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I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER fap or look at porn again

I will solely focus all of my energy on advancing my career, growing my net worth, gaining strength through lifting, eating right and pursuing my side projects and hobbies. If the right woman happens to come along, who shares my values and goals for the future, then so be it.

But from this day forth I will no longer be a dopamine slave to pixels on a screen.

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its ok to fuck as long as you don't cum.

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enjoy prostate cancer

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1 day later...

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Are you going to masturbate your circumcised penis like a good goy?

When you fap it takes away your energy and creativity.

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Pssst, kid, i have a tip for you, everytime you mention your nofap streak or that you are doing nofap, metaphysically speaking every urge comes to you in exactly 7 hours from mentioning it, so you are now fucked, enjoy getting frustrated alone

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What a load of bull shit

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I will literally never cum again in my life

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Is this a psyop campaign?

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I'm going to do it like once a week or something. Those fat juicy asses are just too good.

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Yeah that's why faggots who fall for one of the oldest 4chan memes cum in their sleep. Enjoy getting prostate cancer!

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Discord trannies have hijacked the meme and are making it look like one but in essence the coomer meme mocks cumbrain porn addicts. Porn is a very big issue and young men these days are unironically having their lives ruined by it. Fuck the kikes.

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And no, its not bs

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>porn is ruining young men
>now please put your savings in 401k and loan for a house or else you are a failure
>pay for my retirement you loser

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you get prostate cancer if you fap too much or if you go turkey

luckily 4chan autismos will likely swing between not fapping at all for unhealthy lengths of time and then masturbating 5 times a day in a short time, they will get prostate cancer even if they try to avoid it because autism

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How do I get invite to this

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