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Did the Scotty doesn’t know fag actually know something?

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Oh, look, biz was wrong again.

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From people like those guy who physically walk into a brokerage branch and ask for shares in Coca-Cola.

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xrp is held mostly by normies and redditors, probably just all hyped because they saw ETH going up and are all fomoing in causing XRP to go even higher.

Pretty sure it will correct down once the hype is gone.

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> xrp is mainstream, it's not my low cap elite cryptocoin no one knows
fuck you nigger

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when September 18 2019 is the same as march 18 2017

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Rumor is coinbase is partnereed with them and MoneyGram for major money remittance service. Big moon incoming.

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biz thinks its so much smarter than all the twitter and reddit normies that they've totally overlooked the extremely bullish happening with xrp just so that they could shit on them. we're talking new world order global currency bullish. go ahead and trust these bitter neets though, its your money

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looks like ripple's potential market share shrank. Banks wont use ripple they'll just clone it for cheaper

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Ripple has recently become the owner of R3.
This fact is slowly getting out to interested parties.

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>Dude I only have 40 bucks to invest, I can only buy 0.0039 Bitcoin
>Whoa dude, OR, get this bro, for that same money man, I COULD get 160 XRP!

It's literally that simple. Had an old buddy of mine who's a normie actually tell me that's why he bought XRP, because he could get more (quantity) of them with his money.

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Yea this goes for like 800 random subpenny coins in crypto and none of them have the marketcap of xrp. Sorry you're wrong.

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You lot are a bunch of retards who didn’t buy because it’s a “shitcoin” due to some faggy article at the top of Reddit. Honestly it dropped like 95% and had huge volume, a beautiful chart and has been a top 5 alt for years so it’s not like it was gonna die - will still go easy 10x, probably 100x - screencap this

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Cope what faggyo? What cope? There is no cope here. Here is copeless.

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> biz ignore or hate:
i can't list all of them
Basically in their opinion, 74% of the cryptomarket is a scam

They speak about some shit like rsr, grin or mitx, and of course chainlink.
That's it
This level of retardation.

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I had chalked up the blind anti-ripple sentiment to an ancap neckbeard meme but threads like this have me thinking you are all actually this clueless.

I've gotta give back somehow, so trips and I'll spell out how anyone paying attention is going to make a killing in this market cycle.

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>the only crypto that’s actually got corporate and government approval whilst having zero cryptofag neckbeard shit like hash wars with massive normie approval
>piece of shit

Select one.

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ignore are the retarded comments in this thread, its the worst performing coin this year in the tope 30

its pumping because they are attending SIBOS and think they are going to be partnering with all the banks. what they fail to realize is swifts on GPI which competes with XRP has been running for 2 years and handles over 100billion a day in transfers. oh and its as fast as ripple. the reason they were invited was to utterly crush their competition infront of all the banks, its gonna be supper funny and they are going to TP their booth

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Spotted the newfag. Luck moar please until you understand what a cryptocurrency is

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>xrp is held mostly by normies and redditors, probably just all hyped because they saw ETH going up and are all fomoing in causing XRP to go even higher.
Locking at CMC this might actually be the case.
All kinds of coins are pumping that zoomers and boomers with IQ 102-107 would be buying.
These coins are a bit meme, but hold their ground on the sourface. Heck, I bet some VC founds or family office decided to make a bit of a move and their decisions are driven by the kind of meme people that showed up on crypto meetings in spring 2018. 30-40 year old boomers who only heard of 4chan from the news and visited the site maybe twice.

However, orthodox high IQ coiners should know that only a mix of BTC and a privacy coin of choice is permitted.

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Try again shitcoiner, been here since the board’s inception. You learned about crypto 6 months ago. You don’t know fucking shit, you’re one of those mongoloids that thinks ‘crypto’ means PoW. The only requirement of a crypto currency is to use cryptography to verify transactions and solve the double-spend problem. That’s literally it.

Neck yourself.

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> It's pumping because money flows follow rules that we don't know and fundamentals are often useless, until there's not a very huge news like ceo burning the company
you just don't know shit, admit it

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I’m 100% bitcoin and you are extremely triggered. KYS for shilling a scam and being sub 90 IQ

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nobody tell him

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I have more than a life changing amount but this is a short term pump. It will dip back down to 26-28 until a proper bull run commences. IF alt season is actually here then it could approach .60 dollars

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i'm genuinely surprised nobody noticed yet but almost every asset has a fucking giant head and shoulders (some multiple & overlapping) , the move they made today is a pullback, a re-test of resistance before they dump an equal amount from the tip of the head to the base
prepare for blood when whales are done

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did you even read what i said? swift is pumping XRP before their conference and then will dump on all the bag holders right before they reveal how much better GPI is than ripple, then they are going to use link smartcontracts to pay the local hell's angels to beat up ripple in the parkinglot after they are escorted out by security

GPI is the future, XRP is for sub 80 IQ coomers

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Clown world
They love funding Ripple the company so the owners can buy real life assets

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Because you retards are finally realizing cryptocurrency is a scam, and scamcoins pump during bull markets. (Ex.: TRON)

it's like the "small brain, normal brain, big brain" normie meme. Small brain is "Crypto is a scam", normal brain is "Crypto is not a scam", big brain is "Crypto is a scam."

the more informed you become about bull markets, the more you realize the absolute shitcoin, no purpose, no use, "Creator became a millionaire from ponziing his shitcoin" shitcoins ALWAYS MOON, and crypto is more or less purposeless at the moment.

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that makes it easier for them to go up. XRP's market cap is huge because of the massive supply. Mcap is poor way to judge cryptos, price is poor too but better than mcap. Everyone knows about XRP, for years. The price is still measured in pennies
the market bleeding them dry should teach them a lesson, market rewards BTC holders with gains, you only need to catch a couple months of XRP to get all of it's gains, then wait 3.5 more years until btc peaks again

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SEC is gonna come down on ripple securities
TRX is one of the best in crypto actually. Sun is the worst part of Tron and he still puts tons of $ and effort into it. 3M buys a company and strips it down. Crypto investors are tough except before mainnet launch

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>xrp is a scam shitcoin sub 80 IQ


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more xrp can created at any moment with the press of a button. xrp is going to wipe it's ass with it's community just like link and all the other shit that is waiting to be flushed.

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>Basically in their opinion, 74% of the cryptomarket is a scam
95% is a scam you fucking imbecile.

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I hate ripple but this is unlikely. There's no certain laws yet and banks aren't going to risk launching a coin. Look at all the shit Facebook's coin is getting

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Literally every large bank is coming out with their own stable coin.

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Literal 2017 FUD
cope more

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Banks don't have to go through the same hoops as facebook because the already went through those hoops. They possess the money handling licenses in every state. Wells fargo just announce they launch one in 2020 for internal use, how long until all banks do? how long until one pushes it to the public?

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Peak irrationality

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This, normies are literally too dumb to understand circulating supply.
Normies don't even understand how fiat works so let alone crypto.

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