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How long until zoomers rise up against boomers and take back the wealth they stole from them?

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that will be very expensive

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thats a millenial punching a boomer

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I'm 21 and could buy a house (in cash, but lets pretend I never bought btc) with mortgage if I wanted to. So could most my friends from a good university.

Maybe, just maybe, the problem is that you aren't putting any effort into life? How do you expect a decent lifestyle with no qualifications or work ethic?

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Looks like Newton is going to Jail

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This cringe thread. Perhaps a site like reddit is more suitable to your IQ

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It will never happen. The millenials will be given just enough wealth theay they will become the capo enforcers for the Boomer deep state. Zoomers will be crushed and the millenial thugs will think they are living large with cheap Chinese trinkets.

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imagine staying seated and covering up instead of fighting back

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>I did nothing and was lucky, wasn't hard for me

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Dude's leaking

Call da abmerlamps

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This is precisely why I said ignore btc. If I just kept the money in a savings account I wouldbe able to buy one with a mortgage.

Only "luck" I got was being born smart, family were abusive and yet it still isn't a problem. It is your fault if you can't afford one, no one elses.

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you have never been in a fight

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sadly, fucking this..

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>just pretend I am poor, lol

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It gets worse. The boomers are the only ones with the wealth and resources to invest in life extension technologies and possible AI singularity. Boomers will rule.....forever

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I live as if I never bought btc, will cash out when finished witt med school

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his old weak fragile skin slides apart letting his blood leak out.

like parting an over ripe peach skin

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Boomers posing as millenials is fucking stupid. Stop larping, idiot.

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>I got a mortgage with $100k med school debt

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Cringe. Low IQ sportsfags are honestly the peak of retardation, YOU LIKE TEAM WITH OTHER COLOUR SHIRT LETS FIGHT

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alright keep believing what you want. I'm not even american

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He looked like he got knocked out for a second there. I would've chucked that psycho a few rows down though.

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Fucking lol if I was american I'd just buy it in cash why even bother with a mortgage when you make $300k+ per year

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$300k/yr comes after med school, dipshit. You can't even larp at a child's level.

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Love watching boomers getting rekt.
>Hurr Durr pussy generation
But cry when they get their fucking heads beat in.

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Not even sure what you're getting at. If I was in the US and wanted to max out money there are so many options, but to simply buy a house asap you can graduate from a normal college and get a mortgage straight away. Med school would take longer ofc but not much

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I don't know why or who caused this physical altercation, but, I'm willing to bet a large sum it was her

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>Just take out a mortgage right after University bro!
Great advice

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>when you're told your future was sold to the jews so he could live comfortably
should have shot him t.bh

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Eastern Europe? I'm 95% sure that Western Europe home prices are even worse than the USA's.

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What on earth is idiotic about that if you want to settle down?

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For you

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Yeah it's definitely more difficult here than US/aus (not sure about other english countries)

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So no well thought out response, just cope.

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why those kinds of gif wants me to kill people with my bare hands and die if necessary, am I normal

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you are perfectly normal
and the majority

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So WTF you're 21 and bought BTC early.

Even if we ignore your BTC - How did you make the cash?

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Part time work, student loan and savings before university.

Home was abusive so very, very used to slamming expenses down and accumulating, wanted to buy a house when i graduated then realised money was effectively unlimited as an adult if you're not a retard so blew it on btc

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>I don't know why or who caused this physical altercation, but, I'm willing to bet a large sum it was her
What does /biz/ make of pic related? You pay for your ticket and then some asshole blocks your view then punches you in the nose for wanting to enjoy the game.

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>wear the jersey of a nigger
>act like a nigger


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Hahah boomer dabbed on I bet that the last time he thinks he's the seat police

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This is the Newton guy's tattoo. How appropriate for his prison time. https://heavy.com/sports/2017/10/kyle-maraghy-panthers-fan-punch-photos/

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Yeah, I would've hit the boomer also. Insufferable cunts.

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You don't get prison for petty assault fucking idiot

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you do fucking retard. He got 5 weekend in prison, 18 month probation and anger management.

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> attacking first.

Truly a nigger.

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That is called jail.

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He will be in prison in some point in his life. Drug charges, reckless driving, impulsive, anger issues, tattoos out the ass. Genetic trash.

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Always some faggot with a cellphone around filming. Is it just me that don't like it?

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Girl got smoked by a car in front of me. Before I even got to her people on the sidewalk already had their phones out in her face recording her screaming. It's sickening.

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That old guy actually had sex with his mom and put the vid on Pornhub and promised her to take her on a vacation.
He basically used her as a fuck doll and the son is mad as fuck.

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I would have dodged the punches, grabbed his arm and tossed him over my shoulder.

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fucking manlets

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millennials aren't going to turn our backs on zoomerbros

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No but you can easily get sued for 50-100k when there's camera proof like this. That guy is a moron, he ruined his life just so he could humiliate some random boomer for 5min kek

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>How long until zoomers rise up against boomers
>Pictured: Milennial punches Gen Xer

How long until you little faggots learn what words are and how to use them.

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>What on Earth is wrong with wanting to put yourself into even more debt

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yeah bro smarter to spend ti on literally nothing

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da boomerz stole errythang

we wuz chadz


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Boomers are so cringe

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lmao here's the old dirtbag afterwards all covered in shitty old blood

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Yeah. Sick of it.

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worse part of this is the boomer will sue the zoomer and easily win zoomer money for damages and injury and if he can't pay the boomer knows the system and will garnish his wages after the zoomer gets out of the boomer built prison.
The eternal Boomer wins yet again!

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Was his nose crooked like that before the fight?

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>cash out
low IQ coomer detected

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I would have no mercy if the right-wing death squads ask me to behead a dozen of boomers.

I hate them so fucking much.

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senior year of high school my friend got in a fight with another dude and my friend knocked him the fuck out. his head hit the concrete and he was shaking like you see in those videos. everybody was filming, nobody helped the poor guy out. ended up with brain damage, didn't die though. pretty fucked up how cold people are

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You just know that this picture was attached to a massive wall of text Facebook post shared by thousands of boomers

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That's what happens when you sell your children into slavery for Babylonian jew money.

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This. The boomers up their own asses were fucking pinko draft-dodgers.

Yet they expect zoomers and millenials to go balls deep into North Korea and Iran.

Never forget, the boomer cries in pain as he strikes you.

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They already are. It's called Bitcoin.

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>imagine staying seated while being aggressive towards another human being and then being shocked when they respond.

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saying words

dumbass just ruined his life by doing this. you don't attack someone who is sitting and not attacking you first.

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check his boomer McMansion lol

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Theres some good meme potential here I’ll have to check out >>>/sp/ later

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>I am just going to point my finger closer and closer towards your face while a buddy of my is screaming on escalating the situation.

Kid is going to be fine if he gets a good lawyer. Provocation can be used as a justification for acting first in almost all legal systems. You pussy American. Go complain about Mexicans taking over your country while at the same time telling people to be more timid lol.

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You don't understand money and debt.

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>pointing finger aggressively while sitting down
yeah he's got a real good case there Einstein

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If I ever saw someone hit the elderly, Id kill them on the spot

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>How long until zoomers rise up against boomers and take back the wealth they stole from them?

Do you really think zoomers would do better than previous generations? Think hard about this one

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Fuck no that is what genx did millenials are teaching zoomers to be antisemitic and racist as fuck natsoc

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Oh I didn't know you could foretell the future, he was alone with his girlfriend out numbered by other men. Screaming on someone and acting aggressively is provocation. He felt threatened, acted first and immediately removed himself from the scene.

Suspended sentence at worse with a competent lawyer.

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Beta's are hilarious

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fucking lol look at how the poor wittle snowflake cowers in fear
look at him whimper for help like a little faggot

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>implying doing "better" is the goal
We're crashing this global economy with no survivors, Moishe.

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Hilarious I can't stop watching. The moment when the pain is too much for this npc boomer sports fan and he must flee but can't get up from his seat and complains about the indignity of being struck made my day. Thanks zoomers.

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He had the high ground. Why did he simply not push the kid down the bleachers and hope he breaks his neck?

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>actually believing that millennials weren't raised being told that they deserve the world because they're special snowflakes.
Millennials are lazy fucks.

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really hard to feel bad for this codger fuckhead with any thought to the countless others he's fucked over simply by being alive. if you're a boomer reading this go ahead and fuck yourself

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yes I have faggot

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I can't wait until this happens to you. Hopefully someone posts a recording on the internet so random people can come up with stories as to why you might deserve it.

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so much this. boomer never touched the zoomer. zoomer will go to jail for aggravated assault, which happens to be a felony.

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STFU BOOMER arguing with npcs was the only problem here

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I'm 25 making 6 figures while you are shitposting from your basement complaining about random old people who you think wronged you. No one fucked you over, you're just retarded. Die faggot.

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If everything was really so peachy for you, you wouldn't be on 4chan whining about how you're better than everyone else faggot.

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> Zoomer money
You'd have better luck getting jew gold

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I'm fucking GenX, faggot. I know how you millennials are because I'm forced to work with you. You bitch and moan all day long and do about half the work of everyone else. Entitled fuckwit. Boomers are the worst generation, but millennials aren't far behind.

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Larping is a sin you know

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Boomers are stupid as fuck. Wanna know if a motherfucker is stupid?
Ask him if he's a boomer.

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>He makes 6 figures and browses /biz/ for financial advice


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Never. Good news is that Gen X are going to torture the everloving shit out of the boomers. It's gonna be like purgatory.

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>this larp

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holy fucking shit

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I love the fact that my life sounds like a larp and no one will believe me. I have made over 300k by investing in ANS, WTC, ODN and COSS in 2017. My 10/10 gf was a khv before we met. And I'm the owner of a brand new house. I'm just the top 1% of people who became successful without relying on their parents. And you're retarded.

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Yes X retard, we know.

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>implying that millennials aren't the most degenerate generation.
your cucked generation is nothing but a bad meme.

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are you fucking retarded, you little faggot?

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>wealth they stole from them
dont make me laugh poor fag

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kys faggot

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