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Let me tell you faggots something...

This entire ad based market is BULLSHIT. It never should have existed. But thanks to central banking, these fag companies have been allowed to survive on free money with ZERO profit prospects. Investors chased yield and were in the end game of them realized there never was any here.

The internet should have remained a basement hobbyists toy before bitcoin. Bitcoin and proof of work showed the way to TRULY monetize the internet, in a nonbullshit fashion. It should be a decentralized protocol of MONEY that tech is based on, not dick-pic ads.

All these companies are going to get raped as they should. None will be spared, not even google.

When they are clinging to the edge of the abyss...before falling in they will all jump into crypto as a lifeline...or die

The projects they will jump into are stuff like Harmony and chainlink...which is still at the ground floor of development with tons of SV connections. When the Dow crashes 75% and companies are trying to stay afloat, they will begin fighting over chainlink and harmony and similar projects.

The rush hasn’t even begun, but we are months away from the wiley coyote moment. At most.

Hodl you fucking retards. Within a years time you will have ascended

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>Market is smoke & mirrors
No shit, the bears are onto something

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Thought on holochain faggot?

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agree but i'll hold btc instead thanks

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They aren’t going to rush into something that immediately replaces them

Probably will also pump

You will be sucking my cock for crack while your whore mother films

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i dont have a small brain wojak pic to describe you with on the comp im posting from

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This thread had made it difficult for me to sleep.

We were right all along.

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Why do you think harmony will deliever? I followed them for a while, lost money, made it back longing link.
I got banned from the main channel on TG cause I hurt their feelings. the pangea channel was a shit show. The network is almost always down. They promise cross-shards tx, but can barely handle same shard tx.
It's been a little while though, perhaps I am missing some tech update. Perhaps you have some insight on this?

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>consensus for 10billion
currently at 9k unstable tps

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As screwed as they are, they’re still ahead of everyone else. They’ll have their shit sorted out by eoy, which will be just in time.

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will probably moon if they actually sort it out

currently it does like this for me: link>btc>eth>=holo
I think holo is an amazing project. They just need to sort it out aswell.
eth could be replaced by something like ONE or hashgraph.
btc is for life, and can't wait for the smart-contract bubble speaking for link

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Holo is vapid crapware, ONE is a chink scam, hashgraph a jewish scam, BTC is going to sub 2k and ETH/smart contracts shit is going to be razed by Constellation.

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Basically you're talking about Metanet. Read some papers on medium about it, or watch youtube.

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say all those things and finish it with
>buy muh shitcoin

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