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any of you autists ever find anything?

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I found a yellow one once, it had like 10 bucks in it 2 years ago. Got my panties so wet!

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Any autist would know how little 128 is compared to 2^256.

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Op i suggest you take a math class

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You have a better chance of spontaneously quantum-tunneling through your bedroom wall than you do of finding a working key on that website in 1,000 years.

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Holy fuck is this legal

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how can I profit off of this

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so... it’s not impossible..?

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Statistically higher chance that quantum tunneling will cause bill Gates to spontaneously have a fully formed memory of owing you 1billion dollars in his mind and a complete impulse to act on that memory. Than that you will find even one dollar using this site.

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you don't know what quantum tunneling is. don't talk about things you don't understand, moron.

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No he knows perfectly about what he is talking about. Your time is better spent on other things.

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quantum tunneling only applies to subatomic particles. getting your phone out and pretending to be someone else is really pathetic

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BTC and ETH private keys are 256 bits. That means the key space is 2^256. That means there are more than 1×1077 keys. That's a one with 77 zeros after it.

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copy paste fail

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1 * 1077 = 1077

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Statistically higher chance of me quantum tunneling your mom.

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underage or mentally underage poster

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but that sounds impossible..?

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About $160 per day when we were at 20k. Actually paid more to work "at the sto" so I gave it up

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cmon have some fun. realize that the chance of finding a btc key; count the number of grains of sand on the earth, and then for each grain of sand, consider another earth, each with its comparable number of grains a sand, then add up all the grains of sand on all the earths, and your chances are less than finding a particular grain of sand in that midst.

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what if i have my friend help me..?

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While almost impossible to 'randomly' come across value, my trick was to generate based off the first and second lines of chapters of random books. A surprising number of fools use "In the beginning" and so can usually clear several dollars a week with it. The Bible is empty now. I made $35 from "ENNIS DEL MAR WAKES BEFORE FIVE, WIND ROCKING THE TRAILER, HISSing in around the aluminum door and window frames."

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no but winning the lottery has way way better odds

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how much is your time worth?
if the answer is 10e-43 $/s, then it might be worth going through the keys looking for your immoral fortune.

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so if i do the lottery AND do this website i will surely win..?

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for some perspective, GHz cpu = 10^9 cpu cycles per second. 10^5 seconds in a day.
assuming a perfect 1 cycle address calculation, (more realistically 10-100 cycles)
that's 10^17 cracks per year. for 10^34 addresses, you still need computers to get 10^17 times faster to do it.

and by the time that happens bitcoin can fork to 512 and make it even more impossible.

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Sounds like you

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but what if i do it tomorrow as well as today..?

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10^15 per day, 10^17 per year. you can add 10^17 more years, but you'll be dead by then, and earth will no longer exist either.

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did you factor in meal times and helping my grandma out with her gardening once every couple of weeks?

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it's amazing to me that fags on here will buy crypto but not understand the insane odds of generating a used key. this shit is cryptographically secure...that's the fucking point. how many billions of years do you want to waste hitting refresh on keys.lol?

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but it’s not impossible..?

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you underestimate how much of a poor neet I am

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What’s the link?

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if you can't spot the link in OP you won't be able to spot any amount of ETH in the wallets on the site either

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Well, well. Look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy German car.

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found one with 10 eth last page but idk, saying invalid private key 0x3f17f1962B36e491b30A40b2405849e597Ba5FB5

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If everybody on this earth had a computer that attempted over a trillion attempts every single second, it would still take until the heat death of the universe for even 1 used key to be discovered, let alone a key with any large amount of money in it.

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post private key and I'll send you 50%. Beats having nothing

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what if i get lucky

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oh my god
if I do anything with this i'll be in big BIG trouble
what the fuck is this website, a joke? this can't be real. it's just a joke to lure in dummies to interact with this wallet so it can track my own, right? honeypot.lol

my god what an evil premise

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I dont think it works, but here it is fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffebaaedce6af48a03bbfd25e8cd0364141

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what's the address

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nice try faggot


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what happened :O

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Let's entertain the idea of finding a key to a wallet with funds in it. Since you have the key, it's not illegal. You didn't do anything criminal or fraudulent to acquire the key. You should be able to move funds around without any legal problem fucking you over, right? Interested in hearing some opinions.

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if you guess the password to someone's computer, do you have legal access to their files?

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No identity is tied to a wallet. It's possible that an address I used in the past but discarded is used by another person down the road. Unless you register a domain with your name on it with that address.

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Probably not but with crypto it's a very specific case. How can someone prove you acquired the key fraudulently? The onus is on the prosecution, not yourself.

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yea, cuck

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Dam The Private key doesn't always match the address https://keys.lol/ethereum/1

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This is why key entropy is important, folks
/thread right here
I say it's illegal.
Let's say I use a random (physical) key generator to generate millions of house keys and use one of my randomly generated keys to break into your house and take your valuables. I am obviously committing a crime, no? I used brute force to deliberately subvert your security system and you lost valuable property. You suffered damages.
By transferring money from a public address that you brute forced, that you know rightfully belongs to someone else, you are committing theft and the original owner of the address could take you to court and get a judgment against you.

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Holy shit I found some!

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Found one with 3.6 ETH on it. Thanks OP, buying myself a new monitor.

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No OP, I didn’t
Not when I had an entire server farm running an AI sorting through hundreds of keys a minute did I see anything
Not after three whole months
Sometimes I wonder if some of the keys did have BTC, but because I was searching random ETH I wouldn’t see it and miss my once in the universe chance
There’s probably twice the number of wallets with BTC compared to ETH, but compared to 2^256, nothing matters
It might as well be 0

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How can you setup a server farm running an AI if you don't even understand the order of magnitude that 2^256 is.

I can't think of a worse way of burning money than trying to find a private key by brute force.

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Do you, moron?

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