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Tomorrow is the IC3 AMA

In this thread we decide what questions to ask Ari and the rest of the nerds

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When mainnet

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When mainnet?

>> No.15649016

Net, of the "main" variety, when?

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What are the main obstacles they envisage encountering as the project progresses and how do they plan to overcome them?

>> No.15649087

Ask about swift gpi link

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>(((Ari))) Juels

You mean that guy who thinks he invented Proof of Work?

>> No.15649186

That's right Ari Juels the guy who thinks

>> No.15649193

Who owns mixicles?

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Ari Juels big think for you!

>> No.15649279

Any more stuff like Mixicles being worked on in the background? That is, not competitor products, but other new interesting tech?

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poopoopeepee or peepeepoopoo?

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When will LINK not rely on the shitheap that is ETH ?

>> No.15649872

Pardon me Mr Satoshi, but when will you market buy LINK with your million BTC?

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Maybe linkoids should try this ‘thinking’ thing for a change. Another charlatan in the team.

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How much money did you make from the Town Crier acquisition? What about mixicles and DECO?

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>>15650128 invented by women. that doesn't count.

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>I have a concept
>I'm not going to do anything about it, but i have it
>Someone else did something about it
>I still deserve credit

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>these replies
it really is just me you and the freight broker anon, op

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Does Rory have BLACKED.COM bookmarked on his work computer?

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im pretty sure that's just retconning for political points

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Can someone please ask his relation to Saturn? The cult of the black cube , symbolism of that and the town crier logo..

>> No.15650275

Is all in his “fiction” novel Tetraktys desu

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The linkoid is literally unable to process basic facts if they upset their world view. Ari Jew didn’t invent anything. It is a literal fact right there in front of you. This is next level bagholder delusion. Proof of Work was invented by some legbeard and a middle aged Israeli guy. Markus Jakobsson just gave it a name and Ari Juels (who is the only one that doesn’t even have a wiki link) fetched the printer paper for Markus.


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> invented in 93 by who's
>Mastered by Ari juels 6 years later
>Fast forward 20 years to the present
>Teaching and designing a 26 year old concept
Fuck off tripfag

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His .. w-what

>> No.15650423

Love you uncle oldfag

>> No.15650501

>invented in 1993 by 2 computer scientists
>given a name by some guy and his office caretaker
>said caretaker is later put on a pedestal

Linkoids LITERALLY unable to accept basic fucking reality. What the fuck else do you need? He didn’t invent, hone, modify, or improve upon anything at all. Keep coping you bagholding cuckold. The proof is right fucking there, everyone knows who invented Proof of Work except you.

>> No.15650520

plainly obvious that he was one of the anonymous members of satoshi

>> No.15650530

Hey I just want you to know, this persona is way more entertaining than the Uncle Oldfag one.

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You should alter the syntax between personas, you fucking schizo.

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I said he mastered it and is practicing it today, you're the only one saying he invented it dumbass

>> No.15650623

>chief data scientist at RSA
you couldn't detect your way out of CSW's diapers

>> No.15651090

>I said he mastered it and is practicing it today

Are we talking about the same fucking thing? I’m talking about a computer science topic, you appear to be talking about a style of martial arts.

Are linkoids seriously only finding out who invented PoW now? You had 10 years to research the underpinnings of Bitcoin. How new to crypto are you exactly?

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Tomorrow is also when area 51 is going to be raided

>> No.15651100

reminder to sage and ignore namefags
how new are you retards

>> No.15651112

I hope space niggers run a train on your asshole, trespassing sombitch.

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I see you post in every chainlink thread anon. Why do you waste time trying to inform these retards? Just let them get their 1K suicides eoy. Also, you’re a faggot. Imagine wasting time thinking about and researching a coin you have 0 financial stake in. Get fucked namefag, link 1k eoy.

>> No.15652106

Linkoid newfag migrant literally doesn’t have ‘tripcode’ in his vocabulary. This really is how new they are.
>Imagine wasting time
You’re saying this while being on 4chan. You really don’t know where you are, do you tourist? Did you come here for research and advice? If so I might have helped you by shining some light on the fact your beacon Ari is a literal nobody. Just like everyone else in Chaim-link.

>> No.15652203

>Imagine wasting time thinking about and researching a coin you have 0 financial stake in.
He has a lot of link.
Drink bleach pls, thx.

>> No.15652408

>trip that had literally been here for a month calling other people newfags
Fuck off back to twitter, dipshit

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Can a nigger be a kike?

>> No.15652438

hey Uncle Oldfag, how's it been?

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How many Big Macs will a Link token get me in 2020?

I’m really hungry.

>> No.15652630

Ask him what he believes the eoy price will be for chainlink.

>> No.15652809

Tomorrow it will be announced to be a stablecoin pegged to the price of exactly 1 big mac.

>> No.15652825

when lambo?

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