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I know I'm just going to get a bunch of fucking butthurt jealous faggots calling me a larper, but my incompetence at investing is driving me fucking insane.

Started with 55k in Jan of 2017. ATH around December 2017 was like 1.3MM.

That crashed to like 200k, went back up to 500k, crashed back down to like 140k, went up to 180k, crashed again hard back down to like 90k, and now I have 50k.

Throughout that process I managed to pull out 400k since I started in 2017, between taxes both years I managed to take home like 330k.

That's really only a 7x from my initial investment, not including the 50k I still have invested.

I should be a fucking millionaire. I should have cashed out the 1.3MM, paid the taxes (I was waiting for long term cap gains to kick in), diversified and retired. I'm 32 years old I fucking hate myself FUCK.

How do I cope with this nightmare?

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get her over and bang the shit out of her

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>makes €150k per year for no work
>hates itself

The ABSOLUTE STATE of entitled zoomers

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your 250K ~ up so be glad that's better then most just reinvest and if your think you would be happier off with million you are kidding yourself if anything making a million would make you feel worse when nothing changes

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Are you retarded?

That's a shit ton of money. Stop all spending and reduce your expenses to nothing. Then go read Unscripted by MJ Demarco.

Fucking moron, you're in a great spot.

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the best video is veronica avluv sucking her cock. I have nothing against t on f tranny porn.

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I'm a millennial. Born in 87.

Also I come from a wealthy family, but I won't get my inheritance for like another 10 years which means I'm broke for the best years of my life. 400k isn't a lot of money for a person who is used to being rich.

Again, not really. My standard of living is much higher because I blew like 200k in 18 months so now I can't go back to being poor.

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