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Is it too late to invest?

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The moment you buy is the same moment you die.

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1,5 year too late
enjoy bag holding

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too late

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Too early. Please buy around $5

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The people who bought Ethereum at $10 probably asked themselves the same thing.

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Yes it is too late. ALGO is the play now, the money pouring in for development is insane and their tech is good is already solid, such a great entry point now.

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Chainlink has completed its current cycle. With some fractal analysis it's clear that we're entering the reaccumulation phase, similar to BTC. It will rally to $10 around the same time BTC rallies to $100k. In other words right now is a good time to buy. If you're comfortable with risk, around $1 is an even better time to buy, so you could choose to sell half of your holdings and buy back in later this year or next.

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Shoo shoo pajeet

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This. Our old identities have died. We are the chainlink borg now.

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its never too late

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You really are too early, the wait will be like torture in hellfire.

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Nice FUD

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>5$ in 2023

KEK good one, anon

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I have 3000€ lying around, should I buy bitcoin?

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Stupid analysis. If this is the case, BTC would be a better buy, as it would 12x to $100k, whereas link would only 8.5x to $10.

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No. You should buy link

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its too early. link is only useful is distributed ledger/blockchain becomes the global standard and if someone makes a system better than blockchain or distributed ledgers chainlinks success depends on them using it. standalone is a useless project and investors now are here too early because there is right now zero sight of the technology becoming the standard

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>because there is right now zero sight of the technology becoming the standard

The absolute state of this fud

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>yes it is too late
>such a great entry point now
based multiple personality disorder

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NO, you won't be late at 20 dorrars either.
You want gains? Chain link will give you gains, stable gains, it's no longer a shittoken, it's a stake at company.
Price predictions are memes, but nobody is looking at meme line and saying you 10dorrars is possible next year. I will say that to you, my meme lines never lie. Expect 7-10$ next year. It is possible to reach 30$ by 2021, but it's very optimistic, 17-18 dorrars at best.
Would you enter stock market hoping for these kind of gains? You probably will never attempt this when you see billions flying left and right everyday triggering your stop loss every other second.
But why you didn't enter in CL is a mystery to me. Most already took positions in CL.
Reminder you are investing, not day trading or swinging (lewd).

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Why is everyone so fucking stupid on /biz/ The only reason Chainlink rallied in June is because of Google's BigQuery announcement. And like 35% of that rally took place in 24 hours. Chainlink has defined and definite utility in the future but right now the only causes of true rallies have been from hype led by announcements.

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Is LINK actually gonna drop to $1?

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