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Final boarding call you fucking retards

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Break of 20 coming within the next couple weeks.

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I knew I should have bought more this weekend. Damnit! Maybe I will get lucky and it will pullback midday.

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Within days. I feel it...this is the big one

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Easiest 0.02 BTC

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is this good?


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sell me on why I should be buying your rock bags, boomer

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It looks good imo

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Just buy IShares silver ETF: SLV

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thanks. I think imma buy. I'm just curious if I ever need to sell that I'll have an easy time selling it back.

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Lol why the fuck would I do that? I’m just here to gloat while you Zoomers stay poor

I’m 26 btw

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As you will probably know fiat inflation causes money to be devalued. $1000 now will probably be closer to $500 in a few decades time whereas metals only increase in value. It's a hedge against inflation and a tool for preservation of wealth. Also there's lots of creative ways to avoid getting taxed on your profits unlike with Crypto where you get taxed for your earnings.
I would still recommend investing in both Crypto and metals however. In my opinion metals are just a good way of diversifying your portfolio.

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If you ever sell coins or anything just sell them places like eBay or just somwhere you can sell it and send it off quick. I wouldn't recommend selling it back to dealerships as if the price goes down in the process they'll probably give you a lower amount.

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Thanks, imma buy it.

Last question if anyone knows: is austria ducats well known? yesterday was the first time I've seen em

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Pretty sure they're genuine coins. I've seen them on reputable dealer sites and the definition of a ducat is literally "a gold coin formerly current in most European countries". So I think it's safe to say it's gold.

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excellent. thx again.

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>Final boarding call you fucking retards
I booked in years ago for this space flight brother

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>sell me on why I should be buying your rock bags, boomer
I’m Gen X . Boomers all 80 now
Rocks is most contrarian investment in 100 years.
Contrarians with ballz win BIG .

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>already up 50% avarage
>earnings still to be posted
>so many undervalued companies out there
>good luck with selling silver bars, faggots

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Which ones should I buy? Tell Me now and I’ll do it

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I wish that I could live in Florida because THOSE FUCKING LUCKY BASTARDS down there find gold rounds near the beach and in the ocean where a fuck ton of spanish gold dumped from all those pirates back then

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Hard to say. Everything is pumping for weeks now. This is my portfolio. My biggest position are Hecla, Goro, Coeur, First Majestic.

I'm accumulating McEwen and Fiore Gold.

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GDX[J] for etfs.

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Finally some real piece of advise.
Thanks anon!

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So fucking comfy with $100K in silver.

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Good luck with liquidating it.

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Don't even try talking to these NPCs.

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You must be uninformed or a brainlet. It is easy to liquidate PM to online bullion dealers.

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>Shut ins who can't phathom doing anything beyond "sell max" on an exchange
It's extremely easy to liquidate metals. Keep investing vast amounts of money in shit coin in the off chance it goes above $5

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Yup, they also got crypto as well, they will not be going broke any time soon.

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>he thinks boomer junk is going to outperform crypto
>gets happy about a 3% "pump"
will never make it

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>He thinks you either invest in one or the other

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>>gets happy about a 3% "pump"
looking into market cap size kid and get back to us

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what are you buying?

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will we see sub 15 again or is this the final moon mission?

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what site?

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Moon mission will probably begin late February/March 2020. Expect to see a lot of volatility between now and then. You still have a little time to pay off debt and put more into Silver/Gold.

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What's the problem? Looks just like the link chart and everyone says buy buy buy!

Yet in the case of my pic related (sp 500 index) all the retards here say sell sell sell!

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>Boomers smart enough to buy gold
Kek, boomers are relying on Bonds and Social Security to save them

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Based President Jackson. Kind of ironic that he's on the most circulated Fed notes. Probably why the left wanted to replace him with a SJW nog.

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watch the entire video

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jesus fuck anon! 8 and half hours on inflation ?

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why is /biz/ convinced gold and silver are boomer tier investments? is it cause they saw Cash4Gold commercials when they watched the Discovery channel when they were a kid?

what a joke, gold was phased out financially during the boomer generation. prior to them, gold hailed as the reserve currency for thousands of years. but somehow computer coins will reign supreme even when the United States will have Venezuela-frequency power outages in the coming decades?

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this isnt to say there are good investments and innovation in DLT. but using it as money? no - in the same way you dont pay your waiter in Amazon stock.

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I'm only buying it as a hedge against inflation and maybe some profits during recession. Part of the financepill is creating generational wealth. Preserving your savings or your children is important.

If you are buying this as a quick get rich quick scheme, you're lost.

I only plan to keep 15% to 20% of my savings in this, buy only in bars so I can keep close to spot price, and liquidate a large portion during an economic down turn.

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