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>let’s get drinks tonight
>let’s get some drinks at that new restaurant!
>wanna get some drinks after work?
>happy hour drinks?
>drinks drink drinks drinks

Fuck normalfaggots, I’m tired of their alcohol obsession. Fuck your “drinks”.

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I don't like alcohol either, anon. But it is so prevalent it's hopeless.

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Wouldn't be so bad if normies actually drank and did something fun but instead it's 2 drinks and then going to the most expensive packed club in town with tonnes of niggers and shuffling awkwardly to music and saying "WHAT?" for hours.

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Woah ease up dude don't shoot up your mom's basement incel

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Drinks sucks I agree op

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fuck off

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kys, alcohol good. Makes bitches naked.

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You could just order non-alcoholic drinks (and grossly overpay for them) just to keep yourself in the loop, assuming that there is such value in going to the bar. However, you'll probably never be able to get away from the overwhelming noise.

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They need alcohol in order to forget their shitty existences. All they understand is how to consume. They live, eat, sleep, and shit by the idea that they should spend as much as they can because that makes them normal. "What?? You aren't buying the new Iphone?" "What do you mean you didn't go to college? It's an investment in your future! Sure I can't pay off the debt, but I never could have earned this 50k per year salary without that 150k debt piece of paper!" They save nothing, and they drown in their own poor decisions. So, they blame everyone else, like a rabid dog trapped in a corner. They lash out like beasts because that's what they are, animals.
>LOL everyone is a sheep. Everyone but me hehe
They're idiots. They were raised by idiots, and will have idiot kids with idiots, and will die idiots. Be different.

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>"ah! Norman Faggot, yes I'd love to get drinks. Does your father still have that position open at Normal Corp? I'm looking for work now that my LINK investment failed... No I haven't invested in NANO yet."

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and you know what you do with rabid animals? You put them down anon.

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>>LOL everyone is a sheep. Everyone but me hehe
How fucking ironic, what the fuck do you spend all your time consuming, videogames? Sports? Rap music? lol

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Based retard

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I read, meditate, and exercise. I focus on learning on my own terms what I deem important. I learn about real estate, stocks, news in crypto, and focus on increasing my financial awareness and literacy mainly. Sometimes I play chess. Sometimes I draw. Depends on the day I suppose

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cringe. OP was me during university and my early 20's.

Thank God I'm not such a fucking loser any more, and I actually drink (and do drugs) and join the fuck in and HAVE SEX quite a lot.

Have a drink, OP.

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LOL. Wanna know what happens when you go out with these retards for their little drinks? You HAVE to have alcohol or they won’t stop feeling like insecure retards and bringing it up every three seconds.

>come on man, have a drink, it’s no fun for ME if we’re not all drinking

I used to give these fucking morons the benefit of the doubt, they’re probably lonely from the soul crushing cycle of work-eat-shit-sleep, they just wanted some genuine social interactions. But nope, the SECOND you don’t behave exactly like them their dumb fucking insecurities come out and they have to make you just like them. You “ruin” their time if you choose to sit down and have a glass of water while you talk to them, you have to drink their little faggot “drinks” or they’ll feel insecure. FUCK NORMALFAGGOTS AND FUCK “DRINKS”.

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What?!? I can't hear you! T-this music!

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Nobody above age 21 does this.

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lol im fucking drunk right now. Fuck you for not liking my addiction.

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Im 27 and all my friends still do it. We have nice homes and whenever my and my gf host we always cook a really high quality dinner, make cocktails, have a good music system, games etc but the second people can they always start asking when we're going to some shitty club where the nigger music ruptures your eardrums and it costs £15 for one methanol infused drink.

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Youre so fucking blind to your own pathetic existence its disgusting. KYS today or forever live in misery. You don't understand the basic dilemma of working for a living and enjoying the down time vs. suffocating on your own goals.

KYS today! Everyone around you wishes you already had

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yeah, you sound about 19.

FUCKING KYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lol you live in england

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>my values are more important than everyone elses

your interest may be less common, but thats because people like you dont have kids, so you die feeling superior, and thats that.

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you have the right idea but the wrong energy anon, basically your mind is in a good place but your heart isn't, be honest with yourself, it's okay to be a loner but not okay to be it in spite of others, for example im a loner but it's because i enjoy indulging in immersive media and escapism, i just enjoy tripping ideas man, some people want to immerse themselves in their lives and thats ok

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Spotted the alcoholics.

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Alcohol is overrated
Get a liquor license

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Sad as it is, such is the case. People here love to go spend £200 at the local vodka revs with the poos and pakis surrounding the dance floor looking for the finest drunk girls and then give one singalong + tip to the bog wog for some lynx deodorant.

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>everyone who disagrees with me is hitler
yup you're 19 alright

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I also enjoy a drink from time to time, mainly when i have nothing to do, i just get a buzz where i know i won't get completely hangover next day and then full immerse myself into some movie, video game or book, i feel it's a good use of my time and i end up happy everytime i do it enjoying new ideas or maybe reflections about myself

now some people get drunk out of spite of others and that's just sad anon

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See this is why I hate normies, because there is no judgement I don’t care what you do as long as you leave me the fuck alone, however as soon as I say I’m not interested your insecurities come through and you instantly get butthurt

Imagine thinking I’m comparing an alcoholic to hitler. OP describes normies perfect and it’s so boring, predictable, and not even entertaining. No I don’t think I’m better than them I think that it’s simply not my cup of tea and while they get butthurt I couldn’t care less.

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I member being 19.. i was getting laid unlike you pathetic faggots.

28 now and have had enough pussy to satisfy for decades. Sad as that may be, take a step back and ask yourself why youre wasting your youth

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no i dont want to drink and be a belligerent loud mouth and put up with loud neurotypical people

i just want to smoke weed and listen to music/ watch anime/ eat tasty food

when will it be legal

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>gets a DUI

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How do you make it clear you don't want to do stuff outside work with your coworkers without coming off as an asshole? At my old job they would keep trying to invite me to do karaoke at some shitty barbecue place, and I just came up with excuses why I was busy every time.

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Don't forget me to thank me sir


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I feel you anon, fucking hate normalfaggots

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Dont be friendly and no one will invite you to shit you LARPing faggot

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Obvious projection

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It's just fun to make fun of insufferable pseudo intellectual faggots. You can spot them a fucking mile away. Nobody gives a fuck what you do but if you complain about how nobody is as smart or interesting as you, you are not perceptive, you are just an autistic geek with an unjustifiable ego problem. You get that a lot with shut ins.

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Enjoy your delusional reality for a few more years anon ;)

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OP needs to have some sex or something, maybe having a drink or two will help, fucking loser lmao!

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Alcohol is just empty calories and carbs. Next time you're at a bar, look around at how many FAT people are there. Displaying their disgusting beer bellies. Women with multiple fat rolls. Eating wings and fried food and drinking 250 calorie "craft beers".

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Empty calories is completely incoherent.

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>I'm looking for work now that my LINK investment failed

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Have another IPA faggot

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OP is a fucking virgin loser

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I haven't seen cope like this in a while.

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anime is fucking gay

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I don't get how people can act "differently" when they are drunk. Like I'm still the same guy, just less giving fucks and more socialising, mostly cuz everyone else is more open to socialising as well. But some people are completely fucking different. It's like they are fake all the time and now suddenly show their real selves.

Something else that I dont get is how you can drink heavily every fucking week. I'm just 19, some people that I know my age are just constantly working, going out, drinking, gaming and basically the cycle repeats. Like ok once a month drinking with the gang is nice and fun, but since we aren't rich we shouldn't be spending all this money on fucking alcohol.

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Obviously your not from Canada sucks to suck amerimut

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a shitty liver masks the issues with hangover

>> No.15649168

How is an empty carb different from a full carb?

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Drinking is fine
But going to a bar where there are niggers or anyone brown is absolutely degenerate.

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Top kek. BTFO

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It is in Canada :)

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When you're 19 you don't typically care for money. You care about having fun with friends and getting girls.

>> No.15649206

so are your gay normalfag conversations

>> No.15649233

Maybe when you're 16. Bitches I know are all hardened drinkers these days.

>> No.15649234

I'm weird then
I always cared about money even as a baby

>> No.15649239


Sometimes I throw that out there because I don't know of any other way to ask someone to hang out outside of work.

You need to take it as a compliment dude.

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Drinking alcohol is literally a Ponzi scheme of social conditioning. remember to invest in liver cancer drugs

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I just want to DANCE

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What's your surname suffix?

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Sounds like someone needs a stiff drink hehehhehe

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When I was 16/17/18 I used to go out drinking every weekend, sometimes 2 or 3 nights a week. I'd drink half a litre of vodka at least before even going out, where I'd drink more vodka throughout the night. Looking back I have no idea how I did it. It was disgusting. The hangovers are fucking terrible and full of regret. Some of them were so bad I'd spend all day the next day puking my guts out in the toilet. Absolutely fucking gross. I stopped partying by 21ish though, I just had enough. Now I rarely drink alcohol, and whenever I do it's limited to 2 bottles of beer at the most. Any more than that and it just starts to feel gross. Alcohol is a disgusting drug.

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>he's not a faggot like me... I'll call him a normie!

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KEK i'm from the uk and this was a bit too true, hit home too much..

>> No.15649296

>your interest may be less common, but thats because people like you dont have kids, so you die feeling superior, and thats that.
I know people that have kids and regret every day of it. Having kids made them shitty, miserable people that just make the world worse for the rest of us.

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Just got drinks with some co-workers, had a good time because they're interesting and not incels. Plus one of the girls had the full librarian look going, and you know, flirting is fun because I have sex.

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people like you make mass shootings look like natural selection
hopefully you die in one soon

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Truth hurts doesn't it

>> No.15649366

>28, still on 4chan
>LARPing about getting laid
>considering anything like this something to be proud of
the only pathetic faggot here is you and can't even realize it

>> No.15649378

>normie gets his logic challenged and proven wrong
like i said, natural selection
hope you die in a shooting soon

>> No.15649388

Sorry cuz. Maybe you should connect with your community more. Take up a martial art, then you can get close to people and understand them better and you won't feel so superior and disconnected all the time, and you might also learn some humility and lose some weight.

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Assmad af. have sex incel

>> No.15649408

Sounds like they were always shitty people.

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>You are a normie
>I am special
>I hope you get shot up by some incel like me
Ok sperg

>> No.15649432

My friend group is the same. Its the single guys that want to go downtown. Its mating behavior.

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youre a pathetic fucking loser dude
get a grip

>> No.15649519

the next step is to realise normie failure is your opportunity
most successful business models are built out of exploiting consumerism
i think 4chan users (the smart ones anyway) have this weird duality of seeing normies for what they are but also are reluctant to manipulate people, because they intuitively think of themselves as the baseline (as we all do)
it's important to realise normies are different, they want to be led around and controlled. of course, you don't frame it that way but the point remains
you can build a business exploiting normie impulses and normies will get genuine value from it, so it's a win/win for everyone and morally sound
sure, in an ideal world you'd educate the normie to rise above their condition. except it's impossible. trying to force them to be something they can be ends up in inevitable failure, for you and for them, and the normie hates being confronted with failure (just look at the lashing out itt)
don't hate the normie for being a normie
instead learn how to develop a mutually beneficial relationship

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>mfw I have my own personal vices, but they're infinitely cheaper than alcohol

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Alcohol, never cared for it. I do like tobacco though. I love smoking and chewing in the vicinity of those same normalpaggots.

>> No.15649545

good thread

>> No.15649559

Well i guess the worrying thing is the ones who always push for it are girls with boyfriends. Though ones i identified long long ago as dirty slags.

>> No.15649601

I too like to LARP on the internet.

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so many incels itt

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>> No.15649734

this. if you're not black-out drunk at least once a week and hooking up at least once a month you're a faggot, undeniably.

>> No.15649757

Based. Imagine being an incel. I personally can't because I don't understand how someone can not have sex, but try to imagine not being able to.

>> No.15650261

I'm 28 and haven't gotten laid since I was 22, and I don't even care. I could never be attracted to a guy, but I lost my taste for women pretty quickly. Once you've had a few you've had them all and they're really nothing special. They have at most 10 years of mileage on them before they turn to shit, and even in their prime it's nothing special. It's annoying how much the world revolves around them when their whole game is to TRICK you into desiring them, hence the makeup, sexualized clothing, doing their hair, etc. I had one girl who didn't dress up or wear makeup and she was fantastic, but I stupidly let her go not realizing it was one of a kind. If I could find that again maybe, but when I see women 99% of the time the first thing on my mind is like "I don't have time for that hassle"

>> No.15650309

Jfc have sex dude

>> No.15650340

Nah, I'm good. Ridding my country of Jews seems like a better persuit

>> No.15650358

>he needs to drink and do drugs to have sex with retarded whores with no values and he's proud of it.
Pathetic. At your age, you should have a loving wife with good values, but it's clear you're too stupid to find one or too stupid to think women with good values exist after being raised by a drunkard whore of a mother.

>> No.15650365

Based, so many children on this bored larping as chads

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>mfw I having nothing to do with my life
>mfw people ask me out to go get drink
>mfw I go because why the fuck not
>mfw sometimes I get laid by simply going out
>mfw I don't even like going out but do it anyways
>mfw when you know it's sometimes retarded but you go along anyway because it's not like you're doing anything else
>mfw OP is right but at the same time wrong
>mfw everything is a fucking joke depending on what point of view you're looking from
>mfw this site is full of limp wrist incels
>mfw I'm part of this site but not an incel
>mfw this site might be shit sometimes but it's still enjoyable just like having drinks with friends

>> No.15650403

Somehow, I agree with both sides of this hypothetical argument you're having.

>> No.15650416

pretty true really. i quit drinking 4 years ago and it has actually had an insane impact on my life but i also recognize that i am barely human and generally people don't want to have me around lol.

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This right here
Always remember you're here forever anon

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>> No.15650521

At least people want to hang out with you. No one asks me that shit.

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>> No.15650535

Did he hit a little to close to home wagie?

>> No.15650540

it's either this or smoking weed. its fucking pathetic

>> No.15650544


>> No.15650549

>weed BAD
>alcohol BAD
LOL at this straight-edge faggot. seriously have sex.

>> No.15650553

Are you upset?

>> No.15650563

Lol wagie cope hahahahahaha stay mad wagie, does your asshole hurt from Greenberg’s cock five days a week in your ass?

>> No.15650584

if you wanna take the root of escapism and live your whole life sedated like a retard on an asylum be my guess, but dont try to force it on others

>> No.15650595

This and he’ll seethe and call you an incel because he’s insecure

>> No.15650602

I'm the same way anon coworkers ask me that shit all the time, hate drinking though.

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>Sometimes I play chess. Sometimes I draw. Depends on the day I suppose

>> No.15650682

This. You’ll grow out of reading Nietzche by youself one day, OP.

>> No.15650709

I know you're baiting OP, but anyone who feels the need to announce how much sex they have just to hang it over another person's head is a loser. Chads who actually fuck don't even think that way.

>> No.15650762


>> No.15650766

I'm chugging my hemp flavored vodka dudes thanks to this subreddit thread.

>> No.15650847

Disgustingly accurate.

>> No.15650936

Drinking recently started giving me panic attacks for some reason. Fucking sucks. Anybody have this?

>> No.15650982

thanks for making this thread anon

>> No.15650991

No one above 21 drinks.

>> No.15651000

Thats the best though, it makes the girls get close in the ear. Not that I like stupid ass clubs or even been to one in years though

>> No.15651014

Don't do this to me OP. My work crush invited me out for drinks and I fucked everything up.

>> No.15651044

No well-ajusted adult would go on an anonymous forum to brag about getting laid. No. One.

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fortunately, i'm blessed with having one true friend that isn't the least bit like this
everyone else, i just don't care for
if i should ever lose him, it would be a great loss—but i would not hurry to make new friends, just as i do not now
through several years of isolation, i've become accustom to loneliness being a constant companion
i didn't go through this life to end up surrounded by the same kind of detestable degenerates that surrounded me in childhood
people who seemed to force their way into every moment i tried to isolate myself like air leaking into a vacuum, as if their vacuous minds fed on the misery of children

bait, but my argument with any line of thought that's clearly bait on here is that there's always someone out there who thinks in such a way
my response to this kind of thought is, "everyone gets what they deserve"

>> No.15651210

Don’t be discouraged. Ive seen threads criticizing every normal hobby or social interaction. It’s more of a reflection of the people on this board and why everyone is so bitter.

>> No.15651248

>Imagine thinking I’m comparing an alcoholic to hitler.
>typing this with a tone like he did anything wrong

>> No.15651268

Empty of nutrients

>> No.15651310

>T. Anons that can’t stand the thought of having their alcohol consumption challenged referring to teetotalers as incels and anons that don’t imbibe accusing the drinkers and among us of mindless consumption accompanied by heard mentality; no middle ground to he had, pick a side.

>> No.15651325
File: 45 KB, 680x708, 786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not having friends to get drunk with
t. Coomer drunker

>> No.15651338

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking you need alcohol to socialize. You might miss out on casual sex, good conversation and fun events that make for lasting memories. But you’ll also miss out on STD’s, DUI’s, wasting money, waking up feeling like shit, weight gain, liver damage, crazy folks you’d never give the time of day if sober, etc. life cuts both ways. I’ve been without a drop for 9 years and get lonely sometimes, but drinking makes me aggressive and I find I want to bing after the first two. Easier to avoid the shit.

>> No.15651347


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File: 29 KB, 753x960, 1565961318089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15651372

Yes, bitch. It’s good to take part of your day and focus on nothingness. I know life without a screen every waking moment can be scary, but branch out and try new things.

>> No.15651384

Having kids is beautiful. It's just that 95% of "people" aren't built for it.

>> No.15651387

Meditation clearly isn't helping your attitude. Going by your posting style, you are downright miserable lmao

>> No.15651399

Meditation is a redditcore meme. Literally everybody here who disagrees is a faggot trying to be deep. I am smarter than everyone here.

>> No.15651415

>sounds like a nagging hoe

Is this the power of "meditating"?

>> No.15651416

If your hands aren’t full, I can find some extra straws for you to try and grasp.

Crack another cold one, bro, you deserve it.

>> No.15651426

You need to chill out.

>> No.15651428

I prefer to drink alone or at a brewery. I don't like bars and I don't like socializing with most of my coworkers. If it's only a smal group, then sure.

>> No.15651431
File: 39 KB, 254x186, coomer pic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know some coomers who do that..

>> No.15651436

This is worthless. Alcohol is a tool for easing social friction. If you're just drinking alone, it's not going to offer any benefit, and will probably turn into a bad habit.

>> No.15651444

Kek. Drinking is dope you fucking loser. Especially when you're an in shape muscle Chad who doesn't get hangovers.

>> No.15651455

Please tell me that there's video of her with BBC.

>> No.15651459

The term you’re likely going for is ‘ho’, an Ebonic derivation from pimp culture, a slang word for a prostitute. Unless you wanted to call me a garden instrument. Yes, meditation works and can improve your quality of life, peace of mind that can’t be found in a 22oz of hard cider or the temporary release of jizzing on someone you don’t care about. But, as the niggers say; you do you, boo.

>> No.15651464

is this your voice?

speaks to me, anon

>> No.15651466

You sound like you really need to get laid.

>> No.15651468
File: 57 KB, 300x407, 1546826474056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The irony is that all of the benefits that mediation has is completely worthless to functionally braindead retards like >>15651372, who no doubt get lured in by faggy Eastern philosophy, going on about "muh yin yang" or "DUDE CHAKRAS LMAO". They'd suck off some pajeet guru at the drop of a dime. Their spirituality is as deep as a puddle on the sidewalk after it had rained.

>> No.15651471

I don't care if you think it's worthless. I enjoy it.

>> No.15651475

Thats not true. The only people who dislike when others talk about getting laid are guys who didn't.

>> No.15651506

I thought I was free of incels on this board

>> No.15651512

That's because you are worthless.

>> No.15651517


>> No.15651520

Nope, just had a bowl of ground turkey over spinach, catching up on some work and chatting with biztards is enough for now. You seem to care an awful lot a about how much sex people are having, or not having. Ever visit a health professional to discuss those thoughts?

>> No.15651527

>catching up on work
Reddit is that way

>> No.15651530

Value is subjective.

>> No.15651535

Okay question for anyone. Are normie adults all obsessed with happy hours and drinking or is it just a subset of adults who choose careers in finance/business/office settings? Cause I'm in fintech and apparently all people do is work, happy hour, sleep, repeat.

I don't get what's so great about spending 7$ per drink and then standing in a dark room, but for some reason they all eat that shit up. It's like their favorite thing in the world.

>> No.15651543

i'm with you OP. fuck alcoholics, likely not working hard enough.

>> No.15651549

Meditation isn’t exclusive to the eastern religions/schools of thought. It could be as simple as setting aside a few minute a day, in a stimuli free area to close your eyes and focus on breathing.

Fuck it, I say walk your own path, do things right or wrong. Drink or don’t drink, have sex or don’t gave sex. Just avoid buying BSV if you can.

>> No.15651556

Getting drunk is overrated purely because of the financial cost.

A beer is too darn expensive here.

>> No.15651583

I think you’ll find more folks that drink in certain careers. High stress jobs have certain associations with stress relieving activities and or requirements for socialization. Taking a perspective client out for dinner, drinking with co-workers after a long day, etc. it’s documented in glengarry glen Ross during the bar scenes. A good deal of salesmen drink too.

>> No.15651600

>Meditation isn’t exclusive to the eastern religions/schools of thought.
Didn't say that. I'm just saying all of the retards who shill for meditation and give it a bad name usually are from that line of thought.

>> No.15651643

all you niggers trashing meditation are retarded. literally no-self-awareness nigger tier shit.

slipping into the void is peaceful and relaxing.

also, fuck incels who don't drink because they never get invited cause nobody wants to be around you lol

>> No.15651678


>> No.15651699

Well, you’re not wrong.folks do get a bit carried away.

>> No.15651708

No, wrong. Drink a lot of alcohol, check facebook for status updates and stop thinking so much. Oh, and make sure to always cooooommm.

>> No.15651788

It just seems like that because most people keep other social activities for their closer friends circle. It’s easy to go out for drinks with people you have little in common with especially since it’s a good way for people to loosen up and talk more about themselves. A good way to build social connections in the workplace. Granted these things go over most people’s heads here.

>> No.15651891

You just have to make a decent excuse if you’re not into that scene. Or at least sipping on a mineral water or red bull and leaving early is fine.

>> No.15651953
File: 2.26 MB, 2000x1947, 1555039303416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a trick. they are trying to get dirt on you.

>> No.15651959

I have coworkers that barely or don’t drink that will come out to a bar just to unwind and socialize. Not all drinking activities have to be at a club.

>> No.15651971

You can always have some bourbon at home with frens.


>> No.15651986

True indeed. I like going for a cheese burger, sans bread or fries because abs are good, and playing a round of big buck hunter.

>> No.15652001
File: 15 KB, 480x480, thats_pretty_good.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i cannot tell who is the bigger autist here

>> No.15652002

Absolutely Based

>> No.15652010

Every time I come back to /biz/ it's more pathetic than ever before. It's just an even shittier version of /r9k/ now which I didn't think was possible. You faggots are fucking pathetic.

>> No.15652030

Then stop cooming here.

>> No.15652041

fucking kek

>> No.15652050
File: 25 KB, 498x400, 764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit this. Men, almost always as a rule, utterly lose interest in bars/clubs when taken, but women consistently want to intoxicate themselves and surround themselves with dating options. What the fuck

>> No.15652061

>I read
You probably read less than a book a month.
You keep your eyes closed for about three minutes and then get back on /biz/ before the bad feelings get too overwhelming
You have your old backpack full of books from high school that you do curls with and probably a pull-up bar and push-ups.
>I focus on learning on my own terms what I deem important
Your own terms are once or twice a week whenever you feel the urge to go to wikipedia and look up what an animal eats. .
>I learn about real estate
You look up house prices on zillow and put in how much your shitcoins would have to be worth to be able to afford it,
You browse /smg/
>news in crypto and focus on increasing my financial awareness and literacy mainly
You browse /biz/ and probably /lit/
>Sometimes I play chess.
You play chess online sometimes but never have the patience to finish a game.
>Sometimes I draw.
Sometimes is never but you'll practice tomorrow.
>Depends on the day I suppose
The days you aren't crippled by depression and fits of chronic masturbation.

>> No.15652069

I'll never stop cooming.

>> No.15652076


>> No.15652083

Absolutely ravaged the poor lad

>> No.15652096

Can I buy pot from you?

>> No.15652100

This. That faggot is proposing mediation, but is by far the most unstable moron ITT. Meditation is great and useful for those willing to open up to spirituality and focus, not retards that get unhinged when someone disagrees with their position,

>> No.15652117
File: 24 KB, 292x320, 1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15652136


>> No.15652160
File: 41 KB, 500x500, 1517516611092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't get how normies can go get a tiny cup of fruity shit with a dash of rum and pay 15 dollars for it when the bottle costs 35, tops

>> No.15652199

They wonder why you jerk off to anime when you could fuck a real woman. We all have our questions about others don't we?

>> No.15652213

checked keep putting people in their place

>> No.15652242

chekt and rektpilled

>> No.15652388

This thread did a good job of triggering folks with alcohol issues or are too set in their ways to question or consider a life without sauce at the very least. Hmm, how might one penetrate a woman if there was no alcohol to aid the process? I think people would be fucking a lot less.

>> No.15652409

yo mama is subjective lmao

>> No.15652412

No I don't care how much sex you have, I was insulting you lol

>> No.15652428

these people act like theyre fucking a new chick every weekend and they're not, if they are that's pretty gross honestly. Not only that, I don't get why anyone would want to sleep with someone different every weekend, as a dude do you just not give a fuck if you knock up a chick?

Also I've never fucked a chick from a bar so I don't know why people pretend like you need to go to bars to get laid.

I'm 26 and have been with 6 different chicks and feel like that's too many honestly, but I'm more of an intimate kind of dude who prefers something more than the one night stand

>> No.15652448
File: 996 KB, 1000x1000, A216C2E1-10FB-4700-BB5F-1AF2B8FFF914.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>has only fucked six women
>6 women in 26 years
So this is the power of incels on biz

>> No.15652452
File: 91 KB, 1185x622, 1422407812773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You are a fucking comedian holy shit cracking my ass up right now

>> No.15652483
File: 12 KB, 258x245, F78DF13F-2B88-4D87-AB85-05647ED6EEB8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit so these are the types of incels I share this board with?

>> No.15652506

The point didn’t go over my head, fren. You’ll have to be a bit more creative to rustle my jimmies and make me crash into slumber.

>> No.15652513

duly noted, in the meantime have sex incel

>> No.15652518

Because, bruh, pusssyyyyy. It’s our main form of validation. Gotta put the tip in some strange every now and then or you might flip the fuck out.

>> No.15652524

Cough for me when I’m inside you. It’s makes your rectum tighter for my pleasure.

>> No.15652532

Will do. Can we met up after and joke about HPV and how they should really make a new Deadpool movie soon?

>> No.15652559

OP was bitching about grabbing drinks. Consuming alcohol together is an age old common social practice; it is social lubricant. OP therefore does not have a problem with alcohol, he has a problem with socializing.

Those of you bitching about alcohol are acting out of insecurity because of your social handicaps. You want to act like you're above drinking with friends/associates, I'll calls like I sees it: you are incels who are afraid to socialize.

>> No.15652581

I'd have a few drinks with you

>> No.15652599

No, I absolutely wasn’t. I understand socializing is fundamental and it’s also something that’s sorely lacking isn’t eh modern world, most people don’t even have friends.

Ok just tired of all social activities having to revolve around alcohol. It’s expensive, it makes you fat and retarded, and it’s not even necessary. I wouldn’t mind going out and hanging out with people, but as I said in my comment here >>15648749 not drinking while socializing makes people feel insecure (“Is he not drinking because he thinks it’s bad? If I’m drinking he must look down on me!”). I understand the need for real social connection, and that alcohol can help loosen people up who are otherwise stiff or not giving a lot away socially, but I’m not like that. And I also don’t want to drink alcohol on a random weekday.

>> No.15652620

If the willingness to consume alcohol and frequent places/events where it’s served is your litmus test for socially adjusted individuals, I’d say you have a narrow outlook in life. I spend time and, gasp* go out with a number folks that don’t imbibe at all. We seem to be doing just fine. Crazy to think one could enjoy the great outdoors or a concert, or an eatery or a video arcade without drinking, right? Gotta socially lubricate and get your buzz on, otherwise it’s hard to let your guard down enough to discuss things other than work related stress or current weather conditions.


>> No.15652644

Well, not drinking and the unwillingness to enjoy time with people in an intoxicated state will make it harder to develop a social circle. Funny thing is, a lot of sober folks will tell you how they lost a large segment of “friends” abd saw their social lives atrophy when they stopped hitting the bottle. Come to find out, they couldn’t spend time with one another and connect in a meaningful way or really have fun unless they were getting fucked up together. I’m with you though, it’s better to have one or two people you have real things in common with then a wider circle of lonely people to share misery with. They won’t admit it, but some of the loneliest people have to be out and loaded in public to keep from going batshit.

>> No.15653126

I'm too intelligent to see any value in socializing. As alcohol has no other purpose, it's useless. My objective high IQ mind can simply weigh the benefits and costs and realize it is simply not an intelligent decision.

>> No.15653470

I wish I had co-workers that would invite me to caraoke bars. I wish I had comorkers period.

>> No.15653501


>> No.15653629
File: 163 KB, 1200x919, 1200px-Dilated_pupils_2006_(cropped).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

once you do MDMA/ Acid with friends you realise how SHIT TIER alcohol is

i literally can not stand alcohol and drinking culture

Stoner culture is much better. nothing beats eating takeaways and watching stuff or having stoned conversations. so comfy

MDMA/ acid is the god-tier of drugs. you can have the best conversations, literally see reality warp before you, and also feel like you are the happiest you have ever been. everything feels amazing, especially music.

You feel alive and in the present for the first time ever.

Drinking is just degenerate

>> No.15653652

>Stoner culture is much better. nothing beats eating takeaways and watching stuff or having stoned conversations. so comfy

>> No.15653662

Neets are pathetic

>> No.15653675

>Stoner culture is much better. nothing beats eating takeaways and watching stuff or having stoned conversations. so comfy
It's shit. I would unironically prefer alcohol if I had to choose between weed and alco.

>> No.15653677

god - tier activities on weed:

watching movies /tv
listening to music
walking around
lifting weights
doing nothing
talking with friends
lying in bed

literally anything is better with marijuana

apart for maybe being surrounded by immigrants and low class people in a club blasting ape music. i guess alcohol will numb you enough to make that shit bearable.

>> No.15653681

because you are a shit boring person who thinks he will become le dreadlock hippie xD if he smokes 1 marijuana

>> No.15653782

Meanwhile you jerk off 3 times a day and have a hard time getting out if bed in the morning

>> No.15653791

Many people have demons that they consciously suppress until alcohol inhibits their ability to do so. I know I do.

>> No.15653805


>> No.15654998


>> No.15655138

wow, he thinks he's the lead eccentric genius in some new msnbc crime of the week serial or something, wtf is this bullshit

>> No.15655165

Sounds wholesome

Where did you meet the women?

>> No.15655179

Sounds like you don't have friends/game mate

>> No.15655217

>just a subset of adults who choose careers in finance/business/office settings
I think it's more common around people who bullshit their lives and are not passionate about what they are doing. As someone who has an autistic obsession with the subject of value I feel extremely lucky in that I can make a living in finance and it doesn't really feel like a job. But I don't think most people are like that, so they will probably have to cope with alcohol. I used to do it when I was in jobs that I wasn't passionate about.

>> No.15655257

NONE of them fucking drink. They'll order two bud lights over the course of 4 hours and be stumbling drunk and talk about how awesome that night was for YEARS

I start off with a vodka tonic and a shot of tequila and everybody's like "ohhh...wow, didn't realize he had a drinking problem, awkwarrrrrd"

Fucking pansy faggots, also "buffalo wild wings" is the most disgusting puke food I have ever eaten, you all can enjoy your "wild night" of two light beers and diarrhea all by yourselves

>> No.15655342

Its degenerate to drink very often.
Its super ultra virgin to not go drinking with the boys at least once a month
Have some balance in life

>> No.15655520

sounds based desu

>> No.15655629

I don’t understand it either. Most chodes go out like „maybe I’m getting laid tonight, who knows?“ end up not approaching a single girl and wasting money on getting drunk. Next day they wake up frustrated and sick „wow what a fun night“

>> No.15655647

This is true. At the shittiest jobs I've had many of my coworkers took any occasion to have a drink (very common in shitty underpaid overworked restaurant jobs) or they came having drunk before clocking in. The problem is they don't realize the habit makes their problem bearable enough not to do anything about it and be stuck in it forever until they die. If you are stuck in something like that (shitty job, relationship, etc) you want it to hurt as much as possible so you bust your ass into gtfo out of there.

>> No.15655652

I'm unironically going to my friends tonight to watch neil breen's new film and have drinks.

>> No.15655667

>when you could fuck a real woman.

>> No.15655716

Now THIS is a based post.

>> No.15655728

That's just Americans. Except not even the stumbling drunk bit. They buy three wine spritzers over a 6 hour period and look at their phone the entire night then post online the next about how crazy last night was as they go for a morning run.

Don't get me wrong it's healthy and i only drink twice a year really, but i hate people who pretend to be wild party goers when they're dull.

>> No.15655743

it's kind of scary how much this reminds me of my boss. the beard, the glasses, the deranged upper sanpaku look, the sheer excitement at the idea of having 2 beers instead of going home to see his wife...
is this some sort of archetype? how many of them are out there? why are they so obsessed with drinks? also i cannot stand getting drinks with my coworkers. my boss will back me into a conversational corner trying to pry information about my personal life. he gives me this weird concerned look in his eye when he finds out i dont do some normie thing like watch the walking dead or some bullshit like that. is this your brain on excessive fluoride and television? i need to escape this life. i'm not in crypto because i'm lazy. i need something better for myself

>> No.15655761

What a stupid cycle wasting their pay and free time on drinks, no wonder they will be stuck in their wage life forever. Could've used the money to invest and the time to invest and make something of value.

>> No.15655830

>and put up with loud neurotypical people
This is the main reason I don't like clubs or most bars.

>> No.15655866

How do you get friends to get out to have a drink with?

>> No.15655893


>> No.15655914

At some point you're going to spend that saved money. It's a spectrum of delayed gratification and we're all somewhere on it. Both ends lead to depression.

>> No.15655982
File: 33 KB, 518x287, 1568668666912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>go to events with "friends" or co-workers every time there's a special.
>>pay for the most expensive drink and food made by a Chinese guy or a Mexican
>>one of them end up throwing up and need someone to drag them home
>>Some of them get into fights about who would get more of their share if they win the lottery pool
>>One friend always complains about how their boss is treating them unfairly or another how their girlfriend is giving them problems.

>> No.15656042

Or maybe they just want 1 or 2 beers to relax after work. Maybe that's just me, but I find it hard to believe that every other person gets smashed every time they go out for a drink. Then again I'm not a normie and neither are most of my friends. The reason I don't go to the bar with normies is because the conversation is always bland, and the drinks are expensive.

>> No.15656080

Based and accurate.

>> No.15656101


>> No.15656133

You’re supposed to take the lead with a woman. Don’t do anything with her which takes you out of your comfort zone.

>> No.15656144

It’s good that you avoid it because you recognise it’s bad for you, well done anon

>> No.15656161

Normies live to go out drinking anon

>> No.15656302

based high-effort post

>> No.15656394


>> No.15656602

best post in thread

>> No.15657427

Weedfags are even worse
>duuuude come on over and smoke it up with us later
>sits around watching spongebob for 4 hrs
This is why I smoke alone. I feel like everyone I ever smoke with never wants to do shit even as simple as going for a walk or something. I hate sitting around doing fuck all high

>> No.15658020

>sits around watching spongebob for 4 hrs

sounds pretty based

>> No.15658096

I lied about going to college to get a last job. Good job, 0 debt, I was great at it better than all my actually college educated peers. Never spent a single day in a college classroom and barely graduated from high school.

With that experience on my resume I haven’t had to lie about college since.

>> No.15658114

I once combined these posts.

I invited a girl over told her usually when I get home I sit naked on the couch and watch cartoons for a few hours. She was like fun let’s do that.

So me and a girl sat naked watched cartoon then made it.

>> No.15658158
File: 39 KB, 604x453, 1379464385933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15658188

have sex incel

>> No.15658237

Beyond cringe. Guaranteed she was a hamplanet.

>> No.15658347
File: 23 KB, 672x434, 76c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she was a hamplanet

even better

skinny girls are so 2001. every guy wants a fat chick to fuck

>> No.15658389

kek based

>> No.15658446

Connoisseur is a fat girl who has all the fat transferred out of her fat gunt into her hips, ass and breasts producing new, erotic, non-euclidian forms.

I intend to produce many such breeds with my link gains.

>> No.15658498


>> No.15658541

fuck off fag

>> No.15658913
File: 251 KB, 1413x1115, 1483924179798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15658924


>> No.15659299

This fucking thread kek, alcohol is one of the backbones of humanity with rich cultural history and a diversity of flavors that have been cultivated throughout the centuries. That said, I don't drink any of it because I'm a square fag (no smoking, no drugs, caffeine, sugar, etc.) and most people are just interested in it just for getting drunk
>having drinks before you go to a club because you want to arrive hammered already
the absolute state
I'm pretty much the same but get off your fucking high horse, you reek of pompousness. Drop your memeditating for a real sport or even better, martial arts. Even better, make real friends and try to help people around you.

>> No.15659346

Your attitude and green ID show you will achieve much. Always do the opposite of normalfags, they allowed themselves to become modern day slaves with their weak instant gratification mentalities.

>> No.15659363
File: 485 KB, 711x720, 1566240812127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just say you like learning and have some normal hobbies
>degenerates who can't conceive of non-hedonistic lifestyles sperg in response
like clockwork

>> No.15659380

>drop meditation for martial arts
>you must master the blade, as I have
Anon, I-

>> No.15659412

>t. Minor who is salty because they can't get a fake id

>> No.15659466

man, people are a bunch of pussies aren't they?

>> No.15659475
File: 21 KB, 300x400, l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol I was sneaking into bars my freshmen year.
>the virgin fake ID
>the CHAD bar sneaker

>> No.15659598

Yet for some reason people are ill and miserable as never before. Despite having all these "mutually beneficial gains." Whereas you are a normie yourself, looking only for money and materialistic gains, lead by your retarded instincts, instead of being a leader yourself. Exploiting scientists who likely don't give that much of a shit about money, using their discoveries and achievements to make people even more ill. And because you are a dumb normie shit, you destroy yourself and your retarded planet in the process.

>> No.15659676

Seething wagie

>> No.15659693
File: 106 KB, 227x260, 1558992854029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15659771

>>tfw you have a chad point of view but refuse to take advantage of your own intelligence to push yourself above other morons and get laid constantly.

Imagine being so smart that you are stupid and miserable. That’s you right now. Sounds like you need a drink.

>> No.15659790


>> No.15659802

>Being this mad that someone enjoys something you don't like

Wow anon, I guess you never get invited do get drinks huh?

>> No.15659809
File: 319 KB, 534x388, 1424908068697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15659820

>You look up house prices on zillow and put in how much your shitcoins would have to be worth to be able to afford it,
Kekked, but a little too close to home on that one (no pun)

>> No.15659910
File: 863 KB, 1024x683, shrekt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i coomed to this

>> No.15660397

A bad ratio of protein, carbs and fat per calorie

>> No.15660417


>> No.15660736
File: 55 KB, 615x409, 0_-hROfvbBjpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>master the blade
>not boxing, muay thai, judo, jew jitsu or any other non chink scam
if the first thing that came to your mind was not pic related, you too should follow that advice

>> No.15660893


>> No.15660914

I'm glad that because of my stomach I can not drink any alcohol.

>> No.15660923

Twitter fags on 4chan, its all so tiresome

>> No.15660936


>> No.15660998
File: 11 KB, 230x328, 1558913409153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drinking is a shit meme

But drinking + cocaine, now THAT'S a good time

>> No.15661012

Absolutely destroys your body combining those

>> No.15661344

wow girly liqours now thats a good time

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