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>check from 18:38 forwards
>open normiebase
>market buy link

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Why is nobody talking about this lol

All the FUD and this French shit is laying out LINK SWIFT integraatiom like it’s nbd

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because this market is retarded

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Lol delete this

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consider deleting this information please

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Priced in

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who is the guy talking?

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Fuck better start looking into citadels.

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>scroll down
>check clients

why? Its actually also reading in the Chainlink website. Do I call the team to delete from there also?

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You just win

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Literally confirmed that LINK is the Philosopher’s Stone of the modern age and will bridge ALL forms of currency transaction.

Holy fuck 1K EOY really IS FUD.

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It all makes sense now

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The birds and the bees and the niggers in the trees.

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stop making threads you fucking morons. you're not supposed to be giving info to twitter shitters

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When the fuck did we stop fudding and went back to shilling?

Why wasn't I informed?

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>stop making threads
you're free to leave

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Cliffnotes plz? I dont have an hour to watch this

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What meetup is this that happened yesterday and we didn't know about?

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>Cliffnotes plz?
pic related

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Swift gpi Link is their oracle node on chainlink network.When this information gets published by swift itself.News will be so big that it alone will push us 500$ plus.No need for early singularity.

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Basically at the 30 minute mark he encourages you to market sell and KYS

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god dam you're dumb

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lol you're retarded.
/biz/ is a shithole now, all this info is on twitter first.

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can someone give me a rundown. i'm at work and can't use audio

ive heard of palo it before. whats the relation to LiNK again?

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>you're dumb

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I've seen one too many larps to fall for this

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Who is this fuck

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nah im not an insider just observer.Doesnt change the fact that libra and swift will use chainlink network.

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hes trying to make you think there is a connection with those companies by screen shotting big names. It's the same tactic shitty products use when they tryl to shill their garbarge. You know when you see walltreet journle, cnbc, gizmodo at the bottom of the page. it actually has nothing to do with anything just fluff

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>just fluff

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This thread will go down in history. WITNESSED.

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>posting with reactions instead of having an actual argument.

never change /biz/

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>actual argument.

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there's literally not a single breadcrumb that came true last 3 years.

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>he makes financial decisions based off of twitter followers

i can do this to

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>hes trying to make you think there is a connection with those companies by screen shotting big names.
This is palo-it themselves talking in OP's link bruh.

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toilet anon in june said his price prediction for end of june was 3-4$. At the time he said this, the price was below 2$. Coinbase listing made his prediction come true.

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PALO IT is a global technology innovation consultancy

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>he makes financial decisions based on singular data points rather than the aggregate
and people should listen to you?

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Fuck off both of you we wwant hype stop sucking your discord tranny kike dick. Can't wait to rope you.

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Yes, and they're the ones talking about how they're using Chainlink and Swift in OP's link.

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It's all true isn't it brothers

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Still trying to process OP's video.
I mean what the fuck is happening.

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Did anyone know about this meetup?
I mean it says "yesterday" on Twitch, so that means it was livestreamed yesterday, right?

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you are aware the found of the world economic forum named LINK by name in his book about the fourth industrial revolution, right?

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Yes, all public and available
Linkies have had head in asshole
time to get it out

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Why was this not posted on the official Chainlink account though?
My god this thing came out of nowhere; a hugely connected firm talking about Swift integration.

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>70000 sats december
>op was not a faggot

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I just realized how Link is going to revolutionize sports betting. Holy shit, no bookies...peer to peer massive pots triggered by sports apis.

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>We help to frame technology strategy, prepare your leadership team, change culture and rapidly turn ideas into business reality.
How is this bullish?

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And not subject to any municipalities laws

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Only scratching the surface

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Link is so unpopular that Sergey has to go hire these fuckers to do something with it?

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Stop it anon, i'd be a multimillionaire

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44 min
"8 different data providers
and many others"


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Juicy satire anon.

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correction, OP is slightly a faggot, person talking from 18:38 is Laslo Szabo CEO of Skillz not from Palo IT

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But this whole Chainlink event was hosted by Palo-it.

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There is no market. Crypto is a soap opera with plots, a meta, memes, characters and drama. You can't see it because you're inside. You're inside because you still think of all of this in terms of money in, money out.

A crypto project could initiate the second coming and it wouldn't matter unless it was on plot.

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yeah, but we need to keep facts in check negro

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yo can you please delete this?

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But OP didn't even imply the guy was specifically from palo-it.

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daily reminder that swift will only be one of the users of chainlink network.Add multiple mega corporations to that and you are a billioniare.

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Shut up OP

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this was missleading at the best, consider everyone brown skin here, until proven otherwise

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That's some interesting maths you've got there sweaty. Can we cover shapes tomorrow?

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thank you anon

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>translator malfunction
>pajeet detected
>one post away from shilling ULTRA

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Someone pls gib me the tl:dr. I'll owe you one fren.

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Link is working with Swift. We've known this for 2 years. NuLinkers are sharing it again.

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The amount of low IQ faggots on /biz/ simply amazes me every fucking time.

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It's a fucking confirmation of a confirmation the power positives the better. Please fuck off tires of this shit. There have been multiple swift confirmations this week alone. This is good.

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Sergey will deliver.

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I wish I could speak European. Can anyone translate into dummy please.

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why the fuck are they charting upside down?

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1000$ EOY.

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kek finally

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Not misleading at all, palo-it is the host of that event, and of the twitch stream.
I agree vigilance is key, but don't sway too far in the other direction.

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So just further suggestion work with swift is ongoing and swift gpi is link?

>> No.15636145

So the jist of this whole presentation is Chainlink is confirmed to be integrated with Swift?

>> No.15636150

Most likely

>> No.15636176

It seems so.
But also hugely connected companies like palo-it and skillz are hosting and presenting at Chainlink events.

>> No.15636191

doesnt want to show his BLACKED.com bookmarks

>> No.15636194

pajeet posters asking same question with similiar ID's 30 second one after another.



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>Link’s Awakening

>> No.15636317

Sir please

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2 years, tranny.

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U had 2 years, it's time for this eagle to soar.

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genuinely spurted pre

>> No.15636465

>2 weeks and a 700k dump later

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Good work marine

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IDs are randomly generated Rakaesh. It would in no way indicate that two posters have anything in common.

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This. If you want to price out normies you're going to have to at least let nufags here in. Otherwise it'll be total wagey normies and redditors getting in at this level after sibos.

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Hi fellow australian, how goes the sunshine.

>t.melbourastan marine

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It is checked
Fuck off check
So close anon kek will bless you soon
Get aload of this guy, are you saying we need oracles?, Checked mate
No check for you
Check tranny thread from last night
Kek check is with you
All mighty dubs. Checked
God work check

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is he OK?

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Until Swift comes out and gives confirmation this is all speculation...the presenter can simply be giving a hypothetical scenario as an example of how link might be used.

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Shits about to get real you filthy fucking gentiles. Sergey delivers like UPS.

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You didn't turn on the close caption . Redo it and report back marine

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Well that's what we're waiting for at the gpi link poc

>> No.15636739

So this presenter has nothing to do with swift? So how the fuck does this confirm anything? Looks like he was just showing a use case

>> No.15636745

Tks. Just bought another 10k. Imma be rich

>> No.15636761

Well for one he talks about the swift/chainlink oracle but more than that it's very in your face use this close to SIBOS and in the same presentation he just uses a placeholder for 'banks', meaning its not all just illustrative examples.

>> No.15636777

you cant just use swift logo and get away with it without getting swarmed by swift army of jewish lawyers due to copyrights.

>> No.15636789

yeah. i'm thinking we're back.

>> No.15636826

Is Swift really that anal about the usage of the logo?

>> No.15636844

every company worth anything is anal about the use of their logo. you think an international banking consortium wants to be associated with any desperate scam that decides to use their logo?

>> No.15636846

based schizoposter

>> No.15636859

>every company worth anything is anal about the use of their logo
Not true.

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Fucking delete this

>> No.15636893

Think of all the money people spend trading faggoty Dota 2 and counter strike skins - chainlink removes the middle man they have to use for these

>> No.15636923

My nigger. What part of Sudan are you from?
T. Fitzroy

>> No.15636931

RXP bagholders say almost exactly the same thing.

>> No.15636933

checked and swiftpilled

>> No.15636935

give me an example

>> No.15636939

It literally just says use case on his slides. Why would a ceo from a literally who company called skillz be the first to show a chainlink integration with swift??

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>> No.15636947

Have you seen any of sergey’s slides? He has MasterCard, PayPal, SAP, Libra etc.

>> No.15636960

based also do >>15636706

>> No.15636968

they all use chainlink

>> No.15636976

I sure have seen them, and it's one of the breadcrumbs that gives me the most hope. Say what you want about Sergey and the Chainlink team, but their whole approach is super professional and anti-hype. They're not the type to illegitimately use another company's logo for a short-term pump, crippling them in the long term.

>> No.15637074

A list of companies that have bent the knee, just not publicly yet.

>> No.15637164

LOL you got me here bro.

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Am I the main character?

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>> No.15637210

Bought at 2.19 and 1.92. Would it be stupid to fomo in AGAIN at 1.78? I feel like it will dump just as I buy again.

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>> No.15637284

Link < $5 is probably the deal of a lifetime

>> No.15637291

just buy a little, i mean you bought at 2.19 you retard why not buy now?

just a little bit

>> No.15637302

Your mom loves anal

>> No.15637316

Cliffs please? Wagecucking...

>> No.15637322

I didn’t think it was possible to be this delusional. You can’t possibly believe all those companies are already using link

>> No.15637329

Sad you cant see the writing on the wall. Why do you have to fucking lie to yourself its really pathetic m8. Go pick up some chainlink before its to late.

>> No.15637334

just keep buying

>> No.15637347

Look at that big grin on the CL guy’s face when he mentions Swift and Chainlink in the same sentence. Ready to make it frens?

>> No.15637350

Everybody is using Chainlink. Everybody. I bet Intel is incorporating smart contracts into their next gen processors as we speak.

Nice try.

>> No.15637352

Are we actually going to be rich as fuck, anon?

>> No.15637355

I'd love to hear an argument from you, but so far all you've come up with are empty claims and insults

>> No.15637375

Do you even know what a smart Contract is?

>> No.15637382

do you know what an oracle is?

>> No.15637392

Y'all some braindead melon farmers, I tell you huwhat.

>> No.15637400

go away street shitter

>> No.15637401


>> No.15637408

You could trustlessly send CPU cache/memory/register data to a smart contract, private and tamper-proof.

>> No.15637416

Use case does not mean integration. Just cause they are on the slides doesn’t mean they are using chainlink.

>> No.15637428

Lmao stop posting

>> No.15637437

Up next: hardware oracles.

>> No.15637447

He's following 600 fucking accounts including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Steve-o. Get off the hopium.

>> No.15637449

Holy fucking shit, it's actually real. Holy fucking shit. I hold a fuckload of LINK. I'm going to be rich as fuck. Fuck.

>> No.15637470

I Didn’t even know how to respond to that. It’s exhausting. Notice the French man can still only think of using smart contracts to get “the temperature of a package.”

Smart contracts are a meme.

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Listen to what he says at 1:02:50

Staking and reputation are basically finished. We're about to lift off

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Need to add this

>> No.15637547

They literally said "This was the use case, now here's the product in action". How is this speculation?

>> No.15637642


>> No.15637652

I can't believe my eyes. Could it be? An actual GOOD link thread? On MY biz? In 2019?
The jannies must be asleep

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You're dealing with an agent sent here to FUD LINK

I cannot make this any clearer. You were not supposed to know about this project. They don't want you involved.

>> No.15638185

>When the homie you always roast on die and you go to his funeral with some more heat
>on die
"on die" is this how we talk now? Jesus VirginMotherFucking Christ

>> No.15638211

What makes the grass grow?

>> No.15638311


>> No.15638373

Someone court marshall this cunt for insubordination.

>> No.15638381

Who the hell is the dope in the video and why should we trust anything he says?

>> No.15638521

are you fucking retarded? do you know when someone is trying to sell on some bullshit. They sell you on what if's and not the product. I feel like im talking with fucking morons.
If swift does not say its using link then its not

>> No.15638603


>> No.15638988

he didn't name LINK - he named smartcontract.com as "the shift in action"

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