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What do 40 year olds do all day? Does your dick even work at that age?

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>What do 40 year olds do all day?

>Does your dick even work at that age?
sometimes, usually not when you want it to

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Imagine if your daughter dressed like this. What a fucking whore. Having a daughter in America is basically cucking yourself.

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I'm in my 20s and my dick works so well, all the time. Yet roasties ignore me so I never get to use it. By the time I make it I'll be in my 30s or 40s and it wont work anymore. What a curse.

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My dick works very well at 26 years of age, but what's even the point since I never even kissed a girl in my life, let alone had sex

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I think most of them are entrenched in work or doing shit for their kids.

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I'm 41 and I have more sex with 18-25 year olds now than I ever did in my 20's. Girls like older guys it turns out.

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Don't think it's America, she only has one chin.

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I’m mid 30s and my dick works better than it did in my 20s because I’m not addicted to porn anymore. I doubt most zoomers can even get hard without playing with themselves at this point.

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i'm in my 20's and i have erectile dysfunction

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kek, but you can tell it's america, the fuckhuge wide ass roads and the layout.

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have sex incel

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my cock only works with porn, if I see the naked slut in 4, I do not succeed a damn, but if I see it by video fuck pure diamonds.

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ask him

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America doesn't have wide sidewalks, and why would it? Nobody walks.

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you'll only find landwhales in middle america not big cities

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35 boomer here. I wage all day. I imagine 40 year olds not too different. Mine barely works anymore. I think I got the low T bros what do?

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>FUCK in id

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He's just a fucking legend isn't he lol

Pic related

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>Does your dick even work at that age?
Hell yeah.

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go on testosterone replacement therapy if you're fine with going infertile

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Condolences anon

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Lift some weights and lose weight.. Play beer pong with 18 yearolds. Just pretend youre 20 years old again, basically.

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>doing shit for their kids

Fuck right the fuck off you old ass nigger boomer

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And also become a neet. Jobs are bad for your health.

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What if I can’t stand zoomers and want to just beat the gay out of them?

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40 yr old here. Dick works. Still shit for brains like I was when newfag but make lots of money wage slaving. Cruise these boards looking for newfag ideas to make money but you all suck. Just buy BTC and hodl is the only thing that works so far

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Also true. Middle america/rural america is full of obese people.

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That would probably raise your test levels

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>Dinosaurcoin bagholders in a nutshell
Leech off everyone, claim donothing coin is the answer, and admit they're a newfag.

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stop watching porn. that cured it for me.
but only if its psychological.
can you get hard while you are alone and want to jack off? If yes, your ED is all in your head

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Imagine going out with her. Faaaaaaaaaaaark.

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Would you let a Jew rape your boy pussy if it meant you'll get to bang prime women in the future? Leonardo was passed around to all the pedo Jews when he was a kid

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*sips* yeah still got it

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40 is ancient, you may as well be dead, anyone over 25 is too old for sex as far as I'm concerned.

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Zinc and lift / stay fit. I've never had problems getting it up but the difference zinc made to libido was huge. Morning wood like when I was in my 20's. Wife and I went from having sex a couple times a week to now having (great) sex most days. Both of us are in good shape too which helps of course.
t. 47yo

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lot of top tier whores posted in this thread

keep up the good work lads.

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43 yrs old here, dick barely work, sometimes it do but only when my daughter sits in my legs.
have sex anon

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Do you wish you could swap places? I heard the dude fucks with headphones on kek. Maybe he’s imaging a Weinstein

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1.1M RSR in my bag - only project I see worth losing on now

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imagine being over 30 and still be a virgin,
good thing im n-not one ...

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Fuck yeah I would, I would gladly give up my boipucci in exchange for Leo's status

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I’m 40 and dick works perfectly. I just don’t want meaningless sex anymore though. Shame cos I have guys throwing themselves at me as I’m a bottom chad.

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yeah it's definitely porn related and somewhat low t related since i was officially diagnosed with low t
currently making some diet and lifestyle changes to change that

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eat oysters, they're the highest source of zinc

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Would you fuck your daughter?

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Dick still works. You keep getting older, but you keep fucking 23 year olds.

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>anyone over 12 is too old for sex as far as I'm concerned.

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eat more beef

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>but you keep fucking 23 year olds.
Haha, yeah bro, definitely.

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yeah, are society is so messed up when it comes to relationships. it so focuses on same age pair bonding. when in reality, young boys should be dating older milfs, and girls in their 20s should be dating 30+ men with money.

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What would the world be without rich older men and young women with daddy issues?

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yes and no

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Get your testosterone checked, avoid onions and cheap plant oils like canola and rapeseed

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how can you meet milfs, seriously even the idea of a milf makes my peepee harder than anything

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I'm 30 and i fucked a tinder slut 3 times in one hour. Just don't be a fat unhealthy fuck and your dick should work just fine.

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Made me chuckle

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my dick works almost the same as it did at 18. I came 4 times yesterday. Twice today. probaby going to take tomorrow off

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let me guess, you either eat like shit, never stand up and move around or a combination of both

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By that age they can't see their dick anymore.

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40 here. I trade crypto and work on programming projects most of the day. Porn doesn't get me hard unless I watch it for a long time and/or play with my self while watching, but sex is no problem, probably even better than when I was younger. I have much better control than when I was a youngfag, and still can cum a couple of times if I'm in the mood and it's good.

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i love these larp threads, its so easy to b8 people

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Yeah but they're all fatties so you probably need twice as much sidewalk to fit the ones who do.

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How did you stop being a coomer? Been trying for years with no luck

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I remember writing stupid shit like this in a chat room when I was 16. But time will pass and maybe you'll remember too. You'll be twice your age before you know it. "I'm not going to live that long, haha" Yeah ok faggot. Now instead of remembering how cringey I was I can think of this poor soul instead

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wish i has your energy, i'm 27 but i can fuck my gf for 1 hour sometimes more without cumming, all those years of cooming and edging finally paid off... I literally have to think about pornstars to coom while fucking her when we both get tired

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what is the cut off for a coomer? do you have to jerk off so many times a day / week to become one?

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this is the reason for the 25 year rule thing he has. dude got his brain scrambled by all the diddling as a kid

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nah man for me just cooming to porn since i was 12 until 25 when i met my gf, imagine 13 years of cooming while being a kv, i'm attractive though so it hurt even more seeing lots of girls making moves but my autism has always been too high to function, the girl i met is more autistic that i am, idk how i did that... basically coomer for me was porn addiction, been trying nofap for 6 years now and my longest streak is 40 and 2nd longest is a week kek

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>Tom Brady married Leonardo's Sloppy Seconds

Never knew that

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allergic to seafood but supplements are easy enough to find. how much zinc to make it?

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she looks like she is still learning how to use her hands

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made me fuckle and suckle

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is this the most reddit post of all time?

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We keep the world running, you retard zoomer fuckstain.

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I take 50mg daily. Theres 25mg in my multivitamin and I take an additional 25mg pill. The effect kicked in within a week.

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Fucking disgusting. I'd punch her right in the throat and put a cigarette out on her dumb whore tattoos.

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kriss a grill and halve ecks

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42. Dick still works but then the herpes flares up and I wish it didn't.

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spotted the married copers, be merry, just 50 years more and then you die

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hmm because that's exactly what i want to do to this stupid cunt
if any girl looked at me like that i'd slap the fuck out of her
this picture pisses me off every time i see it

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32 years old here. My dick still works but I don't use it besides peeing.

When I'm not wage cucking I'm playing videogames most of the time.

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Carnivore cures erectile disfunction

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> What do 40 year olds do all day?
> Does your dick even work at that age?
If you eat enough Armenian string cheese.

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onions are actually good but yeah avoid s- -o- -y

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To my friends with dick problems. Go on YouTube and look up Angion Method by a fellow named Janus. Cured my ED, I now get random boners like when I was 15 and have a couple fat veins going down my shaft.

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23 and my dick is permanently dead from SSRI's don't do it.

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Donated money to Obama twice, ensorsed Hillary in 2016, donated to LGBT propaganda agency, is a climate change alarmist.
He's as fucking soi as they get this is the only redpilled thing he's done in his entire pathetic life and only because he was molested as a kid.

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>avoid onions
Avoid this advice

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>What do 40 year olds do all day?
Depends on what lifestyle you chose. If you followed the Life Script©™, you will have kids and thus no free time, you will just be in a constant state of lethargy and stress.

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Holy fuck this got me hard - why? This is not even attractive - it must be some psychological mind game - image what would happen if advertising starts to use this

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I'm almost 40 and I feel breddy gud, I fast 20h erryday though maybe that's why?

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Quant is a scam is a meme.

Don't miss the next x500. You still got time.

Suicide bag is 100 QNT. Make it bag is 500-1000.

Just read this, takes only minutes of your life but will save you years when you make it.


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40yo is still too young for having fucking ED, that would be your 60s when you should start worrying about that

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imagine being this new

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Goji berries

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#1 cause of ED is vascular disease. It's the canary in the coal mine.

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Good thing no woman would ever look at you

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Maybe she's not attractive enough or you're not in love enough.
Or you're using a condom which takes most of the pleasure away.

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>Just buy BTC and hodl is the only thing that works so far

past performance is not an indicator of future success.

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How can I prepare myself to see a future with her?
>She has great body.
>It will feel great inside her
>It will feel good to take her out
But then
>She will wear this kind of dress
>She might seduce other men
>If she find me unattractive she will think nothing before leaving

There is no way out.

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Omg so quirky pedophile anime tongue face!! I fucking hate women so much. I fantasize about beating them on a regular basis. My dream in life is to become a dictator and then round up all of the e-girls into a tiny little room where I have free reign to punch their teeth out, pull their hair, step on their head with my boot and make them eat dirt

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Stop working start living. I'm unemployed, same age as you are and I'm getting some every day, usually after I play my vidya and before talking to my wife about my next planned hustle

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Assuming this is not larp, you're contributing to the problem

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42 here, Dick still works when i lay off the smack. 27 mill+ RSR so fuck all of you

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also 42 & never had a full time job, beat that wage cuck kids

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44 here

u do whatever the fuck you want.

dick works, but I fap 2~3 times a day. thin no fap just causes your dick to shrivel and brain get backed up.

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after doing the maths it seems im 43 :)

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Any 40+ yo have some protips to get/stay on top of things as you age? What about wageslaving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? I lift and run intervals, and avoid sodas and fast food. Take an omega 3 and a multivitamin everyday. Pretty on point with personal hygiene, and working in career goals. Oldfags, plz share any tips to fuck 20 yo hotties. State of mind shit definitely welcome.



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28 year old coombrain here

I fap exclusively to vintage porn magazines ( 1957 - 1994 ) , at least twice a week or I go primate mode in public

Literally have to nut twice a week so I can remain clear headed, hope I'm not the only one. Focusing on my health and finances, all my friends with GFS are living their worst lives IMO

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hookers my dude

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Just stupid neonazi cope shit
It's women who get "discovered" in their late teens/early 20s who have sex for their positions
When someone is forced to have sex as a child to become a star we all eventually hear about it - like that kid michael jackson took on.

>> No.15756200

Use that primate mode energy to exercise like a madman instead of cooming

>> No.15756262

>calling out elite jews for their rampant, obvious and documented pedophilia makes us neonazis



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strange, im in my 30s and one is the reasons I want to get back on ssris is because I get off too quickly without them. are u in really bad health?

>> No.15756824

Hopefully when I'm 40 I'll be grilling and fucking my wife whos ass, thighs and stomach will be FAT from pregnancy

>> No.15756867

>drooling all over herself

never gonna make it

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Imagine mixing her drool with her grool and licking it off her belly bros...

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smoke weed, watch youtube, fuck hookers/sluts and eat good food. dick works fully.
t. 40

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Absolutely true

If you are 40 and not fat and have a decent career you are top-tier.

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have sex

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>that ID
>that reply

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>not losing your virginity with an experienced grandma >>15756167

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once the next recession hits and all the betas supporting e-thots stop giving away their money to them in fear of needing a rainy day fund, you as a manager of any big-name fast food franchise will be able to do this very thing

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so what do you do ... for part time?
other than smack

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