows that when btc dumps it drags all Altcoins with it. The difference is that BTC always begin to dump AFTER Link begins to moon or tries to break resistance. It's like clockwork. Everytime I see a green candle on link I think Great, king shitcoin shitting the bed in 3....2....1..... More often than not that's what always happens. Until the day a btc dump won't move Link's price. Very soon

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Whoever paid you needs to get their money back.

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Please go pajeet

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Notice 6am. Link was attempting to breakout on the sats chart. BTC just happened to dump shortly thereafter.

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> This just canNOT be a coincidence anymore


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“They” know we’d be wealthy if link mooned so it dumps conveniently

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You guys are fucking morons. Correlation does not equal causation.
If someone wanted to manipulate the price of link, crashing bitcoin would be the most braindead way of doing so.
>wow bitcoin happened to crash during a two week bull period of chainlink must be whales trying to suppress price
You guys are fucking morons

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“They” are trying to accumulate as much link as possible . “They” just found out about links potential in the past 6 months. I will find each and every one of these fuck heads and take care of them

The elite KNOW how serious link is going to be. When this shit moons it’s going to be SO FUCKING VIOLENT.

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My cook is ha ahhhhh h im cooming.

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Were morons, but your low iq brain can’t realize even the simplest paterns in life. You probably think a week is 13 days. Fucking retard. I find satisfaction knowing that your lack of pattern finding will likely result in you continue being poor.

“I didn’t know that was going to happen”. Every fucking time.

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ESL or lwiq?

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Rationalize all you want, it's the cold hard truth that BTC keeps dumping any time Link pumps against the market.

This: >>15827254
is one example of such an instance.
Pic related is the top 40 a few hours before BTC crashed.

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Not our fault you're a newfag.
Here's a few major examples.

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But it's not the truth

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It is the objective truth that BTC tends to dump whenever Link goes on a solitary run.

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Just shut the literal fuck up and fomo while it’s still cheap.

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>The elite KNOW how serious link is going to be.


klaus schwab is upper tier illuminati, right below european royalty/rothschild/rockefeller level. hes one of their top generals and he knows about sergey & co. and has shouted them out before,

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Is this comment suppose to be a fucking edgy joke? You aren’t funny at all faggot

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You guys really don't see what is happening here? How blind can you be? BTC is DEAD. It is a dead coin, it has been made obsolete by LINK. The whales know it, the elite know it. What you're seeing is the scales turning. "They" are going to kill BTC and LINK will take it's place as King Coin. You must be asking yourself why? Because BTC has stabilized, it is impossible to do a x1000 on BTC because there are too many small fish involved and the capital is dispersed. LINK is going to be chosen for the next x1000 mission by the elite and whales. 1k EOY, 10k EO20. Enjoy. We are all going to be filthy rich.

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what you are witnessing is scammers exit scamming through various alts. While you retards thinking you are going to the moon. This already happened to mETHeads and XRParmy. It will happen to you too.

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You know why Sergey had to dump it? Do you think he was looking to make a quick buck or that it was his own idea? He dumped, because it was mooning too early, he was TOLD he has to suppress it until major players get on-board. But now the ship is slowly filling up and WE are going to the MOON gentlemen. Strap up.

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Do you faggots not realize how idiotic you sound right now? I have NEVER seen this type of blind delusion in link threads in almost 2 years and that’s really saying something.

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What the fuck are you even talking about?

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that day is today

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Well it is pretty amazing how BTC dumped every time Link pumped against the market.

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I know it can be frustrating but it’s just how it is. It usually recovers quickly. Look at the chart when link was about to break 60 cents then btc shot down to 3k and link plummeted to 17 cents. This is nothing new, when btc drops the whole market goes with it, but to even think that someone is suppressing the price of link by crashing bitcoin is pure stupidity. You would need the entire matketcap of link to crash bitcoin, and if someone wanted to suppress link with that kind of money they would simply put up massive sell walls and you will be able to
Keep price low for a much longer period of time with a quarter of the money.

Some of you guys are so fucking ridiculous with you biz conspiracies that I’m convinced the majority of you are 19 year old zoomers with zero prior investment experience. Want to know how to spot a brainlet on this board? They blame EVERY SINGLE market movement on “MUH WHALES WAAAH!”. Fucking complete morons.

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They dont want old btc whale faggots to have control over Link. So they dont have an instrument for them to use their btc bankroll to manipulate it with.
Before coinbase that chink on binance manipulated the sat pair. Since he has leas volume now he cant as much.

If you want to manipulate link you need to do it with USD now. Which is regulated on coinbase. Whales wont touch it with dirty funds or face tax.

Look where volume is. If accumulating, when btc dumps there should be volume surge on coinbase. Whales buying up link trying to make minimum pump so normies dont catch on. Whales are very late buyers. Its not them dumping btc. They taken advantage of btc dumps to lessen the pump when they buy link so normies dont notice.

Thats my analysis.

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What's stopping whales from buying link on binance. Not sure I fully understand your point.

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i concur
t. whale

>> No.15828875


They can and probably do.

They just wait for a btc dump.

If they buy when btc is flat of pumping link will go up 20% say. Thats huge and the market looks.

If they let btc dump 10% then they market buy enough, link may seem to only pump 10% but in reality it pumped 20%. Btc just hides some of it as it dragged links usd down with it.

See? This way normies dont take notice, link doesnt pump too much and whales who are late and accumulating now can continue to.

Nobody is intentionally dumping btc to affect link thats retarded. But they are taking advantage of it when it happens

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Just a cohencidence

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>Nobody is intentionally dumping btc to affect link thats retarded. But they are taking advantage of it when it happens
But the dumps happen AFTER Link pumps, how is that taking advantage?

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FUCK OFF poojeet

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>but to even think that someone is suppressing the price of link by crashing bitcoin is pure stupidity
Nearly every time Link moves against the market, BTC dumps.
This is either an almost impossible coincidence, or it's intentional.

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Do they?
thats happened maybe 3 times. and tahts on a bigger scale.

Im talking about micro. I noticed on the weekly/daily movements when BTC dumps link pumps. like today.

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Nigger Con Carnival.

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Today was also a case of Bitcoin dumping after Link started pumping.

About three hours after Link started boosting upward, Bitcoin started shitting itself from around 8100 to below 7k.

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BTC dumped to 7700 when I woke u pat around 9AM GMT
Link pumped to almost 27k sats at around 15:00GMT

Btc dumped first

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>BTC dumped to 7700 when I woke u pat around 9AM GMT
You're hallucinating.
See chart related, which is GMT+1, so 9 am GMT is 10 am on this chart.

Bitcoin only started its drop to sub-7k around 3pm on my chart (red arrow).
Which is three hours after Link started pumping (green arrow).

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Wrong. LINK tried breaking out but then BTC dumped. Pic related.

>> No.15829167

>Bitcoin only started its drop to sub-7k
I meant "to sub-8k".

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is Link the only one discussed project here? why are you people so stupid that you don't do research anymore? Advice 1 - read a little bit on Stegos and particiapte in IEO. You gotta wait for 2nd one

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Why, to name one, Samson the lesbian btc whale took the time to fud link my frens? Pic related, she's the one on the right

>> No.15829221

More like grandpa. His time is coming to a close.

>> No.15829288

OG whale here

You guys are learning two things.

1. there isn't much real volume in crypto

2. we are watching link very closely. Not all of us want it to succeed

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You gonna own up to your mistake or what, fag?

>Not all of us want it to succeed
Like uncle oldfag who made a shitty appearance this week and got absolutely BTFO?

>> No.15829375

were you born yesterday? How old are you, 12 hours?

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>> No.15829413

Oh, so you and all your rich crypto friends meet together on a private island and scheme on how you’re going to control the tech industry?

Get the fuck out of here you poor piece of shit.

>> No.15829504

A true centrist. I like your style frendo

>> No.15829571

Go away pajeet

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stop looking at Link USD price. I dont understand how anons are smart enough to invest in LINK yet stalk the USD charts so much and ignore the satoshi chart.

Look at the fucking sat chart. it has ALL the volume. It looks insanely bullish. It doesnt really just follow BTC like USD. the USD price of link is influenced by BTC it doesnt measure links performance accurately. the satoshi pairing has become completely separated form BTC unlike other alts. it doesnt get influenced by BTC movement. the USD chart does. stop looking at it.

>> No.15830128

They are trying to make their coin look good so that people will buy

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Imagine 'charting' by capping CMC and drawing on it with mspaint, rather than just comparing tickers on tradingview. The absolute fucking state of linkies

>> No.15830324

Then shut up.

>> No.15830369

P&D scam. Don't become the last bagholder!


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>> No.15830903

Right on cue...
Doesn't seem to be affecting link at all this time though.

>> No.15830917

gg /Nm24DDV

>Fuck bitches get money

>> No.15830931

24h volume on binance has the usdt pair with $1million more volume though

>> No.15831123

Because LINK is an ETH token you fucking mongrel

>> No.15831206


oy vey pass the matzah

>> No.15831257

Stay absolutely brain dead and poor both of you.

>> No.15831289


yes, but it is still not measuring links performance correctly. its influenced by btc which makes it very hazy.

>> No.15831319

Did that nigger give up on his 100k USD minimum buy in?
>Natural language programming

>> No.15831437

This post is the dumbest I've seen in a while. You're either a complete retard or a good troll.

>> No.15832322

>you must look at a single trading pair on a single exchange instead of at the aggregate!
You're a retard.

See >>15828197
BTC tends to dump whenever Link is pumping against the market, end of story.
And literally none of your spergtastic requirements even remotely apply.

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Nor Binance LINK/BNB

Absolute state of nolinkers

>> No.15832773

It takes like 20 seconds to check if the other ethereum based tokens on coinbase have BTC pairs. You’re lazy as fuck. LINK is the only ERC20 without a BTC pair. It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in crypto yet.


>> No.15832802

i thought chainlink was a scam?

>> No.15832864

Why is that though? Wouldn't it be more profitable for coinbase to have a link/btc pair?

>> No.15832895

Wtf we are gonna make it guys Schwab was a member of Bilderberg steering committe.

>> No.15832930

Any guesses why?

>> No.15832952

Because LINK is totally the backbone of DeFi and Wall Street controls BTC now with Bakkt futures. This is to keep the new financial order in the hands of the emerging tech elite. If you think there isn’t a global power struggle going on between technocrats and financiers you’re ignorant. The playing field is being completely dominated by the technology elite right now.

>> No.15832985

Chainlink makes legacy finance more stronger and efficient though...if anything it makes ((them)) even stronger.

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