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"VAKT, a specialist in commodity post-trade processing underpinned by blockchain, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with essDOCS, a provider of paperless trade solutions.
The MOU focuses on the northwest European barge markets, where the companies believe it is possible to further smooth the post-trade process for all parties involved in the transaction."

"Komgo connects key players within different commodity markets with a number of trade finance providers. komgo is backed by 10 of the biggest trade finance institutions along with a number of trade houses and energy majors. The first request for trade finance was passed from the VAKT platform to komgo in December 2018."

"Komgo is backed by 15 of the world’s largest commodity trade and finance companies:ABN-AMRO,BNP Paribas,Credit Agricole,Citi,Gunvor,ING,Koch Supply & Trading,Macquarie,Mercuria,MUFG Bank,Natixis,Rabobank,SGS,Shell,Societe Generale. By working withConsenSys Solutionsand leveraging Kaleido’s enterprise blockchain solution, komgo was able to quickly implement its vision and successfully deploy its live production network in December 2018."


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lol you are really reaching there huh must be desperate for some hopium

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You should probably ask your doctor for some medication. These kinds of delusional thoughts are quite treatable these days.

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Don't worry anon, I believe you. Shipping across the world has recently turned to blockchain for insurance. Gee, ever think about what crypto was specifically designed for insurance?

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yeah and? there's 6 degrees of separation between anything in this world. pic related is a *real* chainlink / shipping breadcrumb.

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we're going to be fucking rich, thank you for this crumb, it's an amazing crumb

Also, a fucking freightbroker, memes create reality

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>thank you for this crumb, it's an amazing crumb

no problem mate. first time i posted it, it got fudded and slid hard. guess it's one of those things along with t*ler t*ch that we're not supposed to talk about in public kek.

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>>any second now, we're taking off!
>>would you let sirgay torture you for x amount of link
>>guys i have 700 tokens of shitty scam, please how do i make it thread
>>another link general, we need one every ten minutes!
>>guys my ex/gf/wife found me out, we're broke but have 50k link thread
>>all in, never selling, always HODL thread
>>just risked my entire financial stability on this token, y-you guys should b-buy too right?
>>LINK will reach 1000 END OF YEAR
>>Insider here, just keep buying!
>>Some vague company has increased profits, all thanks to chinklink!
>>some bullshit random thread to keep the link psychosis going
>>just non-stop chainlink posting
>>getting kicked out, have xbox and link, what do thread?

what other paid promotions am I missing?

This thread is solid proof of chainlink shilling from the chainlink team by Sirgay. Hurry up anons, report to the SEC, let's get Sirgay in cuffs already.

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if you posted earlier during euro time it's no surprised you got fudded to death. those guys in that timezone are huge on trolling and shit posting. you see coom posted alot more during euro hours than usa hours so that should be a hint

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