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Give me one reason why LINK should be worth $1, let alone $1000 (lol). Go ahead. Im waiting.

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Because sergers are delicious

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The tokenomics of the LINK token.

1. Chainlink nodes will be paid in LINK tokens only. There will be conversion tools for people that want to use fiat but will be converted to LINK. at the end of the day only LINK tokens can power the network since the nature of ERC-677 token, built specifically for LINK, is to transfer data.

2. LINK tokens are used as collateral value. Smartcontracts will use Chainlink nodes that carry a % value of LINK to the value of the Smartcontract. So yes, you can start a node without LINK but no one will use it. High value smartcontracts or any contract that has value will use nodes that carry the same or a % of value of LINK.

3. Decentralized networks that are home to smartcontracts will need decentralized data to execute. Chainlink is currently the only option. Thats why you will see everyone in this space partner with Chainlink


Smart contract creators will demand a certain level of reputation or amount of collateral, to be paid in LINK tokens, that suits the value of their smart contract. A $1million bond would require a lot more collateral, than, say a smart contract dealing with $100. You wouldn't select the low rep/low collateral available nodes for something like a huge bond. Chainlink is actually targeting these high value contracts. Sergey has discussed at length why high value contracts in the financial world require a decentralized oracle: it puts all the risk onto the oracle rather than the smart contract creator. The smart contract creator doesn't risk losing money - the node operators do. The Chainlink network is genius like that.

There is infinite amount of collateral available because the token price can rise to meet it.

Now you have to research how large ALL these markets are. derivatives, insurance etc... hint: Trillions.

Is 1000$ really possibly in say the next 3-4-5 years?

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eat shit and kill yourself

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its worthless and a scam you shouldn't buy any

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>durrr.....link worth this because it do these things even though it not do those things but me say so therefore it do that!!!!!!

Holy fuck linkies are dumb

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>the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent

$1k EOY

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dude you must be fucking bored man, i feel tho so am i...no friends, nothing to do but to talk to people like you who are probably a mirror version of myself

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Linkers are the cringiest race on earth. There is not one good reason

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last hope for the existing financial and data industry to survive the bitcoin whitepaper

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6 months ago in invested in BTC and Link on the advice of this board. Im down around 10%, this board knows fuck all

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You have been very active today anon. You fud is pajeet tier though. Do better

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>blaming /biz/ for you not recognizing and selling at peaks

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You mean sirgay himself owns 40% of all tokens?

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