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No, seriously guys. You really got to believe me this time. This is exactly what a bull market looks like.

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Zoom out

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op's a fag

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Jesus, it looks even worse.

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Now zoom in so the 4k bottom is on the left

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Me ams seeing it

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kek, keep moving goalposts you delusional moonboi

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Totally a bull market guys. Its about to pump again, I swear it.

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looks like a dead cat bounce to me

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Face it. You’ve lost, Nazi.

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That way, it keeps a strong bear flag.

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what is this a 5 minute chart? Get the fuck out of here wuth your tiny pic without timestamps.
You guys try so hard to FUD btc but central bankers are pumping it with hyperinflation and trade wars

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he lost? no bro we're up 3x this year. You would have to be in the unlucky 4% of time to have bought BTC above $10k
You guys can't fud something that keeps proving you wrong and making your predictions losers. We just point to the chart or our wallets, it's our scoreboard, you lost bitch
zoom out or use a logarithmic chart if you need to understand. I love how you guys go nothing goes from a penny to $10 that fast, it's a bubble, $10 to $100? It's a scam. $1000? It's dead, $10,000? deadcat bounce. TA tards get eaten up by BTC if they can't see big picture, you guys only fomo in at ATH when my friends and family start asking about crypto

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>dropping for months
>guys this is a 5 minute chart why are you fudding?!?!?!?!?

Stay salty moonfag. Your bear market rally is over.

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kek it's bevo time now faggot

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Just get punched

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Asuka ching chang chong 16k+ next month

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It is exceedingly bullish that all these retards on /biz/ are bearish. These dense fucks lose their 600$ “portfolios” weekly chasing the pump and dump scams which proliferate this board.

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1.6k in October.

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fuck you fags look at the fucking scoreboard. Did 3 months and 30% kill my year? BTC still outperforms everything else. Holy fuck you better hope these doom and gloomers aren't right about central banks crashing the economy every 10 years, if that happens when BTC is halving supply BTC will become god and blockchain will suck human life into it, maybe.

Did anyone buy BTC as a 3 month investment here? I doubt it BTC buyers are diehard holders at this point. The people who spend crypto buy other ones

based digits, I bet we do hit 16k in oct. Market supply has been drying up and long term holders have out buying sellers 2-1

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>long term holders have out buying sellers 2-1
gobble gobble >>15689671
i've been doing this shit for years

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Wow, look at that bullish momentum in a bull market. Sure glad I didn't listen to all the bears saying it was going to dump on Monday.

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oof damn, let me buy some more RIGHT NOW, because NEVER AGAIN WE WILL SEE COINS THIS CHEAP, haha right guys? guys?

bulltards are so dumb

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traders can make money off the volatility but just look at the chart if you were shorting BTC vs USD this year, you're broke or disciplined. If you were shorting BTC against alts, you're down consistently for the last 2 years. Some alts will never come back when all is said and done in this bull market.

It's just math, find the gains BTC gets and i'll trade that. Why do so many people ignore BTC's monthly charts to focus on consolidation. It doesn't even look bad for BTC if you look at it's support. $9k? after starting the year at 3k. and shooting to 12k that's a 1/4 pullback. Pretty standard BTC bull market.

You noticed how BTC pumped real fast from $4k to 12k? That's what BTC does, and will continue to do for the next 2 years at least.
BTC is 3k this month and triple that a few months later because market scarcity. One buy order jumps the price on BTC easier than any asset traded on a decent scale.

Just don't buy BTC, it's worked for you losers so far

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>using linear charts
kek, bear cope

this is EXACTLY like 2015/2016

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>t. Increasingly nervous bulltard

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honestly i hope it crashes below $1000, i just think it won't happen.

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its nocoiner cope little do they know bitcoin is the most valuable thing on the planet

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have sex

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