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Alright /biz/ what are you accumulating for the upcoming bullrun? No meme coins

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ALGO easily, y'all sleeping.

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>not buying TRUE for 61% cheaper than other exchanges
>Doesn't know how to use real decentralized IDEXs
> Not shorting OKeX
No wonder you're poor

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Fuck off with that scam again.
Reported you

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The only correct answer

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Ok NEETs I've go a final 10x-100x gem of 2019, TRUE(TrueChain)

It's currently on Forkdelta, OKEx, and bithump. Forkdelta seems to have the lowest daily volume (usually around 45k-80k USD) and OKEx USUALLY has a daily volume from 9million USD to 10million USD. Still with me virgins? This is your chance to arbitage. Don't even fucking try if you have less than 2 Ethereum because it'll take forever.. still worth it but if you're that much of a poorfag but this will be a lot slower for you.
Alright -- the price differences (you'll have to check your self) Currently on fork delta is 0.000589840 and on OKEx and other exchanges currently sitting at 0.001749 Eth/TRUE. Of course you can DYOR and actually HODL this shit but when I saw the volume differences, and putting two and two together I jumped straight into this shit. The arbitrage bots don't work as well on smaller exchanges with low volume like idex, forkdelta, and many of them do it manually even. You can actually see arb bots filling orders on dex in real time too.
I arbed over 20 eth so far and wasn't even rushing about it just by buying on fd > sending to sell on Okex or Bithump, pocket the diff, is the basics.

The exchange links can be found below
and OKex you can find for your self easily and KYC is minimal anyway.

Better thank me for this /biz/ because I didn't have to share this information enjoy the rest of your 2019. 2020 approaches. Be ready, this is the big one.

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The holy trinity of safe gains


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Anyone that says Link is a retard. PoW coins with substantial mining will make it. Real deal cryptocurrencies backed by mining. Coins printed out of the air are securities and are fraudulent scams.

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Finally done accumulating 1000 STINKY FUCKING LINKIES

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Oh and don't forget about Stegos launching next week.....

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But did you accumulate a fix for your wretched broken heart?

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Any guidance on learning how to spot good arbitrage opportunities? Any good tutorials / guides on this stuff you'd suggest?

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because it's more guaranteed than gambling shitcoin that the IRS will tax you for

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It's not gambling at all. It's easy money. Most people are lazy or don't know how to use dex so they dont bother. You can make serious profit

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nice. dropped a eth

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Nano and XSN

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Mostly those three.

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Dude dont share shit like this with biz here anon delete delete! just keep it on tg fuck normies

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Flipped 6eth absolutely based desu

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Flipped 6eth absolutely based desu

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Xsn for its p2p Lightning dex

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dude this is insane but delete this whats your tg?

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funded by Libra shipping group and traded on dedicated Xcalibra exchange, there's a reason Facebook chose to mimic the names used by this purposefully low profile coin.

Dark markets to the clear net. Imagine that. Now imagine being able to earn a revenue share from all turnover...

Oh and they've got a fleet of ATMs ready to roll out too.

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sounds cool

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'Im already doing this for 45+ large scale exchanges + smaller unheard ones too. Both CEX and DEX. It's surprisingly saturated still, and there are not good arbs unless you're watching it & stressing 24/7. Using automated trading is always NO for arbing, because of symbol mismatches (& other reasons), but still, it's not a long-term solution to riches. Currently, you can find ONE good arb per day

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btc, 0xbtc, ltc, xmr don't @ me nerds

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It's so so good. You're lucky to get this anon. Here's a prototype of the ATM they built.


Buy and sell anonymously with one of these. They've got 100 to roll out across the Balkans.

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cos iiiiiiiiiiiii i only play it for real

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have about 40 arthoes in my insta dm copying pasting same msgs to them
some talking about astrology lmao these stupid retards i was half a mind to say im a libra cos i'm weighing up my options on whther you're easier than the next

on my momma nigga i have been shagging peng tings

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one of the greatest pieces of music of the past 50 years EASILY

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>No meme coins
Do you realize that crypto is literally the most accurate practical manifestation of what a meme market could be? You are confused anon, you're in the wrong place asking the wrong question

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The only coin that will make it BitCoin

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"Coins" are a meme fren

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thank you man

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Comfy as fuck

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Safex is a scam

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Thanks already x5 my invesments
Coin is good.

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no problem bro - we'all gonna make it.

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kek fail samefag HAHAHAH

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this and only this
its like accumulating XRP early in 2017

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zuckbucks is a meme coin, but you should be accumulating.

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LINK and VIDT for lambos

BTC and ETH for Toyota camrys

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BNB. checkem

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FIAT. $14.5k currently

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This is a scam btw dont fall for this shit

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For me, it’s EDGE and KCS

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nothing samefag about it retarded newfaggot i am the same poster you stupid normie fucking idiot

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You know IDs exist on this board right? Did you forget which IP you were posting under Ranjesh?

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I didn't switch any IP, he just thanked me. Fucking retard
/hence the late reply, I was busy and i see some neckbeard (you) sperging out
Fact is: I never samefagged for that post

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>new ID again
samefagging seething pajeet spotted, kys

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Congratulations my brother. You will be rewarded in the life and the next. Just never EVER fucking sell a goddamn token.

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VIDT, RSR and QNT because I want to retire soon.

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Pretty much this plus link for me

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he even uses exactly the same answers every single time... i bet it's btcdude who does the same.

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LION because every other exchange is going to shit

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