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Is the TRUE $1k eoy coin.

Strap the fuck in, once the stock market tanks the fireworks begin.

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ever hear of anyone getting rich by buying PMs?

yeah, me neither

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fuck off, Chris

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“Ever heard anyone get rich off bitcoin?” Yeah me neither”

—absolute fucking retards like you in 2011

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A few people did get rich in the 1970s, but that was a decade long hold.


The 2011 high only nominally reached the 1980 high. In the intervening period, silver did FUCK ALL for the best part of 25 years.

The only reason to hold Silver (or Gold for that matter) is as a hedge against inflation. Not stock market declines, because that is the fear trade that will DESTROY silver when deflation hits as everyone is rushing to the US dollar.

However, when the US dollar is seen as a risky asset and people don't want to go into stocks, that is when silver shines.

Buy at your own risk and don't think for a second that Silver is the crypto market.

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Stay poor bitch, silver will hit $1k within months.

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You're fucking retarded.

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Let's say that silver moons. What does one do with the money? Sell and buy a home? Sell and invest in the stock market/crypto? Never sell? What?

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You buy what is cheap. There are metrics like the Case Shiller Index for the S&P 500 and Housing to determine if something is expensive or not.

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t. retard that didn't buy btc in 2011 and now shills for silver.

ya hate to see it

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If this happens I will quit my job!

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