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what did fapping binance anon from yesterday mean by this link chart?

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that's one ugly ass chart color scheme

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thats why i believe its not a larp

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can you link to the thread because idk what the fuck you are talking about but here's a bump anyway out of interest

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can you search by the image hash?

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holy shit thats bearish, anyone who didnt sell at $4 this is the next best time

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I like that he didn't reply much.

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Real answer here. The chainlink chart is the most bullish chart on the market right now. This will easily go to 20$, basing my self purely on technical analysis.
What you are seeing on the chart is the fib levels. Below is the relative strength index. It pretty much bottomed out and we are at 2$, meaning that there is only green days in front of us for a while.
Now understand that chainlink also has the best fundamentals in the market. If you are not long on LINK, you deserve to lose money.

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TA here this chart means that we are at the 2$ resistance and 50 fib
Once we break that there is no coming back. Link will passe the moon and it’s gravity will deflect it all the way outside of the milkyway
Buy Link

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$20 EOY 2020?

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yeah would be a shame if btc went -$3000 in the course of 10 minutes if link hit $2.00000001

but that would never happen, would it?

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kek this

most anons don't see the face melting run that is before us. even without considering BTC halving and the general crypto bullrun that is coming, link is so fucking bullish.

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nah, no way. thats not possible

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RSI tested upward trendline, seems to have been rejected and is now turning up. If LINK were making higher highs and higher lows but the RSI were doing the opposite (lower lows, lower highs) it would be a bearish divergence. And as always, the longer the timeframe of the chart the more reliable these patterns become so inb4 TA is a meme.

IDK how much I trust the RSI on this one but I also don't understand the recent rally in LINK. We will see what happens. Price might go up, price might go down

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Kill yourself for making me read that you fucking asshole

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go back and look at old ethereum charts as one example. ETH had really bad retracements early on, just like link recently experienced. the volume on link was insane (top 3 real volume) during the run up to 4.50, despite it being outside the top 15. similar thing with ETH. i would expect really harsh retracements until link enters the top 10 at least.
it's crazy how we talk about fundamentals but even from a purely technical perspective, link is insanely bullish.

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>Price might go up, price might go down
based TA anon

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Best TA so far

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Wow what an extreme response

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nice fud

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charts dont lie but anons(you) do

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1000 eoy

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toppest of laughs

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That he is colorblind?

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