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How can I long China and short USA?

>[email protected]: "Celebration of #diversity and making sure we understand the flesh colored band aids is not about being politically correct, it's a warfighting imperative."


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Short western civilization in general. It has double topped a few years ago.

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one glownigger is worth ten of those nukes

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ICBMs are old tech. Ground Missile Defense has been tested and shot down an ICBM. but even ignoring that Mutual Assured Destruction means its unlikely.
or it doesn't matter because the whole globe would engulf in nuclear fallout

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>30 minutes

wow its literally nothing thats just the standard for all ICBMS

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And yet Dominoes takes longer than 30 minutes to deliver pizzas, who the fuck do I complain to?

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why do they do this, when it's just blatantly obvious that it's 100% wrong
>diversity is a weakness and races live in separate areas always
>women aren't strong and can't carry shit like a man
>trannies are mentally ill and commit suicide all the time
when will they all start telling the truth?

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>military should be all about unity, working toward a common goal
>"guys guys, let's focus on the differences!"

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This. Diversity on the other hand, has laid whole nations to waste without recovery.

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>using jewish propaganda to state facts
Everybody knows chinas military capacities are not even enough to effectively secure their borders, let alone fight nation wide insurgencies

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you know why

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Because eschewing reality is proud and powerful, and embracing reality is toxic and wrong and now your life is destroyed.

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>Ground Missile Defense has been tested and shot down an ICBM

You're retarded. You can't shoot down an ICBM, it's not physically possible, despite what the media tell you. Modern Russian ICBMs and their Chinese clones strike from high orbit and hide themselves in the satellite orbits.
The only thing THAAD can do is intercept incoming warhead and so far it had about 30% success rate during the tests.
This is why Russia has 10,000 nuclear warheads, and China is building up the arsenal. To spam every spot on the map with hundreds of warheads. THAAD against nuclear strike is like trying to protect yourself from a machine gunn with a buckler.

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"Diversity" fractures nations, and makes them weaker.

If you take China - they are what 92% of the population, and the other ethnic minorities are still "Chinese" regardless.

Either way - that's almost an entire nation united against an enemy.

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meant to say "Han" (92% population)

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